T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 76
At the beginning of the show Lestat came out to the ring and demanded that he receive a Title shot at new World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn.

Lestat was told that Stryknieghn hadn't officially been awarded the belt yet and the ceremony would take place later this evening.

Besides, since Lestat currently holds the HaRdCoRe Championship he is not eligible for another singles Title Shot.

However, Lestat will see action tonight as he will defend his HaRdCoRe belt against the man who nearly won the World Title, Allen Vector.
Dellico (D.M.S.)  vs.  The Druid
Dellico D.M.S. still donned in protective gear took on the mysterious Druid. Both of these masked individuals seemed impervious to pain. The Druid's pain receptors must have lasted longer, as he came out victorious.

Winner:  The Druid
The Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd (Supply & Demand) were seen walking through the back when they were stopped by newcomer Billy HaRdCoRe.

It couldn't be heard what Billy was saying but he seemed to be pretty ticked as he discussed something in Pimpman's ear. Suddenly, Crack-Edd yelled out, "hey man, a deal's a deal!"

Billy HaRdCoRe was not pleased with Crack-Edd's attitude and clocked him. Crack-Edd was out for the count as Pimpman proclaimed, "If you want to settle something let's settle it in the ring!"
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Skarekro
Our next match was brutal as Mr. Malicious took on Skarekro. Skarekro's own partner, Skavenger, attempted to interject himself into the match but it wasn't enough to stop the veteran Malicious.

Winner:  Mr. Malicious
The AssassiNation barged into Paramecium & Scott Thunder's dressing room.

Scott Thunder:  Why do you two enjoy barging into men's dressing rooms unannounced?

Bad Boy Barrett:  We are here on business not pleasure. We want a tag team title shot. (Scott Thunder and Paramecium began laughing)

Paramecium:  What makes you think the 2 of you deserve a Tag Title Shot? Besides I thought you were restricting yourself to a managerial role.

Bad Boy Barrett:  Through my managerial relations I have learned that it is hard to be a manager I want to go back to wrestling were I can be successful again.

Scott Thunder:  Again? You were never successful to begin with. What makes you think you will be successful now?

Nymphous Fornicate:  Shut up Thunder, my partner was very successful in his day.

Scott Thunder:  I think both of you combined have only won a handful of matches what makes you think either of you can handle a match against the 2 greatest backyard wrestlers of all time?

Bad Boy Barrett:  What's the matter? Are you boys scared of the AssassiNation?

Paramecium:  You know what Thunder? I think we should fight them. Tonight. Then after we kick their ass, maybe they'll leave us alone.

And so the match was signed for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships
The AssassiNation vs. Paramecium & Scott Thunder
Jobber Championship
P.A.B.  vs.  Narc
As punishment for his loss at Master of the Mat '03, P.A.B. was forced to take on Jobber Champion Narc. When the other members of Law & Order interjected themselves into the match Dellico D.M.S. came out to protect his Acronym partner.

Winner:  Inconclusive
NOTE:  This incredibly popular Trash Talkin' segment is brought to you by one of the best tag teams to ever hit backyard wrestling, Jim Bob & Billy Bob, The Trash Wrassla's.
- This notice required by The Trash Wrassla's

Our guest on today's episode of Trash Talkin' is a former Lightheavyweight Champion, two time Tag Team Champion, and currently competing in the T.W.O.'s Heavyweight Division. His name is Spaz, and just last week at Master of the Mat '03 he defeated Paramecium in a Disgruntled Employee Match.

Jim Bob:  Well, heller thar Spaz. We welcumz ya' to Traysh Tawkin'

Spaz:  Thank you Billy Bob, I'm glad to be here.

Jim Bob:  Ah'm Jim Bob, that's Billy Bob!

Spaz:  Sorry, my mistake. Anyway I'm glad to be on the show today because I'd like to talk about my win over Paramecium last week. I think it cements my possition in the Heavyweight division and proves that I am a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Billy Bob:  Gee, thaught beez nice. But I'z wundern whozin' that thar pertty lady?

Spaz:  This is my valet Sugar Kooky.

Billy Bob:  Howdy mam', wezin' glad yar could come on out har today.

Sugar Kooky:  I'm happy to be here. In fact, I came today, not only to support Spaz as his valet but also offer the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners my services as a female competitor. It's been a while since I've competed in the ring with another female but I'm ready to kick some ass at the first available opportunity.

Spaz:  Speaking of kicking ass, did you see her crack Paramecium over the head at Master of the Mat? She knocked him into next tuesday, and she'd do it again.

Jim Bob:  She's one tough Kooky, that's fer sure.

Billy Bob:  That beeze all the tom weeze havin' fer taday! Be sher and jern us next week, on Traysh Tawkin'.

Spaz:  That's it? we didn't even get to talk about my career.

Jim Bob:  Serry, but the Board they cut our tom dorn teeday causin' they need to awerd the belt ta Stryknahn lata.'

Billy Bob:  Yeah baws. Dat's the war the Kooky crumbles I reckin'.

Spaz:  This was a waste of time. Let's get out of here Sugar.

Sugar Kooky:  Good, I couldn't understand what these hicks were sayin' anyway.
Pimpman  vs.  Billy HaRdCoRe
In only his 2nd match Billy HaRdCoRe took on Arabian Pimpman. When the referee was accidentally knocked out, Pimpman's partner Crack-Edd took his place. This wasn't enough to prevent Billy HaRdCoRe from attaining the victory.

Winner:  Billy HaRdCoRe
During an interview w/ Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris, it was announced that he would be defending his belt next week against Army Dude.
Our next segment saw the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion. Stryknieghn had outlasted 31 other competitors including Allen Vector in the finals, to become the new Champion. As he was handed the belt, Stryknieghn laughed and said, "You should have just given me the belt a month ago like I'd asked."
Mr. Malicious congratulated Stryknieghn on becoming the new World Champion but stated that he would meet Stryknieghn in the ring next week as Stryknieghn defends his World Title for the first time at Dangerzone 77.
Tag Team Championship
Assassination  vs.
Paramecium & Scott Thunder
In our next match Nymphous Fornicate and Bad Boy Barrett of the AssassiNation took on Tag Team Champions Paramecium & Scott Thunder. This match was a squash as Paramecium & Thunder kicked the crap out of their challengers.

Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder
After hell broke lose earlier tonight between the Acronyms and Law & Order, another instance broke out in the back. Officials were called to break-up the mayhem as it was announced both teams would compete next week.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Allen Vector  vs.  Lestat
Our main event of Dangerzone 76 saw Allen Vector challenge Lestat for the HaRdCoRe Championship. This match was fiercely contested, and PPV worthy. In the end, Lestat had been cleanly beaten and a new HaRdCoRe Champion was crowned.

Winner:  Allen Vector

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