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Scott Thunder

The T.W.O.'s final World Champion and the most decorated member of the T.W.O. roster, Scott Thunder has been referred to as the Icon of backyard wrestling. It has been confirmed that he will defend the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Championship against Stryknieghn at T.W.O. Together Again!!!

In the final two years of the T.W.O., Stryknieghn went from being a rookie, to HaRdCoRe Champion, to World Heavyweight Champion. It was he who Thunder defeated for the belt. At T.W.O. Together Again, Stryknieghn will get a rematch almost 4 years later. Shortly following this one night only event, Stryknieghn will depart for Iraq where he will serve for 18 months protecting innocent Iraqis from terrorists.

Stratus' off-again-on-again relationship with the T.W.O. is both complicated and memorable. Beginning with his debut (1998), his stint with the dominion and consequent firing (1999) to rehiring (2000), his World Title reign (2001) and finally his disappearance (2002). He will return once again at T.W.O. Together Again.

Another former World Heavyweight Champion, "The Original Innovator" Kamikaze won the Tag Team Championships in his rookie year (2000) before going singles and winning the World Heavyweight Championship the following year (2001). After a couple of setbacks in his third year he disappeared. But he too will return at T.W.O. Together Again and word is he's challenged Stratus to a showdown!!!
'Cunning' Chris

'Cunning' Chris is the most accomplished member of the T.W.O.'s Lightheavyweight division with three title runs as Lightheavyweight Champion, totaling over 2 years as titleholder. Chris is also one of the few Superstars who remained with the company from it's inception in 1997 to it's final show in 2002.
Dellico 'The Mexican Sensation'

Another accomplished Lightheavyweight competitor, Dellico held the championship twice and is known as 'Cunning' Chris' most bitter rival. At T.W.O. Together Again, Dellico and 'Cunning' Chris will compete once again in their favorite type of matchup... a ladder match!!!
The Trash Wrassla's

One of the T.W.O.'s final Tag Team Champions, Jim Bob & Billy Bob made a memorable impact in the T.W.O.'s final two years as one of the T.W.O.'s most unorthodox and successful tag teams. They also hosted a popular talk segment called Trash Talking.
Out of This World

Another successful, albeit unorthodox tag team was Out of This World. Consisting of Zygoplath, The Druid and Superbman (not pictured) this team provided not only comic relief, but also played a major part in the tag team scene during the T.W.O.'s final two years.
Mr. Malicious

Another of the T.W.O.'s most decorated alumnus, Mr. Malicious has also been with the T.W.O. during it's entire duration... well, with the exception of a couple short hiatuses. He is our second ever World Heavyweight Champion (after Scott Thunder), our first HaRdCoRe Champion, the innovator of the "Dance of Death," the secret Chairman of the Board, and one of the most memorable Superstars to ever grace backyard wrestling. And at Together Again he will step in the ring with a "mystery opponent" from his past!!!

Another former World Heavyweight Champion, Cadavor has retired and returned to action more times than... Ric Flair. Actually, to tell you the truth, we lost count. Nonetheless, Cadavor is one of the T.W.O.'s most successful Superstars and we're honored to have him as part of T.W.O. Together Again!!!

One of the T.W.O.'s darker personalities, Zombie joined the T.W.O. in it's final year and challenged for both the Lightheavyweight and HaRdCoRe Championships. Without enough time to hone his skills he was unable to win either belt. Nonetheless he held his own within the squared circle.

After being discharged from the military for dishonorable conduct (starting fights) Korpral joined the T.W.O. in it's final year. After revealing it was he who reported Army Dude and had him discharged from the military, the two engaged in a hellacious feud. Which ended with a humiliating defeat for Army Dude.
Wrestling Enforcer

Not only is he a former T.W.O. Tag Team Champion, but Wrestling Enforcer is also very accomplished in singles wrestling. However, Enforcer will always be remembered for his antics outside of competition. Including; shooting Army Dude in the head, getting Arabian Pimpman deported, and sending Crack-Edd to jail.

Gravedigger joined the T.W.O. for a brief stint in 2000. His biggest match was against future main eventer Kamikaze, and for a few weeks he entertained the idea of joining a tag team like the New Dominion. After departing from the T.W.O. he and Kamikaze became good friends and they plan to return and work together at T.W.O. Together Again.

Making his T.W.O. debut at Together Again, Hazmatt prides himself on being primed and ready for anything that may come his way... including a nuclear holocaust. But can Hazmatt prepare for warfare within a T.W.O. ring?

Dangerzone Chairman
ICON TV Chairman
Scott Thunder
  Allen Vector
Held the longest T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Championship run (2000-2001).
Held the longest T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Championship run (2003-2004).
  Arabian Pimpman
Middle-Eastern. Debuted in 1997 under the name Arabian Rainman. Crowned "Pimp" at Extravaganza 2 by Pimpin Paul. Won Tag Team Championships w/ Crack-Edd in 2002 & 2003.
Debuted in 2000. Two-time HaRdCoRe Champion in 2000. Member of the Hell's Faction from 2000-2002. Held Tag Team Championships during a portion of that time. Brother to Allen Vector.
  Bad Boy Barrett
Part of original 1997 cast. Won Lightheavyweight Belt in 98. Formed AssassiNation with Military Man. Split up, reformed the duo w/ Nymphous Fornicate (fka Military Man) in 2003.
  Billy Bob
Member of Trash Wrasslas tag team. Debuted at Extravaganza 4. Hosted a weekly talk segment w/ brother Jim Bob. Won Tag Belts at Redemption 03.
  Chico Bombardez
Debuted in 2001.
Formed "Los Compadres" w/ Lamirda in 2003.
Known for his 100 match winning streak in 2001-2002.
As well as his Tag Team Championship partnership w/ Arabian Pimpman. The duo call themselves "Supply & Demand."
  'Cunning' Chris
Most decorated Lightheavyweight Champion in T.W.O. history with 4 separate title reigns totaling almost 3 years in all.
  The Druid
Mysterious, hooded figure. Debuted at Extravaganza 4 and competed in bizarre match-ups. Recently returned to singles competition and has been incredibly successful.
  Jim Bob
Member of Trash Wrasslas tag team. Debuted at Extravaganza 4. Hosted a weekly talk segment w/ brother Billy Bob. Won Tag Belts at Redemption 03.
One of the less successful Mexican Lightheavyweights. Debuted in 1999, returned in 2003. Formed a duo w/ Chiko Bombardez known as "Los Compadres."
Former leader of the Dominion in 1999, was fired that same year by CEO Paramecium. Returned for one last run in the final weeks of the T.W.O. in 2004.
Debuted in 2000. Won the Tag Team Championships w/ his brother Armand, and cousin Santino. Has also held the HaRdCoRe Championship.
  Mr. Malicious
Part of the original cast in 1997. Former Heavyweight Champion and first ever HaRdCoRe Champion. Revealed himself to be the secret chairman of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners in 2004.
  Nymphous Fornicate
fka Military Man. Debuted in 98. Formed a duo w/ Bad Boy Barrett known as the AssassiNation. Joined the Hell's Faction in 2002. Reformed the AssassiNation in 2003.
Not only the CEO of T.W.O. but he is one of the most decorated individuals in the sport. A Triple Crown Champion, he has held all three major titles, including 3 World Heavyweight Belts.
Lightheavyweight. Debuted in 1998.
Held the Lightheavyweight belt briefly in 1999.
Former Hell's Faction leader 2000-2002. Has held the HaRdCoRe Title on 2 occasions, one in 2000 and one in 2002.
Former tag team partner of Skarekro. He broke off his partnership during the brand split. Almost 2 years after making his debut.
Member of Hell's Faction (2000-2002). Had a falling out w/ Sinsyde which lead to his leaving and freeing of Sugar Kooky. Has held both the Lightheavyweight and Tag Team Championships.
  Wrestling Enforcer
An original cast member from 1997. Has held the Tag Team Championships twice w/ 2 different Wresting Re-Enforcers. The first co-Champion was his cousin. The second, his twin brother.
  Wrestling Re-Enforcer
Twin brother of Wrestling Enforcer, an original cast member from 1998 but took a hiatus and was temporarily replaced by his cousin. Didn't resurface until 2002 when he helped his brother regain the belts.
A member of the walking dead.
Debuted in 2003. Competed in both the Lightheavyweight & HaRdCoRe divisions.

  Army Dudette
Joined in 99 under the name Army Dude. Underwent sex-change in 2003 and completed his/her days in the T.W.O. competing for (but not winning) the Women's Championship.
  Billy HaRdCoRe
Joined in 2003. Best suited for the HaRdCoRe division. He competed in several no-DQ contests but was unable to secure the HaRdCoRe belt.
Won the World Title in 1996 and held it for the longest T.W.O. World title reign ever. Regained the belt in 2003 only to have his kneck broken by Stryknieghn. Returned at Extravaganza 5.
  Dellico The Mexican Sensation (DMS)
Mexican, high-flyer, joined in 1997. Replaced SPB as an Acronym in 2000 and remained part of the group til the end. Has twice held both the Tag Team and Lightheavyweight Championships.
Originally competed under the name Mystress of the Elements in 2000. Returned in 2003 as Ginger and competed in the Women's Division, nearly winning the belt on more than one occassion.
Debuted in 1999. Joined the infamous Dominion, a group lead by Lazaroth. Was fired along with other Dominion members later that year. Rejoined for one last run in 2004.
Female competitor. Has competed off-and-on from 1998-to-2004. The longest spanning career of any female. Held the Women's Championship for three months in 2000.
  John Cynic
HaRdCoRe competitor. Debuted at Extravaganza 4. Career highlights include worhty attempts at both the HaRdCoRe & World Titles and a victory over veteran Mr. Malicious at Payback 3.
  Kamikaze "The Original Innovator"
Debuted in 2000, winning Tag Team Championships w/ The PICK. Went singles and won the World Title in 2001. Attempted to become a triple crown champion in final years but was unsuccessful.
Debuted in 2003. Revealed himself to be the person who caused Army Dude to be discharged from the military. Def Army Dude in a Bootcamp Match at Rage Party 03.
  Missy Maniac
Most successful Women's Champion. Held the belt for record setting reign in 2000-2001. Then broke her own record in 2003-2004.
The T.W.O.'s longest reigning Jobber Champion.
Female competitor. Debuted in 1999, was a friend to Missy Maniac. Turned against Missy to compete for the Women's Title but was unable to win it.
The T.W.O.'s head official. Became Pimpin' Paul in 1999 and then PAB (a member of the Acronyms) in 2000. Has held the Lightheavyweight Title (1) and the Tag Team Championships(2).
  Raging Randy
This hippy turned goth when he joined the Dominion in 1999 changing his name to Lord Randolph. Formed the New Dominion in 2000. His final stint saw him use his original persona.
  Scott Thunder
The ICON of the T.W.O. Has set several Championship records including being the first Triple Crown Champion and only competitor to hold the World Title a record 4 times.
Debuted in 2002 w/ tag partner Skavenger. Did well in Tag action, but didn't snag the belts. The duo split along with the brands and he finished his career in singles competition.
Original big man of the T.W.O. Debuted in 98. Held both the HaRdCoRe and World Heavyweight Championships. Disappeared in 2003. Returned for one last run in 2004.
Rookie of the year in 2002. Career highlights include defeating Paramecium at Extravaganza 4 for the HaRdCoRe Title, and besting 31 other guys to become World Heavyweight Champion at 2003.
  Sugar Kooky
Formerly one of Arabian Pimpman's hoes. Was kidnapped by the Hell's Faction and rescued by former Faction member Spaz. Became Spaz' girlfriend and competed for Women's Title.
Impervious to injury, his only weakness is toothpaste. Formed an "Out of This World" tag team w/ fellow extraterrestrial Zygoplath in 2002 winning the Tag Team Championships.
Female competitor from the land of the rising sun. Brought an eastern flavor to the Women's Division in 2003 & 2004. Did not win the belt.
Debuted in 99, then disappeared only to return in 2002 and form "Out of This World" w/ Superbman and win the Tag Team Championships.