Dangerzone 17
The show started with a backstage shot of Paramecium getting ready for his big announcement.

Come back to the ring were the Acronyms including TGB, SPB and PAB are ready with something to say. Together they gloat about how they are the greatest team in the history of the T.W.O. Calling themselves better than the Triple Threat (of '99), the Dominion (of '99), and the current Trifecta. They then challenged Arachnid and the Innovators to come out to ringside. They asked Arachnid and the Innovators if they thought they were something special for having won the Hardcore, and Tag Team Titles. The answer was "yes." They then asked them if they thought they were as good as the Acronyms, who held the World, Lightheavyweight, and Women's titles. The answer again was "yes." They asked again if Arachnid and the Innovators thought they were better than the Acronyms. The answer again was "yes." Now the Acronyms were mad and they challenged Arachnid and the Innovators to show what they had later in the night. They were challenging the Hardcore Champion to meat the World Champion in Title Unification Match, and they were challenging the Tag Team Champions to put their titles up against PAB and SPB. The answer again was "yes." And the matches were set.

Allen Vector def. Crack-Edd

Cut backstage to Paramecium with a big announcement. Paramecium ran down what had happened at the Big Bad Battle. In a match that saw every T.W.O. competitor that had the guts to try and receive and win to receive a shot at Scott Thunder at the next PPV. Stratus and Paramecium were the last two competitors in the ring. When Paramecium went up into the tree to attempt a high flying maneuver, Stratus tried to grab Paramecium's foot, which subsequently caused him to fall out of the tree and become injured. Thunder, PAB and Stratus then came out of character to carry off Paramecium using the ladder as a stretcher. While this may have been the courteous or professional thing to do, Paramecium said that by doing this Stratus had lost his chance at becoming number one contender at Scott Thunders World Title. Instead, since Stratus had carried out Paramecium, it was Stratus' feet that had touched off of the legal grass area and so Stratus had essentially eliminated himself. Therefore, as Paramecium was the only competitor not eliminated, it was he who would be recognized as the number one contender and it would be he who would go on to face Thunder for the World Title at Redemption 2000, and Thunder would not be defending his title until that time.

Sinsyde & Ogre def. The Reapers of Death - Demonite & Gravedigger

Cut to the entrance area were we see Stratus arrive at the building.

Back to the ring where we see a match between Midnight Lightning and Gus the 'Annihilator'. When all of a sudden Cadavor comes out to the ring holding a microphone. Both competitors already involved in their match-up stop to hear what Cadavor has to say. Cadavor holds up the microphone and tells the world that he is leaving for good, and that this Dangerzone is the last television broadcast he will ever attend. All of a sudden Paramecium's music blares, and the number one contender comes out to the ring. "Cadavor," Paramecium begins, "I came out here for one thing and one thing only. And that is to thank you for the memories. You had a great run as the dominant Champion in '98. And you've been in a number of memorable main events. And I would love to shake your hand." Put's out his hand. Cadavor moves to intercept. Paramecium pulls away. "But first, dead man. I have some unfinished business with you. Everyone knows, it was you who ended my title reign as World Champion at the end of '97. And everyone knows it was you, who denied me the chance to regain the World Title in the infamous three-way-dance at Extravaganza '98 after you gave me this. (Points to scar on forehead) Now I'm asking you Cadavor, before you leave, give me what I deserve! Give me what you owe me! Give me a match! Tonight's main event! Me and you! One last time! One more match, and then... you can call it quits." Paramecium again put out his hand, and though it may have been a little reluctant, Cadavor shook his hand ceiling their fate, for later in the evening.

Now we saw a match pitting Darkness member Boogie Man against former Lightheavyweight champion Rain. The match was quick paced and exciting until Stratus came out to the ring. Obviously Stratus had heard Paramecium's announcement from earlier in the evening and was now taking out his rage on Boogie Man. Lestat, tag partner to Boogie Man, sped out to the ring from backstage and began defending Boogie Man from Stratus' onslaught. He berated Stratus with vicious martial arts kicks to the body and then to the head until Stratus finally went down. Lestat went over to help brother Boogie Man when he was then jumped by the awakened Stratus. Stratus then hoisted Lestat above his head and chucked him over the fence. Stratus demanded that Paramecium give him a reply. When none came he went into the back looking for one. When he found Paramecium he grabbed him by the neck and yelled at him to name him the number one contender for the World Title. Paramecium denied him the honor and went so far as to say that he would indefinitely suspend Stratus if he didn't release him. Stratus complied, letting Paramecium go. Then Paramecium began yelling at Stratus accusing him of injuring his neck at the Big Bad Battle. Therefore, he had a perfect reason to take measures against allowing Stratus the number one contention. He told Stratus that now that he is NOT the number one contender he would have to earn his way back up the ladder, if he hoped to receive another title match in the future. At hearing this Stratus was obviously more than a little mad, but decided for the time being to hold back his anger. "And if you in any way," Paramecium continued, "affect the outcome of my match with Cadavor later this evening... you will without question be fired! And for good this time!"

Natalya the "She-Devil" and 'Cunning' Chris def. Dellico and Jade in a Mixed Tag Match.

HaRdCoRe Title Match
Thunder def. Arachnid to become new HaRdCoRe Champion

Tag Team Championship
Acronyms with the help of guest referee Scott Thunder def. The Innovators to become the new Champions

Backstage the Acronyms partied because of their holding every T.W.O. championship simultaneously. SPB was heard asking Thunder if he could drop the Women's Title now, but Thunder answered in the negative saying, "let's enjoy just being champion's."

Paramecium def. Cadavor
Immediately following the pinfall, Stratus bolted out to the ring from the backstage area and began pummeling Paramecium with a steal chair, before executing his finishing maneuver. Stratus hadn't gone against Paramecium's command by attacking him, as it did not affect the outcome of his match with Cadavor, but this attack would undoubtedly spark recursive actions by Paramecium...

Dangerzone 18