Big Bad Battle 2000

Missy Maniac def. Arabian Pimpman - during the match, Arachnid attacked Pimpman and Pimpman's new ho Sugar Kooky came to the rescue. Unfortunately, Pimpman still lost the match but fans cheered as Pimpman embraced his new head ho Sugar Kooky.

Tag Team Title Hunt
Lestat/Boogie Man def. Sinsyde/Ogre
Kamikaze/The PICK def. Nymphous Fornicate/Army Dude
Allen Vector/Crack-Edd def. Demonite/Gravedigger

Lightheavyweight Championship/Ladder Match
PAB def. 'Cunning' Chris

HaRdCoRe Championship
Arachnid def. Mr. Malicious

Tag Team Title Hunt Finals/Three-Way-Dance
The Innovators - Kamikaze & The PICK
Lestat & Boogie Man and Allen Vector & Crack-Edd

World Heavyweight Championship
Scott Thunder def. the returning Cadavor

The 2000 Big Bad Battle Match
20 of the T.W.O.'s top Superstars competed in this match for a shot at the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Title. The rules are simple. Every minute and a half a new wrestler enters the ring. The only way to eliminate someone is to throw them over the fence or make both of their feet touch outside the legal backyard area.

After over a half hour of battling it came down to 2 men, Stratus and Paramecium.

Fans were waiting for this confrontation as Stratus was one of the members of the Dominion who were fired, by Paramecium, back in 1999. But Paramecium had brought Stratus back as an assassin to take out the World Champion Scott Thunder at the last PPV. When that plan failed, the breif union between Stratus and Paramecium was disolved and now these 2 would compete for the World Title.

In a high risk maneuver Paramecium scalled the tree, but Stratus acted quick. He knocked Paramecium out of the tree and he landed awkwardly on his back. It appeared as though the match was stopped and both Stratus and World Champion Scott Thunder came out of character to assist the fallen CEO.

Using the ladder as a makeshift stretcher the 2 individuals caried the injured Paramecium out of the arena as he was placed in a car and driven to the hospital.

Scott Thunder and Stratus returned to the scene where the 2 exchanged words. Stratus declared that since he injured Paramecium, that he would be taking on Scott Thunder at Redemption 2000 where he would defeat Scott Thunder for the World Title.

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