"Together Again" - Pics
Crack-Edd says "hi"; Hazmatt makes his debut; Gravedigger is victorious

As Korpral emerged from backstage, he used his cigar to light a stick of
dynamite which then blew up just off camera, luckily no one was hurt!
Wrestling Enforcer takes offence to the fact that the crowd
likes Korpral better than him.

Enforcer is given a front row seat to a performance of the Nutcracker Suite,
he is then DDT'ed by Korpral and knocked on his rear by the referee.

Cadavor and Zombie make their impressive entrances

Cadavor goes "old school" on Zombie

Cadavor tombstones Zombie

Zombie attempts a crucifix but the pin is countered by Cadavor

Victor Vain makes a surprise return to take on Mr. Malicious

Malicious leaps off the top rope, then chokes Victor with a Chain

Victor Vain attempts to break Malicious' ankle with a chair
Malicious retaliates with a powerbomb

The Trash Wrasslas have a word for their opponents; they pose in the ring

The Druid slams Billy Bob while Zygoplath looks on

The Druid delivers a flying elbow then tags in Zygoplath

Zygoplath & Druid doubleteam Billy Bob; Zygoplath locks in the Vulcan nerve pinch

Someone needs a drink; big leg drop; Druid hoists Jim Bob in the air for a slam

The big stare; the sold out crowd of 25 looks on

The Trash Wrasslas make a wish; doubleteam on The Druid

3D on The Druid; Trash Wrasslas head to the back for liquid pain reliever