"Together Again" - Best 2/3 Falls Pics
Stratus enters the backyard arena through an entrance build by Brett Czasak

Stratus whips Kamikaze into the corner and follows up with a shoulder block

Kamikaze attacks Stratus with the steal chair

Stratus delivers a version of the F5 to win the first pinfall

After fighting backstage Stratus and Kamikaze burst through a portion of the set

As they lay dazed on the ground, Stratus and Kamikaze are counted out of the ring

Kamikaze attacks Stratus with a steal trash can lid and later gets a pin on Stratus;
With each man having one pinfall, the match goes into sudden death and it appears
as if Kamikaze might make Stratus tap out...

But Stratus reverses and forces Kamikaze to tap out for the first time in his career!