Dangerzone Party
The show began with Crack-Edd coming out to the ring wearing practically a full-body cast and declaring that his night-stick-on-a-telephone-pole-match last week against Wrestling Enforcer doesn't count as a loss in his record books because it was a no-contest.

Wrestling Enforcer came out to the ring and gloated about killing Cornelious Cranium, almost killing Army Dude and ruining the five match winning streak of the great Crack-Edd.

Crack-Edd cracked one of his many casts over Wrestling Enforcers head.

Then out of nowhere, came Gus 'the Annihilator' to Wrestling Enforcers rescue. Gus attacked the already injured Crack-Edd.

Bad Boy Barrett def. Spaz by DQ after Spaz hit the referee.
Following the decision Spaz attacked the referee and beat him senseless.

Jade asks Natalya the 'She-Devil' out to lunch. Natalya agrees.

Father Athos def. Nymphous Fornicate with a shot from the Athiest Bible.

Demonite & Lord Randolph def. Sinsyde & Draco with the help of Cadavor! Cadavor, Demonite & Lord Randolph then say they are forming a "New Dominion."

[In a restaurant somewhere]
Natalya is not enjoying herself so Jade asks Natalya if she will go with her to the movies.

Jade: I was thinking maybe a chick flick.

Natalya: Figures... lets go you can buy me some popcorn when we get there, I'm still hungry.

Missy Maniac def. Mystress of the Elements to retain the Women's Championship.

[At the movie theater]
Natalya: Oh my god that movie sucked, the popcorn was burnt, the theater smelled, and you kept talking through the whole thing, and that bitch sitting behind us kept yelling at us, and I tried to go to sleep but you wouldn't let me, my god, why do we keep having to do stuff that isn't fun?

Jade: Well, why don't you tell me something you want to do and we'll do it?

Natalya: It doesn't matter what we do, you're still no fun.

Jade: Well, thanx a lot you ungrateful bitch. At least I'm trying to get along here. You know your brother Paramecium is actually the one who told me to do this. He doesn't like to see you and Chris fighting like this so he gave me the money and told me to take you around and get some sense into you.

The two continued to argue and agreed to a match next week.

Time for a three-way dance for the Tag Team Championships as Mr. Malicious and a partner of his choosing take on Kamikaze and a partner of his choosing and their opponets and Tag Team Champions, The Acronyms.

Malicious comes out to the ring and announces his tag partner for the evening as being his former Malicious Malitia tag partner from 1997, Victor Vain. Victor Vain's music plays... but no Victor Vain. Malicious calls for the music again... but no one comes out to the ring. Then Malicious is handed a note reading:

"Dear Malicious, We had fun in the Malitia a couple years ago but I don't regret for one minute leaving you as my tag partner. I wish you luck in pursuing your goals as Tag Team Champion and Triple Crown winner, however, I am happily retired and don't plan on returning to active competition anytime soon. Sincerely, Victor Vain."

Then Kamikaze comes out to the ring laughing at Malicious. Kamikaze says that his partner would not let him down as he has his word that he'll be there tonight. Then Kamikaze introduces his tag partner as being the PICK... but again no one comes out to the ring. "Maybe, he didn't hear his music, play it again!" ... But again, no PICK.

Mr. Malicious: Well, it looks like we're going to have to wrestle in this match without partners.

Kamikaze: Yup, that's what it looks like.

The Acronyms, Scott Thunder and Dellico then came out to defend the belts.

Thunder and Dellico allowed Malicious and kamikaze to wear each other down before entering the match themselves and taking the leftovers. Thunder and Dellico were able to walk away with the Tag Title intact.

Our main event, the brothers vs. brother tag team match.
Paramecium & 'Cunning' Chris def. Arachnid & Allen Vector

That was it for Dangerzone Party. Two more matches were added afterward to our next PPV, Rage Party 2000, match #1 being Stratus making his return to the T.W.O. to take on Lestat, the man that put him out of action. And Natalya the "She-Devil" was signed to take on her brother 'Cunning' Chris.

Dangerzone 27