Dangerzone 30
Scott Thunder bumps into Crack-Edd in the locker room.

Thunder: Remember a few weeks ago when you got that cheep win over me? And afterward you acted like you were the best thing to ever happen to the TWO. And you started your whole winning streak thing?

Crack-Edd: Yeah, that was pretty cool, you know tonight I'm going for the big 40.

Thunder: How the hell did you get to 40?

Crack-Edd: You know, wrestling at house shows and stuff.

Thunder: Well, Crack-Edd, tonight your lucks about to change.

Crack-Edd: What do you mean luck?

Thunder: I mean tonight... I am gonna end that streak myself. The streak started with me, and it's gonna end with me TONIGHT! No one, I repeat... NO ONE gets a cheep victory over Scott Thunder! NO ONE!

Allen Vector & Draco vs. Arachnid & Sinsyde
Spaz interfears on behalf of Hell's Faction, prompting Missy Maniac to interfear and try to fight Spaz off, this distracts Allen Vector and allows Hell's Faction to get the win.

Crack-Edd def. Scott Thunder by DQ when Nymphous Fornicate attacked Crack-Edd.

Allen Vector tells Missy that she should not have come out to the ring. She said she did it because she was afraid he'd get hurt by Spaz. But Vector said he didn't care if HE got hurt, he just didn't want anything to happen to Missy. Then Missy replied "after Arachnid left me and joined the Faction, the last thing I'd want... is to loose you too."

Cadavor vs. Demonite broke down when Lord Randolph interfeared to help Demonite, then Gravedigger interfeared to help Cadavor. Double DQ.

Nymphous Fornicate comes out to the ring for a match with Wrestling Enforcer when he is attacked by Scott Thunder. Thunder applies the figure four on Fornicate until he screams for mercy. Enforcer comes out to the ring and hits Thunder over the head with the nightstick ordering him to let Fornicate go so he can beat his ass fair and square.

Thunder stands up... shakes off the bump on his head and proceeds to take Wrestling Enforcers nightstick and shove it so far up his @$$ that the handle came out the front of Enforcers pants.

The Acronyms (D.M.S. & Triple B) vs. Natalya & 'Cunning' Chris for the Tag Team Championships breaks down when the rectally dysfunctional Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihilator interfere in the match resulting in a double DQ.

Malicious walks into Kamikazes dressing room while he is changing into his battle gear for the match tonight.

Mr. Malicious: Listen Kamikaze I have a few last words for you before we fight tonight--

Kamikaze: What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy!?

Mr. Malicious: Crazy?

Kamikaze: Yeah, you freak! Coming in here while I'm changing!

Mr. Malicious: I was just trying to--

Kamikaze: Sneak a peak?

Mr. Malicious: NO!!!

Kamikaze: Maybe you should go into YOUR dressing room and take a shower or something!

Mr. Malicious: How about I don't and say I did.

Kamikaze: Fine, do what you've been doing for the past 18 years, I won't stop you.

Mr. Malicious: Good.

Kamikaze: So what was your purpose for barging in here?

Mr. Malicious: Just... you just... just wait 'till I get you in the ring!

Kamikaze: Why? What are you going to try to do to me there?

Mr. Malicious: You'll see.

Kamikaze: THAT makes we want to wrestle you!

Mr. Malicious: Shut up!

Kamikaze: You shut up!

Mr. Malicious: You shut up!

Kamikaze: That's what I said!

Mr. Malicious: That's what I said!

Kamikaze: Get your gay ass in the ring and let me change!

Mr. Malicious: Get your gay ass in the ring and let me change!

Kamikaze: Oh my GOD you're gay!

Mr. Malicious: Oh my god YOU'RE gay!

Kamikaze: Please, turn off the camera this is embarrassing.

Stratus & Rain def. Lestat & Armand

'Cunning' Chris is talking to his older brother Paramecium.

Chris: Are you sure you want to go through with this match tonight against Father Athos. I mean, he's going to beat you, slaughter you, mangle you, kill you, and dice you into pieces!

Paramecium: Is that supposed to be a joke?

Chris: Yeah, you got me.

Paramecium: Good one, you've been working on your sense of humor haven't you?

Chris: Not really.

Paramecium: I didn't think so.

Kamikaze def. Mr. Malicious

[In the Ring]
Paramecium def. Father Athos to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

It was then announced that because Kamikaze won the match against Mr. Malicious, he was now the Number 1 contender to face Paramecium at Dangerzone's a Bitch.

Dangerzone's a B*tch