T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 74

Tonight, the 16 remaining entries of the Master of the Mat Tournament, will compete in Round 2 action. The 8 men who advance will compete at Dangerzone 75 next week.
The Druid  vs.  Army Dude
Our first round 2 match saw the mysterious Druid take on the flamboyant Army Dude. The Dude attempted to give The Druid fashion tips during the match. The Druid grew more enraged with each comment until the final pin.

Winner:  The Druid
In an interview Spaz talked about his career choices. He said he didn't regret leaving the Hell's Faction and he didn't regret leaving Kamikaze after their loss at Extravaganza 4.

Spaz said that as a singles wrestler he now had the opportunity to make a name for himself as a main event wrestler and he wouldn't have to carry any dead weight along side him.

He said that winning the opening round of the 32 man tournament wasn't a fluke and he would prove it tonight by defeating Paramecium in round 2.
Stratus  vs.  N. Fornicate
Bad Boy Barrett was the acting manager at ringside rooting on his AssassiNation partner Nymphous Fornicate. Barrett's aid wasn't enough as Stratus not only defeated Fornicate but proceeded to throw Barrett over the fence.

Winner:  Stratus
'Cunning' Chris (T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion) said it was a shame he was not allowed to enter the tournament because the officials were afraid the Lightheavyweight Champion would win the Heavyweight Belt.

Next week, 'Cunning' Chris will be in action and he will defend the Lightheavyweight Championship proudly against anyone the Board deems worthy.
Dellico (D.M.S.)  vs.  Kamikaze
With his protective gear, Dellico appeared almost as large as Kamikaze. Kamikaze put Dellico through hell, but the protective gear proved itself useful as Dellico stayed together while Kamikaze eventually wore himself out.

Winner:  Dellico (D.M.S.)
Paramecium reminded fans of his long history with Spaz. "But," he said, "tonight's match wasn't signed for the sake of going down memory lane. It was the luck of the Round 2 draw. Chance had brought these 2 enemies back together and tonight Paramecium would make sure that 'chance' never has that opportunity again!"
Stryknieghn  vs.  Skarekro
Stryknieghn and Skarekro are no strangers to competition. This time, the acting official would not allow Skavenger (Skarekro's tag partner) to come to Skarekro's aid, and Stryknieghn was able to keep the upper hand.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
The Acronyms were seen partying in their dressing room. P.A.B. congratulated Dellico (D.M.S.) on his victory earlier tonight, and Dellico wished P.A.B. well in his match tonight against former Acronym Scott Thunder.
John Cynic  vs.  Arachnid
John Cynic's energy and competitive nature reminded many of the Arachnid we saw a couple years back. Former MOTM tournament (2000) winner Arachnid appeared overconfident as he allowed the less experienced Cynic to defeat him.

Winner:  John Cynic
Stratus boasted about how easy the first 2 rounds have been. He said that nobody in the T.W.O. has been able to defeat their opponents as effortlessly as he and this World Heavyweight Belt will soon be around the waist of the rightful Champion.
P.A.B.  vs.  Scott Thunder
P.A.B.'s Acronym partner D.M.S. won his Round 2 Match tonight. P.A.B. was hoping to make this match 2-for-2. But it was the 2-time MOTM Tournament winner, Scott Thunder who came out victorious.

Winner:  Scott Thunder
In their worst southern drawl, the Trash Wrassla's complained about their being eliminated in the first round of the tournament. They said tonight they are on strike but will return next week at Dangerzone 75 for another addition of "Trash Talkin'"
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Allen Vector
Another former MOTM Tournament winner (1999) Mr. Malicious took on Allen Vector. However, Mr. Malicious having come off a recent injury was not performing as well as he'd hoped.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Former MOTM Tournament winner Arachnid congratulated his brother Allen Vector for besting another MOTM alumni Mr. Malicious. Mr. Malicious overheard these words and came to his defense.

Malicious said that though Allen Vector is a fierce competitor, he could never handle a Mr. Malicious when he is at his prime and not recently returned from an injury.

Malicious won the MOTM in 1999 becoming the T.W.O.'s 1st HaRdCoRe Champ.
Arachnid won the MOTM in 2000 becoming the 2nd HaRdCoRe Champ.

Though this years tournament was for the World Heavyweight Championship, both competitors were hoping that 2003 would be their year to win the Tournament again, however both were eliminated in the second round.

Lestat, the current T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion interrupted the interview and congratulated both individuals on their past victories. Lestat reminded them however that those days have passed. And if Malicious & Arachnid wish to remain at the top of the mountain they will have to compete with today's young talent.

Therefore a special pay-per-view worthy match was signed, not for MOTM 2003, but for next week at Dangerzone 75.

HaRdCoRe Triangle Match
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Arachnid  vs.  Lestat
Paramecium  vs.  Spaz
Paramecium & Spaz have not seen eye-to-eye for several months. This match re-kindled their old feud and made for one hell of a contest. As the contest intensified, Paramecium's composure cost him the match.

Winner:  Spaz

Next week:  Quarterfinal action...
Dangerzone 75