Scott Thunder
World Champion
Scott Thunder
(4) Time World Heavyweight Champion
(3) Time Tag Team Champion
(1) Time HaRdCoRe Champion

Scott Thunder was one of the few wrestlers with us at our inaugural event in 1997. That night he defeated Paramecium in the finals of a tournament to be crowned first ever T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion. Following the event he had some scheduling conflicts with event organizer and CEO Paramecium. So Paramecium stripped Thunder of the belt and Thunder disappeared for several months.

Thunder made his return later that same year and since he had not lost the World Title in a match, he continued to claim ownership of the belt.
World Title Match
Scott Thunder  vs.  Stryknieghn

In 1998, a showdown took place at Extravaganza 1 between Scott Thunder, Paramecium and then World Champ Cadavor. All three men claimed they were the rightful title holder but in the end it was Scott Thunder who would walk away with the belt in hand. Thunder was now a second time champion.

At our next PPV, Paramecium would turn the cables. Paramecium put Thunder in a last minute title defense against Stratus. Then (much like the confrontation between McMahon and Bret Hart) Paramecium had the referee call for the bell and claim that Thunder had submitted.

Before 1998 was over, Thunder would hold gold again... tag team gold. Scott Thunder single-handedly won the Tag Title Tournament to become the first person to hold the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships. Paramecium argued about the win, saying that Thunder could not hold Tag Team gold without a partner. So Thunder offered the other half of the Tag Titles to Paramecium who quickly accepted.
In 1999, Paramecium screwed Scott Thunder again. They were both in the middle of a tag title defense against Law & Order when Paramecium voluntarily laid down for the pin. Thunder was pissed and the feud was back on.

At Extravaganza 2 (the final PPV of the year) Scott Thunder challenged current World Champion Mr. Malicious to a title defense and won. He was now a three time champion.

In 2000, Scott Thunder once again fought his arch rival Paramecium - this time in the first ever Belt-in-the-Tree Match. The object of the match is to climb the tree, grab the belt and make it back to the ground with the belt in hand. Both competitors climbed the tree, grabbed the belt and jumped to the ground at the same time. But when the dust settled, Paramecium was the one left holding the belt. Paramecium had successfully ended Thunder's reign for the third time. A clause in the match said that there could be no re-match.

In 2002, Scott Thunder won the HaRdCoRe Championship becoming the first T.W.O. Triple Crown Champion - having held the World, HaRdCoRe and Tag Team Titles.

Scott Thunder and Paramecium once again joined forces as partners. Their mission was to rid the T.W.O. of the group known as Hell's Faction. The Faction gained control of both the Lighheavyweight and HaRdCoRe Titles and Thunder & Paramecium attempted in vain to prevent them from claiming the Tag Team Titles as well.
Tag Team Championship
Para & Thunder vs. Spaz & Kamikaze
It seemed the only title left for the Faction to grab was the World Title.

Thunder & Paramecium doubled their efforts and were able to prevent the Faction from gaining the elusive World Title. They even found a loophole to strip Sinsyde of the HaRdCoRe Championship. And eventually the Faction would lose the Tag Team and Lightheavyweight Championships as well. The Faction later disbanded.

At Extravaganza 4, Thunder & Paramecium became Tag Team Champions again. They realized that together they could accomplish anything. But they also realized the T.W.O. would be coming to a close and they both wanted one more run at the World Heavyweight Championship.

In 2003, Scott Thunder and Paramecium lost the tag belts to the Trash Wrassla's. They then began a race to see who could become World Champion before the T.W.O. closed it's doors. Scott Thunder snagged the belt at Payback '03 and with one PPV left it looked like he had a good chance of retiring as Champion.
It was billed as the T.W.O.'s final event - Extravaganza 5. If Scott Thunder was to retire the belt as Champion he would have one last person to defend it against. That person was his arch rival Paramecium. They both duked it out in what is possibly the hardest fought match-up we have ever seen. In the end, it was Scott Thunder who came out victorious to retain the title.
Almost 4 years later, the T.W.O. held a reunion show titled "Together Again." A year after that they held one more "T.W.O.'s Last Stand."
Scott Thunder defended the World Heavyweight Championship at both events.
No-DQ World Title Match
Paramecium  vs.  Scott Thunder
Tables World Title Match
Stryknieghn  vs.  Scott Thunder
Three-Way-Dance World Title
Paramecium vs. Scott Thunder vs. Stratus