Dangerzone 22
Scott Thunder announced that Paramecium would not be there tonight due to injuries sustained during a backstage attack last week. Thunder would not release the name of the person who attacked Paramecium but said that we still had a great show tonight and everyone should stay tuned.

Bad Boy Barrett def. Arachnid in the upset of the century to become New HaRdCoRe Champion!

Bad Boy Barrett: I KNEW I COULD DO IT!!! THAT WAS GREAT!!!! I'm the new hardcore champion!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Sinsyde came out to the ring holding Ogre by a chain. Then grabbed a microphone.
Sinsyde: Listen up Ogre. You haven't done me any good since I brought you into the TWO. And now I'm gonna beat some sense into you. Referee, ring the bell.

Sinsyde def. Ogre

Sinsyde announced that he is breaking ties with Ogre and that next week he will have a new tag team partner.

[Also Backstage]
PAB: OK, TGB, after Dellico beat Bad Boy Barrett last week, you have to admit that he deserves a spot in the Acronyms, at least until SPB gets back.

TGB: If SPB ever gets back. But PAB don't forget that the only reason Dellico won that match last week was because you came in as special guest referee.

PAB: What are you talking about? Dellico had that match won way before I came in to guest referee. It's just his original referee was too biased.

TGB: OK, sure, whatever. I'm still not convinced. Why don't you and DMS go do something, I have to get ready for my No-DQ match with Rictor later on.

PAB: OK, see ya' later, and don't forget with me as special guest referee in that match later on you already have the match won.

(PAB walks away from TGB and the camera man follows him to see him talk to Dellico who is hiding off to the side)

Dellico (DMS): So, am I an Acronym yet?

PAB: I'm sorry, but he still hasn't seen your potential yet. But don't worry he'll come to.

DMS: Yeah, he will, VIVA DEL RASA!!!!!!

Missy Maniac def. Jade to retain the Women's Championship.

Arachnid demands a rematch with Barrett tonight.

Allen Vector def. Dellico to retain the Lightheavyweight Championship.

PAB: You know TGB, I was looking forward to wrestling with you for the Tag Team Championship next week, but it looks now like my leg is re-injured and now I can't wrestle next week.

TGB: Maybe now you realize that Dellico does not belong in the Acronyms.

PAB: Why would you say that?


PAB: What are you talking about? HE didn't break my leg! Arachnid did when he threw me into the ladder!

TGB: Oh come on!

(Phone rings)

TGB: What the hell? I didn't know there was a phone back here!

PAB: Pick it up.

TGB: Hello?... Yeah.... OK... bye.

PAB: What?

TGB: Well, you won't believe this.

PAB: What? Who was that?

TGB: That was Paramecium, he said that he's looking forward to the match tonight between myself and Rictor. And he said that he's going to be back to wrestle at Dangerzone Special next week and he's going to put up the title against whoever wins the match between Rictor and I.

PAB: Whoa! If you win, you get another World Title Shot?

TGB: I guess so, I can't believe it. Now, I've really got to get ready for this match, it's not just a feud match anymore, now it's a number one contender match.

PAB: Well, good, luck, but now that I'm injured I don't know that I can be the referee.

ENTER - Stratus: That's all right. It just leaves the position open for me.

Arachnid def. Bad Boy Barrett to regain the HaRdCoRe Championship in just under 30 seconds.

Lestat: Innovators, tonight your careers, your lives, will be over.

Boogie Man: I'm so freaking crazy, I think I'm going to take out all my crazy on you two fat boyz.

The Innovators def. Darkness (Lestat/Boogie Man) to retain the Tag Team Championships.

The competitors prep for the main event.

Stratus was in the ring with the referee shirt, stretching it all to hell with his over 320 pound frame. When Paramecium approached the ring.

Paramecium: Stratus, you may be the special guest referee... but you will be doing your officiating outside of the ring. I will be doing the officiating inside the ring.

(crowd cheers)

The Match ensued and Thunder and Rictor were pretty brutal to each other. In this No-DQ match they could get away with anything they wanted. The match was like last week's only worse because now the mayhem was legal, and there was more of it.

However the officiating was a little less then non-biased, and Paramecium and Stratus both had a history with both competitors. It seemed like neither individual would allow either wrestler to win.

Just then, Thunder went to attack Paramecium (as most wrestlers do when  he is guest referee) and Stratus joined in on the beating. Meanwhile Rictor was able to get a second wind and come back with a chair to Scott's head. Then another. Then another. Thunder was beginning to look like Mike Foley at Royal Rumble '99.

Stratus let up on Paramecium just long enough to count the win in Rictor's favor giving Rictor the World Title shot at Dangerzone Special next week.