Dangerzone 20
The show started as usual with someone coming out to the ring with something to say. It was Paramecium. He made fun of the Acronyms for losing all their belts. He announced that tonight we were going to have a three way dance-tag match to find out the number one contenders for the tag team championships. And lastly he announced that since Stratus had lost the big match last week against the TWO World Champion Scott Thunder, and the number one contender Paramecium, that he would no longer be considered as a worthy opponent for the World Title. However, he would let Stratus and his brother Rain be one of the three teams competing for a shot at the Innovators at the Redemption 2000 PPV.

Lightheavyweight Championship
Allen Vector def. Gus "the Annihilator"

Restraint Match
Nymphous Fornicate def. Army Dude
Afterwards Nympho began performing moves to Dude, including the 69er (tombstone) with Dude not being able to protect himself because his hands were bound behind his back.

Backstage, Gravedigger was getting ready for his next match when Demonite walked up to him. Demonite was covered in dirt and looking like a zombie, back from the dead after his encounter with Gravedigger one week prior. Gravedigger asked Demonite how he was doing. Demonite answered in a mumbled, "last week you showed you had what it took to be my tag team partner." They shook hands.

'Cunning' Chris def. SPB by DQ when S.P.B. tried to use a Jock-strap as a weapon.

It was now time to get ready for the three-way-tag-team-number-one-contenders match. Paramecium walked through the back telling each of the competitors to get ready. He walked up to Stratus and Rain and told them to get their asses to the ring. Then he walked up to Sinsyde and Ogre and told them they were on in like a minute, Sinsyde replied with, "we're wrestling today?" and then Paramecium walked onto the set of End of Days... or... wait... it was the team of Darkness, (Lestat and Boogie Man) getting ready for their match by praying to their dark god. "Hey, guys... I don't mean to interrupt anything... but you have a match coming up in a few seconds." Lestat and Boogie Man both give Paramecium a maniacal look. "Uh, we'll just wait 'till you're ready" he replied.

Darkness def. Stratus & Rain and Sinsyde & Ogre
Afterward, the Innovators came out to the ring, to congratulate Lestat and Boogie Man for winning another chance at fighting them for the Tag Team Championships. The Innovators began gloating about their win at the Big Bad Battle 2000 to secure the tag straps in the first place by going through the six-team-elimination tournament. They bragged about how they were better than Darkness, because they beat them that night, and all the other teams for that matter. In fact, the Innovators went so far as to say that they were the best tag team in the history of the TWO. All, of a sudden Thunder's music blared, and then Paramecium's, and both competitors were standing at ringside. Thunder was the first to speak, "I know you weren't here last year, but I don't see how you could stand there and say that you are the best tag team in the history of the TWO, when everyone knows damn well, that one year ago, when Paramecium and I could still stand each other, we were the most dominating tag team in the TWO. Now I can't believe that you would stand in that ring and run your mouth and make a comment referring to yourselves as the best tag team in the history of the TWO when every knows damn well, that Paramecium and Scott Thunder were the best tag team in WORLD!"
Then Paramecium grabbed the mic, "now, I find it very hard to believe that you would not know of the legacy of the TWO's Triple Threat. So,  unless you lived under a rock last year, or you're just that ignorant. I'm thinking that maybe me and Thunder are gonna have to put our differences aside tonight, even though were going into the PPV to kill each other, so that we can show you two, just how good of a tag team Thunder and Paramecium can be." (crowd cheers)
Innovators, "you got it!"

Backstage Stratus/Rain and Sinside/Ogre began tearing into each other.

Natalya def. P.A.B.

Crack-Edd/Dellico vs. Gravedigger/Demonite
As it turned out Gravedigger shouldn't have trusted Demonite, as he was still bitter about his loss one week prior. So Demonite turned on Gravedigger, busting a shovel over his head and leaving him to be pinned by Crack-Edd.

Mixed Tag Match
Arabian Pimpman & Sugar Kooky vs. Arachnid & Missy Maniac
The match ended when the two chicks began ripping each others cloths off and Pimpman kicked Arachnid between the leg, breaking his foot, and then submitting from the pain. Arachnid and Missy left victorious.

Main Event
Scott Thunder & Paramecium vs. The Innovators (Kamikaze & The PICK)
It was a kool match and both teams were looking pretty good, until Thunder cracked, yet another, Singapore Cain over the head of Paramecium allowing the Innovators to get the pin, and secure the win. Afterward Thunder yelled at Paramecium, "there's payback for when you turned on ME last year and cost ME the Tag Team Championships.

Redemption 2000