Dangerzone 21
The program begins with a big ceremony for the New World Heavyweight Champion Paremcium. It is then interupted by Stratus who demands to be named Number 1 contender. Paramecium says if Stratus wants to be Number 1 contender then he is going to have to help out around here. First by getting his fat friends, the Tag Team Champions (Kamikaze & The PICK) to come to the arena and renegotiate their contracts. Stratus says he will have them there within the hour.

'Cunning' Chris def. Midnight Lightning

Bad Boy Barrett approaches Paramecium backstage and asks for a Title shot.

Paramecium: I can give you a shot at Missy Maniacs Women's Title.

Bad Boy Barrett: What kind of guy do I look like to you? SPB? Come on, give me something good. How 'bout a shot at your title.

Paramecium: I'm sorry I'm too busy to put my belt up against you.

Bad Boy Barrett: Come on, you've got to give me something!

Paramecium: I'll see what I can give you next week. How about today I give you a match with... Dellico, DMS, you two had a little feud thing going at Redemption. You beat him tonight and I'll see what I can do as far as future matches go, OK?

Bad Boy Barrett: OK, but next week, I want a good Title Match.

Mistress of the Elements (debut) def. Sugar Kooky

Dellico: I am so excited to be wrestling Bad Boy Barrett today.

TGB: What are you doing back here?

Dellico(DMS): I am hanging out with my Acronym buddies.

TGB: You're not an Acronym!

PAB: The hell he isn't! He helped me win the match at Redemption so SPB could take time off to nurse his Breast Cancer.

DMS: Yeah, I won the match. DMS!!!!!

TGB: Oh, give me a break, YOU'RE NOT AN ACRONYM!!!!!!!

PAB: Hey, TGB give the dude a break. He just wants to be cool like us.

DMS: Yeah, I just want to be cool like you. ACRONYMS FOREVER!!!!! LONG LIVE DMS!!!!!

TGB: And could you please get this guy to stop yelling?

PAB: Come on, he's excited to be an Acronym, give the brother a break.

DMS: Yeah, give the brother a break.

TGB: What have done to deserve this?

Allen Vector def. Boogie-Man by DQ to retain the Lightheavyweight Championship after Boogie-Man's brother Lestat interfeared.

Arachnid def. Ogre to retain the HaRdCoRe Championship.

Sinsyde berades Ogre for losing the match.

Dellico def. Bad Boy Barrett w/ the help of the ladder.
Afterwards Dellico and PAB celebrate DMS' win.

Bad Boy Barrett: OK, you can't hold that last match against me. PAB came out to the ring, I had the match won, but everything went downhill, Dellico used the ladder, it wasn't fair.

Paramecium: I'm sorry, but unless you want a Women's Title Match next week, we're all booked. The number-one contention for the Hardcore Title next week is coming up, but Lestat and Sinsyde are already in that--

Bad Boy Barrett: OK, thanx. Bye.

Lestat and Sinsyde begin their match for the number-one-contention at the Hardcore Title. The match is really cool and as the 2 are really getting into it, Barrett comes out to the ring and names himself the third opponent in the match.
Barrett upsets to gain the pin, the victory, and the shot at Arachnid next week.

Stratus arrives with Kamikaze and The PICK.

Stratus: OK, I did your work, I got your boys. Now what do you want me to do?

Paramecium: Simple, I want you to wrestle both of them, in the ring, with the belts on the line.

Stratus: Works for me.

Scott Thunder def. Rictory by DQ when Rictor used Thunder's own Singapore Cain against him.

Stratus vs. Kamikaze & The PICK for the Tag Team Championships.
When it seemed Stratus had the match won, Paramecium flew in, out of nowhere, and super kicked Stratus right in the face. The PICK was right there to make the cover for Paramecium to count the pin and force the referee to ring the bell.