Dangerzone 27
Wrestling Enforcer & Gus The Annihilator vs. Crack-Edd & Nymphous Fornicate broke down as both teams were cheating like crazy.

Then Father Athos came out to the ring. Athos said that he couldn't stand by and watch this kind of injustice. Then he walloped the referee over the head with the atheist Bible. Enforcer wiped out his stick... his Nightstick you sick freak! And waked Crack-Edd and Fornicate over the head.

Father Athos, Wrestling Enforcer, and Gus the Annihilator then stood over their fallen opponents and grabbed a mic.

They announced that in order to restore truth and justice to the T.W.O. they agreed that they had to be a part of something much larger than just one person. They would form a three man team known as... THE  JUSTICE  LEAGUE  OF  WRESTLING.

The new Dominion, Lord Randolph, Demonite, Cadavor argued over who was the leader of the group. Not a good sign after just one week of being a group!

Spaz comes out to the ring for a match. But before his opponent can be announced Spaz attacks the referee. Then grabs a mic.

Spaz: That's what you get for DQ-ing me at Dangerzone Party! And there's more ass-whoopin' where that came from.

Then Barrett came out to the ring followed by Spaz' Hell's Faction partner Draco. They then challenged Barrett and the referee to a tag match later tonight.

Referee:  You're damn right we accept your challenge biznitches!

T.G.B. Scott Thunder gives his Acronym partner Dellico D.M.S. some bad news.

TGB: Paramecium set up a match where you will be tagging with Kamikaze and I will have to tag with that bastard Malicious.

DMS: Suck's to be you... we gonna whoop yer ass. VIVA DELL RASSA!!!!!

Arachnid def. 'Cunning' Chris and continued to put Chris in the Shark Attack finishing hold until Paramecium agreed to give Arachnid's brother Allen Vector a match tonight against... Paramecium.

Rain takes on Lestat for injuring his brother Stratus over a month ago. The match was thrown out by DQ, and afterward Lestat made a statement to Rain that he would cripple him like he did his older brother if he ever crossed paths with Darkness again.

Jee whiz there have been a lot of brother/brother stuff tonight.

DMS: Scottie...

TGB: What Dellico?

DMS: I have been thinking--

TGB: You have? That's a first.

DMS: I've been thinking that I don't like the idea of the two of us being on separate teams tonight. Wouldn't that be bad for the Acronyms?

TGB: Dellico, let me explain something to you...


TGB: When we wrestle... as a team... I can't stand it. But tonight... we get to wrestle... against each other... so I am going to love it. Even though I've got that damn Mr. Malicious as my partner.

DMS: But Scottie...

TGB: Yes, Dellico.

DMS: What if Kamikaze tries to attack me?

TGB: I'm going to let him.

Jade def. Natalya "the She-Devil" with the help of 'Cunning' Chris.

Spaz & Draco (Hell's Faction) vs. Bad Boy Barrett & Jon the Ref ends in a DQ for the Faction. What can we say? Cheaters never prosper.

Women's Champ Missy Maniac make a shoking announcement. It was her who reported her former boyfriend Arabian Pimpman to the feds and had him deported. This was supposed revenge for him leaving her for another woman (Sugar Kooky).

Sinsyde def. Demonite to retain the HaRdCoRe Championship.

The New Dominion bitched about how they were screwed. Bitched some more. Then Bitched some more.

Scott Thunder (TGB) & Mr. Malicious def. Dellico (DMS) & Kamikaze when Malicious pinned Dellico.

Paramecium vs. Allen Vector (non-title) ended in a DQ after Arachnid & 'Cunning' Chris interfeared. In the end, it was Arachnid & Vector who stood over their fallen foes, Paramecium & 'Cunning' Chris.

Dangerzone 28