T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 72
Fans were reminded that tonight would mark the beginning of the largest tournament in T.W.O. history as 32 individuals would compete for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. The list on entries would not include current singles titlists, Jobber Champion Narc, Women's Champion Missy Maniac, Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris and HaRdCoRe Champion Lestat.
Stratus  vs.  Jim Bob
Stratus has been on a quest to regain the World Title since losing it at Extravaganza 4. It was said that this tournament would be his last chance. He qualified by defeating Jim Bob.

Winner:  Stratus
Santino hasn't been seen in the T.W.O. since his devastating tag team match prior to Extravaganza 4. It was feared that he had suffered a career threatening injury.

Tonight Santino made a surprise appearance announcing that he would take up Paramecium's offer. Last week Paramecium announced the 32 man tournament was open to anyone except current singles title holders.

Though Santino has not been active in the T.W.O. as of late he stated that he hopes tonight will mark the beginning of a successful singles career. "Hopefully," he said, "I will one day hold the World Heavyweight Championship as proudly as my cousin Lestat holds the HaRdCoRe Championship."
Crack-Edd  vs.  N. Fornicate
Crack-Edd had been feuding with the AssassiNation for the past several weeks. Today he faced AssassiNation member N. Fornicate in the opening round of the tournament, and lost.

Winner:  N. Fornicate
Tag Team Partners Skarekro & Skavenger were seen distraught in their lockeroom. It was announced that while drafting opponents for the Opening Round, somehow Skarekro & Skavenger were selected to face each other in singles competition.

Skarekro asked Skavenger to willingly lose his match tonight so that he could advance in the tournament. Skavenger told Skarekro that it was not in the T.W.O.'s tradition for tag partners to lay down for each other.

Lazaroth had trouble getting his Dominion members to do it in 1999. Sinsyde had trouble getting the Hell's Faction to do it in 2001 & 2002. And Skavenger would not do it in 2003.

Skarekro said that was fine, but he would not hold anything back. Skarekro warned Skavenger not to take what happens in the ring tonight personally because it could be the worst beating of Skavenger's career.
Superbman  vs.  Arachnid
Last week Superbman and Arachnid competed in tag action. Tonight they competed in singles tournament action. The more experienced Arachnid came out victorious.

Winner:  Arachnid
Bad Boy Barrett, manager of the AssassiNation congratulated Nymphous Fornicate on his win earlier tonight. Barrett then announced that because tonight was a special occasion, he would step out of his managerial role and return to competition as he put his name in for a chance at the World Title.
Stryknieghn  vs.  Blaze
Stryknieghn feels that he is the uncrowned World Champion but made a vow to prove it to the World by winning the Heavyweight Title. He began his quest by defeating Blaze.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
Paramecium, the CEO of the T.W.O. and one of only 2 men to become Triple Crown Champion, announced that he would face Santino in the last of 8 Opening Round matches tonight.

Paramecium said that he admired Santino for taking this opportunity to show his stuff in competition for the World Title even though doctors had advised against it.

"When the night is over," Paramecium said, "you will have proven yourself to be daring and also stupid. Returning to action so soon after your last defeat, and against a competitor like myself, is career suicide."
John Cynic  vs.  Bad Boy Barrett
Barrett, the manager of the AssassiNation, entered the ring once again for a chance at the World Title. Newcomer John Cynic turned out to be more than Barrett could handle.

Winner:  John Cynic
Supply & Demand a.k.a. Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd cut an interview. Crack-Edd apologized for his loss earlier in the evening. Pimpman said their is nothing wrong with losing a match every now and then.

Pimpman said his match tonight will have more on the line anyway. Not only will his pride be on the line, but also a Chance to win a belt which has eluded him for the past 6 years.

Why is his pride on the line tonight? Because tonight he would be facing the man that took his former head hoe Sugar Kooky. Tonight Pimpman wouldn't be fighting his woman, because she didn't want him anymore. Instead he would be fighting for honor as he attempts to show her that leaving him was a mistake.
Skarekro  vs.  Skavenger
Tag Team partners Skarekro and Skavenger competed opposite each other in the opening round. Skavenger didn't go quietly, but Skarekro still came out victorious.

Winner:  Skarekro
Stryknieghn gloated over his victory earlier tonight. "Already I have won my first Tournament Match. This is the beginning of a memorable Tournament where I will prove to the World that I should have been crowned the World Champion weeks ago."
A. Pimpman  vs.  Spaz
Pimpman and Spaz have previously fought for the love of a woman. Unfortunately for Pimpman, Spaz had not only stolen his woman, but tonight, stole his chance for gold as well.

Winner:  Spaz
The Acronyms (P.A.B. & D.M.S.) announced that they would put their tag team plans on hold temporarily to enter the tournament next week.

P.A.B. said that even though they did not win the Tag Titles at Big Bad Battle, they were eager to sign up for the biggest singles tournament in T.W.O. history.

D.M.S. announced that in their Tag/Ladder Match at the Battle, he had injured his shoulders. Therefore he would have to wear protective gear over his shoulders for the time being. However, he had already received the blessing of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners and will be in action next week.
Paramecium  vs.  Santino
Santino made an inspiring return to the T.W.O. in the hopes of making it in singles competition. It turns out he was no match for veteran wrestler Paramecium.

Winner:  Paramecium

Next week: more Opening Round Action...
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