Dangerzone 29
The program began with a big intervention for Arachnid. The question on everyone's mind. Why did he join the Hell's Faction? His answer was that after losing to Sinsyde at last month's ppv (when Sinsyde won the HaRdCoRe Title and painted Arachnid's face) the Hell's Faction had won the rights to Arachnid's soul. In other words, he had no choice and must now do the bidding of his "master" Sinsyde.

Dellico asked Thunder if they were still tag team partners even though they had a match last week at Rage Party 2000. Thunder said "no" but since he didn't have anyone else to replace Dellico as his partner (since P.A.B. was still out of commission) Thunder gave Dellico his half of the Tag Team Championships and told Dellico to find himself a new partner.

Spaz def. Draco. Even though Draco lost the match, he had gained support of the fans no that he was no longer with Hell's Faction.

Dellico approaches Mr. Malicious asking him if he would like to be his Tag Team Partner. Malicious declines saying that he has other plans for tonight.

Lestat & Armand def. Stratus in a handicapped match.

Mr. Malicious hears that Kamikaze's match is coming up and heads toward the entrance area, when he is cut off by Paramecium.

Paramecium: And where do you think you're going Mister... Malicious.

Malicious: I was... uh... just going to get a... uh... drink.

Paramecium: You know very well I don't allow underaged drinking at my house.

Malicious: Not that kind of drink I was thirsty.

Paramecium: OK, in that case you may proceed.

Malicious: Thanx.

Paramecium: Oh, and on other business, before I forget. Let me tell you that I have ordered that if you attack Kamikaze tonight, you will be fired from the T.W.O. roster. Kamikaze has a match tonight against Stumpie, and you Malicious have a match tonight against Scott Thunder.

DMS: Gravedigger!

Gravedigger: Hey Dellico what's up? Hey too bad about that match against Scott last week.

DMS: Oh, no biggie. He where have you been lately?

Gravedigger: OH, here and there.

DMS: Well, you haven't been here very often.

Gravedigger: Yeah, I've mostly been there.

DMS: Yeah... it's a tough world out there.

Gravedigger: Yup, sure is.

DMS: So anyway, Scottie gave me the tag belts, so I need to find a new partner.

Gravedigger: You want me to be your new partner?

DMS: Oh, sorry, did you think I wanted you to be my partner? I was just making conversation. Sorry for the confusion.

Gravedigger: Wait, don't leave yet. I have an Acronym name.

DMS: Yeah, what is it?

Gravedigger: It's SGWHSFHPOTHW

DMS: What does that stand for?

Gravedigger: It stands for "Short Guy With Heavy Shovel for Hitting People over the Head With"

DMS: That's a great name! But I don't think you're what I'm really looking for.

Gravedigger: Well, of course you're not looking for me. I'm right here.

DMS: Um, I think I hear my mom calling me.

Gravedigger: Doesn't your mom live in Mexico?

DMS: Yes, she gets real loud when she's mad.

Gravedigger: She must be really mad.

DMS: It's that time of the month.

Gravedigger: Good luck with your mom.

DMS: OK, thanks "Short Guy With Heavy Shovel for Hitting People over the Head With"

Kamikaze def. Stumpie
in a hog-tie chain match.

Dellico bumps into Bad Boy Barrett who agrees to be the newest Acronym...
Triple B!
Sinsyde def. Lord Randolph to retain the HaRdCoRe Championship. Afterward, Lord Randolph blames the "New" Dominion's shortcomings on Cadavor and fires him from the group. Cadavor then lays both of them out with a chokeslam and tombstone.

Allen Vector and Draco agree to work as a team to fight Hell's Faction next week.

The New Acronyms (D.M.S. & Triple B) def. Crack-Edd & Nymphous Fornicate. Afterward, Crack-Edd says that this does not end his winning streak because it was a tag match and Fornicate was the one who got pinned.

Scott Thunder def. Mr. Malicious by DQ when Kamikaze attacks Thunder. The three men then get into it Thunder finally clearing the ring with his Singapore Cain.

The Justice League of Wrestling (Father Athos, Wrestling Enforcer & Gus the Annhilator) def. The Trifecta (Paramecium, Natalya, 'Cunning' Chris) when Father Athos hits Paramecium over the head with the Athiest Bible. Afterwards, Athos says he should be given a World Title shot against Paramecium in the near future.

Dangerzone 30