(3)     World Heavyweight Champion - 1997, 2000, 2001
(2)     Tag Team Champion - 1999, 2003
(1)     HaRdCoRe Champion - 2003
(1)     Big Bad Battle Winner - 2000
(1)     Master of the Mat Winner - 1998

Paramecium created the T.W.O. At times he was a great champion and fan favorite. At other times he was the Vince McMahon of the T.W.O. and ruled with an iron fist.

Paramecium's debut was in 1997 at our inaugural event. That night he fought Scott Thunder in the finals of a tournament to crown our first World Heavyweight Champion. He lost.
HaRdCoRe - Paramecium vs. Stryknieghn
Paramecium's debut in wrestling came in 1997 at our inaugural event. That night he fought Scott Thunder in the finals of a tournament to crown our first World Heavyweight Champion. He lost. Two weeks later Paramecium held another event. But Scott Thunder no showed. So Paramcium stripped Thunder of the belt and held a last minute match to decide a new champion. Paramecium battled a newcomer named Mr. Malicious. And lost again. Malicious was the new Heavyweight Champion and Paramecium was 0-2.

Later that year Paramecium would finally win the Heavyweight Title and successfully defend it on more than one occasion. But Paramecium eventually lost the belt to Cadavor when his brother 'Cunning' Chris interfered.

In 1998, Paramecium feuded briefly with his brother 'Cunning' Chris. Then he claimed that since his match with Cadavor had ended unfairly, he (Paramecium) was still the rightful Champion. By now Scott Thunder had returned to the T.W.O. and claimed ownership of Cadavor's belt as well citing that he was stripped of the gold and never had an opportunity to defend it.

A three-way dance was held at Extravaganza 1 to determine the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Paramecium vs. Scott Thunder vs. Cadavor. But this match ended rather oddly as well. Paramecium was busted open and taken out of the match. With Paramecium gone, Thunder and Cadavor duked it out until Thunder won the pinfall.
Cadavor used a piece of glass to bust Paramecium open and take him out of the main event at Extravaganza 1.

Enraged that his nemesis Scott Thunder was once again Champion, Paramecium pulled an Earl Hebner screwjob on him at the next PPV. It seemed as though 1998 would end with these two as bitter rivals. But oddly enough, when Scott Thunder single-handedly won the Tag Team Championships, it was Paramecium whom he chose to be his new partner.

In 1999, Thunder and Paramecium ruled the Tag Team division until Paramecium willingly laid down for the pin in a match against The Wrestling Enforcers. As Scott Thunder saw it, Paramecium had effectively screwed him out of two World Title reigns and a Tag Team title reign. The feud was back on!!!

That same year, Paramecium buried the hatchet with his brother "Cunning" Chris and his sister Natalya "The She-Devil." The three of them formed a trio called "The Trifecta" and together they dominated the T.W.O. Chris regained the Lightheavyweight Championship and Natalya won the Women's Championship. But the Heavyweight Title remained just outside Paramecium's grasp.
Meanwhile, another faction was trying to dominate the T.W.O. A group known as The Dominion. The Dominion consisted of Lazaroth, Hades, Virgo and Lord Randolph. They were determined to hold all the gold and take over the T.W.O. The organization that Paramecium had built.

The most controversial night in T.W.O. history came at Dangerzone 14 when the Dominion (along with their new member Stratus) attempted to take over. The Dominion bullied the officials, brought in their own referee's and made their own matches. One of their matches was an non-sanctioned "Tag Title Match" in which they claimed to win the belts.

In their main event, Lazaroth challenged Mr. Malicious for the World Heavyweight Championship. A match Paramecium had already signed for two months later (at Extravaganza 2). In this non-sanctioned match, the Dominion triple-teamed Mr. Malicious and used their own referee to count the three.

Lazaroth held up the belt and declared himself the new Heavyweight Champion as Paramecium ordered the cameras to stop rolling. The Dominion ran to a waiting car with belts in hand. Just as they pulled off, Paramecium told them they were fired. The footage of that day has never been released.
Belt-in-a-Tree Match 2
Paramecium & Spaz vs. Sinsyde & Draco
At a press conference following Dangerzone 14, Paramecium announced The Dominion would never step foot in the T.W.O. again. He also announced that within 30 days he would bring in five (5) new wrestlers to fill their slots on the roster. He did just that. The five new wrestlers were Missy Maniac, Arachnid (aka Jaws), Crack-Edd, Gus "The Annihilator," and SPB.

In 2000, Paramecium brought in 10 more new wrestlers:
Allen Vector, Armand (aka Boogie Man), Draco, Gravedigger, Kamikaze, Lestat, Santino, Sinsyde, Spaz and The PICK.

Paramecium also brought back former Dominion member Stratus to challenge Scott Thunder for the World Heavyweight Championship. But this time Thunder thwarted his plans.

The T.W.O. roster was as big as ever and Paramecium was riding the wave when he regained the World Heavyweight Championship defeating Scott Thunder in the first ever Belt-in-the-Tree match. A few months later, Paramecium lost the belt to Kamikaze but would win it back at Extravaganza 3. Paramecium was now a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion.

In 2001, the T.W.O. changed dramatically. Another group of wrestlers threatened to take over the T.W.O. Sinsyde, Spaz, Draco and Arachnid were calling themselves Hell's Faction. And they had gained ownership of the Lightheavyweight, HaRdCoRe and Tag Team Championships. All they needed to hold a full house was Paramecium's Heavyweight Title. Not only did Paramecium prevent them from getting it. But he forged a partnership with Scott Thunder once again, to help rid the T.W.O. of this "infestation."

With Thunder's help, Paramecium was able to screw Sinsyde out of the HaRdCoRe Championship and soon the Tag Team and Lightheavyweight belts would follow. Combined with an effort to create fighting within the Faction - these efforts eventually led to the groups demise.

At Extravaganza 4, Paramecium and Scott Thunder once again claimed the Tag Team Championships and ruled the Tag Team division for 6 months.
Tag Team Championship
Paramecium & Thunder vs. Spaz & Kamikaze
In 2003, Paramecium and Scott Thunder realized the T.W.O. was now in it's last year of operation. Lusting for power - they both fought for the reigns of the T.W.O. Scott Thunder broke away from Paramecium's initial Dangerzone brand and started ICON TV. Thunder also stole several wrestlers from the Dangerzone roster and sought unsigned talent to join his new brand. Finally, this all came to a head at the "Battle of the Brands" at Extravaganza 5. It was the biggest night in T.W.O. history with 13 matches in total. Every match was brand vs. brand. And both brands were tied up 6-6 going into the main event. Paramecium vs. Scott Thunder for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was the most brutal match we have ever seen and in the end Scott Thunder came out victorious.

The T.W.O. was over. But it would not be forgotten.

In 2006, due to popular demand, we held a reunion show entitled "Together Again." Several wrestlers returned that night for a truly special event. Paramecium was absent.

One year later (2007) we held yet another reunion show entitled "T.W.O.'s Last Stand." With all the stops being pulled out for this show, Paramecium himself returned to fight Scott Thunder and Stratus in a huge triple-threat for the Heavyweight Championship. It was a great night. And even though it was billed as our "Last Stand" you know what they say. "Never say never."
Steal Cage World Title Match
Paramecium  vs.  Stryknieghn
No-DQ World Title Match
Paramecium  vs.  Scott Thunder
Three-way-dance World Title Match
Paramecium vs. Scott Thunder vs. Stratus