"Together Again" The Reunion Show Results
World Title Tables Match
Scott Thunder def. Stryknieghn

Lightheavyweight Ladder Match
'Cunning' Chris def. Dellico

Best 2/3 Falls
Stratus def. Kamikaze

Trash Wrasslas
Mr. Malicious
 def. Out of This World
 def. Victor Vain
 def. Zombie
 def. Wrestling Enforcer
 def. Hazmatt

Together Again Recap Video
Detailed Results:
In our opening contest we saw the debut of Hazmatt (the only member of the reunion show who was not an original cast member). Hazmatt debuted against Gravedigger (a former member of the New Dominion and tag partner to Cadavor). Gravedigger made quick work of Hazmatt as onlookers wondered if Hazmatt should have picked more comfortable ring attire.

Winner:  Gravedigger
Wrestling Enforcer and Korpral stepped into the ring to see once-and-for-all which profession is tougher, law enforcement or the U.S. military. After Wrestling Enforcer got in an argument with the referee (ordering him to disqualify Korpral for cheating), the referee clotheslined him. Korpral took advantage and gained the win with a dragon sleeper.

Winner:  Korpral
Our next contest was a never before seen dream match as Cadavor returned from retirement for the 17th time to face another "dead man" in Zombie. It was a brutal match which saw Zombie recover from a tombstone to almost gain a pinfall on Cadavor with a crucifix. But Cadavor reversed the pin and won the match.

Winner:  Cadavor
Mr. Malicious' mystery opponent was none-other-than Victor Vain! Vain and Malicious were partners in 1997 (our first year) but they split and had one of our most memorable matchup's of 1998. Tonight's matchup was also memorable as our competitors used a chain and chairs to inflict pain on one another before Malicious gained the victory with a powerbomb.

Winner:  Mr. Malicious
Our next match featured tag team action as two former Tag Team Championship teams stepped into the ring. Both teams used double-team maneuvers on their opponents but the Trash Wrasslas were more successful... even though they were obviously drunk! In the end, Jim Bob hit Druid over the head with a foreign object before winning with a 3D like maneuver.

Winners:  Trash Wrasslas
Stratus gained the first pinfall in the Best 2/3 Falls Match. But then a strange thing happened in our second fall. Both men were counted out of the ring after throwing each other through a piece of the set! Kamikaze then gained the third fall and the match went into sudden death!! Shockingly, Stratus won with a submission over Kamikaze!!!

Winner:  Stratus
In the lucha libre ladder match both competitors used the ladder to inflict pain on one another and both were knocked off the ladder several times. But possibly the most entertaining part of the match was when Dellico attempted to shoot "Cunning" Chris! Luckily he was "Cunning" enough to dodge bullets (like Neo) before regaining the title for a record 4th time!

Winner:  "Cunning" Chris
In our main event Scott Thunder defended his World Heavyweight Championship against the man he defeated for it 4 years ago... Stryknieghn. After beating each other with the Singapore cane, they put each other through 3 tables and Thunder even crushed Stryknieghn under a portion of the set before gaining the pinfall to retain the title.

Winner:  Scott Thunder