Dangerzone 26
Lestat & Armand def. Ogre & Gravedigger

Malicious and Kamikaze are fighting.

Spaz vs. Midnight Lightning & Stumpie w/ Barrett as guest referee. Turns into a "screw Spaz match."

Allen Vector via satellite tells us that he will be cleared to wrestle next week at Dangerzone Party.

Father Athos: I have to apologize. I have to apologize to myself... I have to apologize to my supporters... and I have to apologize to all the fans of the T.W.O... I have to apologize for not doing what I came here to do a couple months ago. I came her for one thing and one thing only and that was to make a change. I came here to purify the T.W.O. and eliminate all the false idols of modern day society. And while my main goal in life is to rid the world of fictional gods and false worship, my other goals are similar to my WWF counterparts. I have decided that I will no longer waste my time trying to convey messages when no one is listening. I will no longer speak my mind and stand by while my interviews are cut down, my TV time is cut down, and my public speeches aren't heard. I'm taking a stand and I'm telling you all now, that starting from this very day, I began to change the world and it's views. And I'm starting tonight with Nymphous Fornicate.

{enter Nymphous Fornicate}
NF: What the hell are you talking about?

Father Athos: I am talking about setting right the travesties of the world, I'm talking about changing the way we think and act. I'm talking about making this world what it was meant to be. Purified of all the lies and deceit that have engulfed this world for the past thousands of years.

NF: And how is me kicking your ass going to help you achieve this goal?

Father Athos: You don't understand, my nieve little pornographic camouflage baboon. I am going to make an example out of you. I am going to follow the lead of those in the WWF, and I am going to achieve my mission by any means necessary.

NF: What mission?

Father Athos: This mission!!!

Father Athos bashes his Atheist Bible over the head of Nymphous, knocking him out and leaving him for dead.

Missy Maniac and Natalya approach Arachnid with an idea.

Missy: Hey, honey sorry to bother you. I know you've been off doing your thing lately, but Natalie and I were wondering if you could help us out.

Arachnid: Yeah, what do you need?

Natalya: We want to do a 6-person tag match tonight, but we need a third person on out team.

Arachnid: Who is it against?

Missy: Well, we really want to beat up Mistress of the Elements, 'Cunning' Chris, and Jade all at one time. So we need you as our male partner. What do you say?

Arachnid: Well, I don't know if I really belong in your whole feud with those girls and little Chris and all.

Natalya: But think of it this way... you're really mad at Paramecium right?

Arachnid: Yeah...

Missy: Well, what better way to get back at him than by beating up his little brother.

Arachnid: I see what you mean. That would really piss him off!

Natalya: Yeah, you'd really teach him not to mess with you then.

Arachnid: Yeah, OK, I'll do it!

Demonite & Lord Randolph def. Mr. Malicious & Kamikaze

Mistress, Jade and 'Cunning' Chris prepare for their 6-person tag match.

Mistress: Paramecium told me that if we win the match, he's going to give me the Women's Title shot at Missy at Dangerzone Party.

Jade: Oh, my god that's so great!

Mistress: I know.

'Cunning' Chris: Hey, girls!

Mistress: What?

Jade: What?

Chris: What match do I get if we win?

Jade: Paramecium's your brother, you can get any match you want whether we win or lose.

Chris: Wow! Cool!

{Enter Arachnid}
Mistress: Chris look out!

{Arachnid grabs ahold of Chris and begins choking him out}
Jade: LET HIM GO!!!


Arachnid: Tell Paramecium, there's more where that came from!

Crack-Edd vs. Wrestling Enforcer in a nightstick pole match ends inconclusively, when Crack-Edd climbed the electric pole and got zapped by the wires, like a bug in a bugzapper.

Paramecium tell Arachnid that since he attacked 'Cunning' Chris earlier tonight, Paramecium is going to have to replace his brother in the 6-person tag tonight.

Scott Thunder & D.M.S. (The Acronyms) def. Sinsyde & Draco (Hell's Faction) to retain the Tag Team Championships.

The main event was great, spectacular, superb. And it was complete with a win for the baby faces as Paramecium had his own brother 'Cunning' Chris come out to the ring in the closing moments of the affair and actually letting Chris get the pin over Arachnid to win the match for the team. Of course this would just add more fuel to fire.

To see what happens when Arachnid retaliates and what happens when Mistress of the Elements finally gets her Women's Title match at Missy Maniac... all this and much more at...