Dangerzone 19
The show started off with the Acronyms coming out to the ring, again, to gloat. Paramecium's music sounded, and out to the ring he came. Paramecium started off by congratulating the three Acronym members on what must have been a very hard task of cheating their way to so many victories. Thunder was quick to return, "WE DIDN'T CHEAT! We wouldn't be proud of winning these belts if we had to cheat to get them!"

Paramecium: "OK, fine, but the point is... you guys now have almost all the belts. And... since this is a TWO Dangerzone broadcast, and we of course do not want to disappoint our fans... I think, with the exception of the World Title, all of your belts are going to be up for grabs, TONIGHT! That means, SPB, that you will be defending both the Women's and Tag Team Belts tonight, and that also means that PAB will be defending the Tag Team, and Lightheavyweight belt tonight!"

Thunder quickly grabbed the microphone and asked, "so who am I supposed to wrestle tonight, and you never said who PAB and SPB were going to be defending their belts against?"

Paramecium: "Their opponents will be a surprise, but I have something special planed for you, Thunder. You see, I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on you. And I can't wait till the PPV to kick your ass. And there's one other guy that I can't stand as well, and I think you know who I'm talking about. So tonight Thunder, you and I are going to wrestle in a three-way dance (non-title of course) with our third opponent being STRATUS!!!"

The first match of the evening pitted Gravedigger against Demonite in a buried alive graveyard match. There were no referee's and the 2 could use any weapon they found in the graveyard to their advantage. The match was brutal, inhumane, insane, and ended with Gravedigger busting a shovel over the head of Demonite sending him hurtling into an open grave. The tombstone reading "here lies Demonite (1980-2000), former T.W.O. wrestler and part of the Reapers of Death tag team."

Backstage: Lestat and Boogie Man were back in their dark room, apparently in the middle of yet another Satanic worship, saying things like, "we're sorry we failed you master," and, "today we promise to do your biding with no mistakes," and, "who would you wish to be our next sacrifice?" and stuff like that.

Surprise opponent Allen Vector def. P.A.B. to become the new Lightheavyweight Champion.

Crack-Edd and Dellico def. Army Dude and Nymphous Fornicate

Backstage Thunder and SPB yelled at PAB for losing the Acronyms the Lightheavyweight Title. PAB came back with a remark involving SPB, his man boobs and being the Women's champion. Then as SPB was getting ready to leave to defend the Women's Title, Thunder gave him a few words of encouragement.

SPB came out to the ring and waited for his opponent. When Missy came out to the ring SPB whispered something in her ear. She went to punch him and he went down, laying limp on the canvas. Missy covered him for the 1, 2, 3, and was declared the new Women's Champion.

When SPB returned to his friends backstage they made fun of him for giving up the Women's Title.

Now it was time for the Hardcore Championship between Arachnid and Pimpman, with their hos, Missy, and Sugar Kooky at ringside. As hardcore rules stipulate it's almost required that the opponents use garbage cans full of weapons in the match and that's exactly what they did. After a lot of weapon usage, Pimpman finally got a good shot off on Arachnid. This prompted the interference of Missy, who ran in the ring and attacked her former pimp. Upon seeing this, Sugar Kooky interjected herself in the affair by attacking Missy. Fans were really enjoying this match, until Arachnid was able to lock the sleeper around the head and neck of Pimpman, choking him out and scoring the win. Arachnid retained the Hardcore Title.

Lestat and Boogie Man then came out to the ring with microphone in hand. Lestat was the first to speak, "we have been informed, that we are to make a sacrifice tonight. And our master has demanded that the sacrifice sealed with the blood of Sinsyde and Ogre."

Boogie Man: "That means -- zoom -- get your asses out her now, we have a promise to keep and your souls are at stake! Zoom!"

Sinsyde and Ogre came to the ring with chains and weapons in hand and the match began. It's hard to describe this encounter, it had 2 referees and was declared no-holds-barred. It ended with the simultaneous TKO of Boogie Man (by Sinsyde) and the falls-count-anywhere-pinfall of Lestat pinning Ogre.

The referee didn't know what to do, as one member of both teams had been beaten, so he declared that the match ended inconclusively.

Backstage PAB and SPB were talking about who their opponents might be and they decided that they would work together as a team even though they weren't getting along earlier.

PAB and SPB defended their tag belts against... the Innovators. And PAB and SPB's plan to get along didn't quite pan out as their lack of cooperation cost them the match and the Tag Team Titles. The Innovators were now 2-Time T.W.O. Tag Team Champions.

And now our main event:  Scott Thunder vs. Paramecium vs. Stratus (non-title)

The match came to a close when Paramecium was able to blind side Stratus with the superkick, knocking him down, and allowing Thunder to apply the figure four. Paramecium climbed up the tree and dove out... right on top of Stratus, securing the pinfall.

Dangerzone 20