Dangerzone 18
Acronyms came out to the ring to gloat about how they had procured all the T.W.O. Championships. But their celebrating quickly stopped as Paramecium came out to the ring.

First he told Thunder that since he cost the Innovators the Tag Straps because of his biased officiating that he would be wrestling the Innovators tonight in a handicapped match. Also, we would see PAB defending the Lightheavyweight Strap against 'Cunning' Chris, and SPB would be defending the Women's belt against Natalya. (Chris, Natalya & Paramecium are all members of the Trifecta)

Paramecium then announced that it was against T.W.O. policy for a wrestler to hold 2 singles Titles simultaneously. Therefore, Scott Thunder's victory over HaRdCoRe Champion Arachnid last week was void. Arachnid was still T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion.

After setting the record straight for Dangerzone 18 matches, Paramecium also announced that Stratus was not in the building tonight because he was barred from competition after his actions last week in the post Paramecium/Cadavor match.

Crack-Edd & Dellico def. The Reapers of Death, Demonite and Gravedigger

Meanwhile, backstage Stratus arrived at the building, with his brother Rain telling him that Paramecium said he was banned from the building, Stratus said, "we'll see about that," and stormed off camera.

Sinsyde and Ogre then came out to the ring challenging any team to come out from the back and fight them in a lights out match. Who would be stupid enough to answer the challenge, with two psychopaths in the ring, wielding a couple of chains and other objects. Out of the back came Army Dude, dragging Nymphous Fornicate along with him. Dude was yelling, "let's get it on baby, chains don't scare me," while Nymphous was heard saying, "how'd I get stuck with this fruit?" The match started and Nymphous was definitely not worried with his partners well-being. Army Dude was pummeled to a bloody pulp and Nymphous was trying hard not to get too involved. Before he knew it, Dude was counted out for the ten count and the match was over. Afterward Fornicate yelled at Army Dude for making him even come out and then took the limp Army Dude and gave him the 69er (tombstone). Before Nymphous could leave, Sinsyde and Ogre rushed back into the ring and beat his @$$ leaving him for dead.

Backstage Stratus found Paramecium and began giving him a piece of his mind. Paramecium stopped him, and said, "if you want a match tonight that's fine with me. Right before you got here two guys came up to me and told me that they wanted a match with you and your brother, and I gave it to them." When Stratus asked who they were, Paramecium told him it would be, Lestat and Boogie Man!

Cut back to the ring where Arachnid (accompanied by Missy Maniac) has a microphone. He challenges Arabian Pimpman to come out to the ring. When Pimpman does, Arachnid tells him that he's scum and a lot more demeaning things too. With Pimpman's feelings obviously hurt and apparently starting to cry, Missy Maniac slaps him across the face and tells him that he was horrible in bed and should never consider himself a pimp. All of a sudden Sugar Kooky came storming out from the back. She took down Arachnid and Missy Maniac with 2 brutal chair shots to the head. She then helped Pimpman to his feet and they walked off hand-in-hand. When Arachnid and Missy came to, they were more than pissed.

Backstage Lestat and Boogie Man are seen in a dark room, in the middle of what appeared to possibly be some kind of satanic worship, talking about how they were going to sacrifice Stratus and Rain as kindling for the gods of fire, or something to that effect.

PAB came out to the ring to defend the Lightheavyweight Championship, but was followed out by what appeared to be, and was, the special guest referee Paramecium. 'Cunning' Chris came out to the ring and the match was underway. With Paramecium as guest referee it seemed evident that Chris would win the match-up. However, when Cunning went for one of his favorite moves, the Hurrancanrana, PAB dropped to his knees dropping Chris on his head, and Paramecium had no choice but to stop the match. Luckily, Chris was not seriously hurt in the taping of this match.

Backstage Thunder and SPB are talking and SPB tells Thunder that he would rather just give up the Women's belt and forfeit it to Natalya because he is a guy and he shouldn't have the Women's Title. Thunder assures him that just because he has man boobs doesn't mean that people will mistake him for a female competitor, but that the Acronyms need to hold onto the belt so as to keep it away from their rivals, the Trifecta.

In the ring Lestat and Boogie Man (Darkness) take on the Team of Stratus and Rain. In what could be described as one of the most brutal tag team encounters I have ever seen, both teams held nothing back when taking it to each other. The end came when Stratus powerbombed Boogie Man on his brother Lestat and then splashed down on top of then, for the pin.

The next affair was SPB and Natalya w/Paramecium as special guest referee. Natalya brought a bowling ball out to the ring with her. Paramecium announced that this would be no-dq, meaning that Natalya could do anything she wanted with the bowling ball. Of course, as the match proceeded she got the ball and smashed it between the legs of the SPB. But this time SPB came prepared as he reached into his pants and pulled out a rather large... cup. He then put the cup over the mouth of Natalya, asphyxiating her. As Paramecium attempted to pull SPB off, PAB came out of nowhere and walloped Paramecium with the ball-crusher. With the referee down, the head official (PAB) had no choice but to take the referee shirt and count Natalya out.

It was now time for the main event of the evening, as Thunder stepped in the ring against both Kamikaze and the PICK. At the onset of the match Thunder insisted that there be tags made between both of his opponents, so that only one would be in the ring at a time. However, Paramecium came out to clear up the confusion by announcing that no tags were needed and that this match-up was no holds barred. The Innovators wasted no time in taking it to Thunder. The World Champion put up a good fight, but it was no good as this affair was 2 on one and Thunder didn't stand a chance. As Paramecium was considering stopping that slaughter, PAB and SPB came rushing out to the ring to save their partner, now making this match three on two. So Paramecium decided to even things out making the match three-on-three. Paramecium, Kamikaze, and the PICK were now fighting TGB, SPB, and PAB. This match, which resembled WW3, didn't end until a double team maneuver went awry and Paramecium and the PICK took each other out, Thunder cracked a Singapore cane over the head of Paramecium to get the pinfall, while PAB and SPB kept their other two opponents from breaking up the count.

Dangerzone 19