T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 73
Fans were reminded that tonight's matches were a continuation of the opening round of the 32 man tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion.
Chiko  vs.  P.A.B.
Spanish performer Chiko Bombardez took on Acronym member P.A.B. in our first match of the evening. P.A.B. won, setting the tone for the Acronyms involvement in the tournament.

Winner:  P.A.B.
Mr. Malicious reminisced about his Tournament victory back in 99. He hoped that in this tournament, history would repeat itself now that he had returned from his injury.
Billy Bob  vs.  Army Dude
Trash Wrassla Billy Bob took on the flamboyant Army Dude. Billy Bob stumbled his way to the ring, called Army Dude a few derogatory names, and lost the match. Not a bad night for Billy Bob.

Winner:  Army Dude
Dellico (D.M.S.) told fans that he will take on fellow Mexican wrestling star Lamirda in a much anticipated luchadore match later in the evening. He reminded fans however, of his shoulder injuries and that he would be wearing protective gear over his shoulders.
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Zygoplath
Malicious recently made his return after suffering a severe injury. His opponent Zygoplath is from the far away planet of Zygoplathia. Veteran Malicious proved he could still go.

Winner:  Mr. Malicious
Law & Order (Wrestling Enforcer 1 & 2 and Narc) were seen talking backstage. T.W.O. Jobber Champion Narc was complaining that he couldn't enter the tournament because he held a singles title.

Wrestling Enforcer made fun of him telling him that the Jobber Title was not a real Championship and that the real reason he wasn't allowed in the tournament was because he was the worst wrestler in the T.W.O.

Wrestling Enforcer 2 (a.k.a. Wrestling Re-Enforcer) complained that he was not allowed to enter the tournament because there were not enough brackets.

Wrestling Enforcer 1 assured him that his involvement tonight was still needed. Since Wrestling Enforcer 1 & 2 are twins, Wrestling Enforcer 2 could double for his brother in the match tonight against Kamikaze and nobody would be the wiser.

With both Wrestling Enforcer brothers working together to face Kamikaze it would become a handicapped match and Kamikaze wouldn't stand a chance.

Their plan could then continue to through the other brackets of the Tournament until Wrestling Enforcer 1 & 2 become the first joint Champions of the T.W.O.
Dellico (D.M.S.)  vs.  Lamirda
Dellico (D.M.S.) came out to the ring wearing large football pads. This was apparently to protect his injured shoulders. With this added protection he defeated Mexican wrestler Lamirda.

Winner:  Dellico (D.M.S.)
Scott Thunder reminded fans that he is the original Triple Crown Champion of the T.W.O., not to mention 3 time World Champion and 2 time Tournament winner. Thunder said that when all is said and done, he will win this tournament for the unprecedented third time and become the record 4 time World Champion.
Sinsyde  vs.  The Druid
Sinsyde had not been at his best since the demise of the Hell's Faction. Tonight he took on newcomer The Druid. After a heated match, The Druid proved that he belongs in the T.W.O.

Winner:  The Druid
Brothers Arachnid and Allen Vector were seen backstage. Allen Vector congratulated his brother on his win last week and Arachnid gave Vector some words of encouragement for his match tonight. "Hopefully," Arachnid said, "it will be you and I fighting in the finals of the Tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship."
W. Enforcer  vs.  Kamikaze
Kamikaze got more than he bargained for in this opening round match. Not only did he have to deal with Enforcer No. 1 but also his brother Enforcer No. 2. Kamikaze still can out victorious.

Winner:  Kamikaze
Natas & Blaze were talking backstage. Natas told Blaze that it was unfortunate he didn't advance in the Tournament last week. Fortunately Natas still has a chance tonight. "After tonight's match," Natas said, "people will be talking about us again. And after I win the World Title, I will give you (Blaze) the first title shot."
Scott Thunder  vs.  Lightning
Thunder and Lightning gave the crowd a memorable match. It was mostly memorable because Lightning took a lot of big bumps which Thunder dished out. A very one-sided match.

Winner:  Scott Thunder
T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Lestat cut an interview were he showed just how displeased he was with the clause that current singles champions could not compete for the World Title.

Lestat assured all his fans that had he been allowed to enter the tournament he would have become the second man in the T.W.O. to hold both the HaRdCoRe and World Titles simultaneously.
Natas  vs.  Allen Vector
Natas and Vector competed for which young superstar could have the chance at carrying the T.W.O. through the coming months. Allen Vector showed his superiority against Natas.

Winner:  Allen Vector

Next week:  Round 2 action...
Dangerzone 74