(2)     World Heavyweight Champion
(1)     HaRdCoRe Champion

Stratus joined the T.W.O. during our second year in 1998. He started his run in a feud with CEO Paramecium. Later that year Stratus "defeated" Scott Thunder in the controversial World Championship Match at Redemption '08. The ending of the match was later overturned and the title vacated.

In 1999, Stratus dominated singles competition until he joined the Dominion. When he and the other Dominion members attempted to take over the T.W.O. at Dangerzone 14, they were all fired.

Stratus made a surprise return at the beginning of 2000. He was the first member of the Dominion to be allowed back. Paramecium made the decision to bring Stratus back to serve as his "enforcer."
HaRdCoRe Championship
Stratus vs. Arachnid

Paramecium and Scott Thunder had rekindled their feud and Paramecium was hoping that Stratus could take Thunder out of competition. Their plan backfired and their union ended.

Stratus entered the HaRdCoRe division and won the title from Sinsyde at Payback's a Bitch. He then defended the belt against Arachnid in a memorable match at Extravaganza 3.

In 2001, Stratus traded in the HaRdCoRe Championship for a shot at Paramecium's World Heavyweight Championship. He lost the match that night. Walking away beltless. But he would not be deterred.
Stratus vs. Kamikaze
In 2002, Stratus fought Paramecium in a rematch for the World Title and won. Stratus reigned as Champion for 120 days defending the belt against all comers. But at Extravaganza 4 he was screwed out of the belt during a triangle match with Scott Thunder and Cadavor. Thunder handcuffed Stratus to the fence preventing him from being able to finish the match. Meanwhile, Cadavor choke-slammed and pinned Thunder to win the match. Stratus had lost the title without being pinned. And Thunder was happy to even the score from Redemption '08.

In 2003, the T.W.O. shut down and Stratus was unable to regain the World Title before it did.

In 2006, the T.W.O. held a reunion show entitled Together Again. That night Stratus had a memorable 2/3 Falls contest with Kamikaze which went to an unprecedented 4th Fall.
In 2007, at T.W.O.'s Last Stand, Stratus fought in the triple threat main event. Stratus fought Paramecium and Scott Thunder in a No-DQ Triangle Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It appeared as though Stratus and Paramcium where going to work together to eliminate Scott Thunder from the match. But their old rivalries once again reared their heads and the match quickly escalated into an every-man-for-himself brawl.

In 2008, reports surfaced which suggested that Stratus was training for an indy wrestling debut but these reports have not been confirmed.

Another rumor related to Stratus was that he ended the wrestling career of Hell's Faction member Draco. It was rumored that Stratus was paid off by CEO Paramecium to take Draco out.
Stratus ending Draco's career