T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 75
Tonight, at a very special Dangerzone 75, the 8 remaining men of the 32-man tournament will compete for the top spots at Master of the Mat 2003.

Also, for the first time, we will meet a new wrestler by the name of Billy HaRdCoRe and the Lightheavyweight & HaRdCoRe Championships will be on the line.
Quarterfinal Match
Allen Vector  vs.  The Druid
A mysterious, imposing, force, the Druid is definitely worthy of main event recognition. However, it was the faster, more agile, Allen Vector who pulled off the impressive victory.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Spaz reminded fans of his victories, both in Round 1 & Round 2. He stated that his match tonight against Stratus in Round 3 would be his greatest victory of all and cement his spot in the finals of the Tournament. Spaz said that he was the future of the T.W.O. and destined to be in every main event from this day forward.

In the return of the Trash Talkin' segment, Billy Bob & Jim Bob, The Trash Wrassla' apologized for the break from the show in order for them to enter the 32-man tournament. Unfortunately for them they were eliminated in the first round, but it was fortunate for the fans because it meant the return of the much appreciated Trash Talkin'.

The guest this week was new wrestler Billy HaRdCoRe. Billy talked about how he got the nickname "HaRdCoRe," by growing up in the streets of Detroit. He also talked about his dreams to become the most feared man in backyard sports entertainment and about his T.W.O. debut scheduled for next week's Master of the Mat 2003.

Suddenly, the interview was crashed by a very pissed off Druid who complained about his loss to Allen Vector only moments earlier. Billy HaRdCoRe yelled at the Druid for interrupting his interview time and things quickly broke down.

Trash Talkin' turned into an all out Jerry Springer brawl as Billy & Bob again lost all control over their segment. Officials were called out and the fight was eventually broken up.

It was later decided that Billy HaRdCoRe's first match in the T.W.O. would be against The Druid at MOTM '03.
Quarterfinal Match
John Cynic  vs.  Stryknieghn
Both Cynic & Stryknieghn are fierce competitors looking to make a name for themselves among the best the T.W.O. has to offer. On this night, Stryknieghn was the better man.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
Paramecium reminded fans that tonight we would find out what matches were going to take place at MOTM '03. We already know Billy HaRdCoRe will debut against The Druid. Also Allen Vector will take on the winner of Thunder vs. Dellico, and Stryknieghn will face the winner of Stratus vs. Spaz.

Paramecium apologized to his fans for his loss last week saying that he'd hoped the match between he and Spaz could have been decided conclusively and not ended in a disqualification. Paramecium said that if he and Spaz were to ever step in the ring again, he will make sure the match is No-DQ!
Lightheavyweight Championship
W. Enforcer  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
Wrestling Enforcer's Law & Order buddies were forbidden to interfere in the match. 'Cunning' Chris and Enforcer put on an impressive display of athleticism with The Cunning One retaining the Championship.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
Stryknieghn congratulated himself on his victory over John Cynic earlier this evening. He said the victory was further proof that he should have been handed the World Title weeks ago. Tonight, Stratus and Spaz will be fighting for the opportunity to be Stryknieghn's next victim and though he wouldn't mind fighting either of them he hopes for the opportunity to face Stratus one more time.
Quarterfinal Match
Scott Thunder  vs.  Dellico (D.M.S.)
Former tag partners, Thunder & Dellico have had a storied history in the T.W.O. and with fellow Acronym P.A.B. as head official, things were destined to get out-of-control. When Thunder protested a slow count, P.A.B. called for the DQ.

Winner by DQ:  Dellico (D.M.S.)
Allen Vector was thankful that Dellico had won the Quarterfinal match over Scott Thunder. Vector reminded fans that it was Thunder who defeated Vector in the Semi-Finals of last years Tournament and at this Tournament history would not have the opportunity to repeat itself.

Also Allen Vector has secretly been hoping for the chance to prove himself against Dellico (football pads or no football pads) ever since that Lightheavyweight Championship fiasco a couple months back.

Now, one of the greatest Lightheavyweight Champions in the history of the T.W.O., Allen Vector will have a chance to prove himself a Heavyweight Championship material.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Arachnid  vs.  Malicious  vs. Lestat

In this triangle match, 2 former HaRdCoRe Champions competed against current Champion Lestat. The ring could not contain the action as weapons of all sorts were used in this contest. Lestat pinned Malicious.

Winner:  Lestat
Scott Thunder said that he was sick of all the crap between him and his former Acronym associates P.A.B. and D.M.S. He said that since D.M.S. already had a match at Master of the Mat 2003, he would have to settle his differences with P.A.B.

P.A.B. asked Thunder what he meant and Thunder challenged him to a singles match at MOTM to settle the score once and for all. P.A.B. agreed and to clarify made a couple of stipulations.

P.A.B. declared that the match must be a Ceiling Tile Match (P.A.B.'s specialty) and that if P.A.B. wins, Scott Thunder must drop his current Tag Team Championship partner Paramecium and rejoin the Acronyms under P.A.B.'s leadership!!!

Scott Thunder agreed to those terms under the condition that if-and-when he wins, the Acronyms must never bother him or Paramecium ever again!!!
Quarterfinal Match
Stratus  vs.  Spaz
As the action grew more intense, Stratus threw Spaz to the outside. Sugar Kooky, Spaz' valet, came to his aid. Stratus grabbed Kooky, prompting T.W.O. CEO Paramecium to come to her aid. Paramecium wrestled her away from the big man, and as Spaz returned to consciousness he saw his woman in Paramecium's arms.
Spaz became so enraged at the sight of Paramecium touching his woman, that he became enraged and began brawling with Paramecium outside the ring. Meanwhile, since the match had not ended, the referee counted Spaz outside the ring and declared Stratus the winner.

Winner:  Stratus

Officials were called to break up the fight outside the ring but it was apparent that this fight was far from over. A last minute addition for Master of the Mat 2003 was signed: Paramecium  vs.  Spaz, No-Holds-Barred Disgruntled Employee Match.

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