T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 78
Out of This World came out to the ring with a contract signed by the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. They said that in Paramecium & Scott Thunder's ring absence last week, they have been ordered to defend the belts tonight against.

T.W.O. CEO Paramecium & T.W.O. President Scott Thunder came out to the ring to protest. Now that Thunder was the President they said they didn't need to take any more orders from the Board. But Superbman & Zygoplath of Out of This World saw otherwise.

Superbman said that because Paramecium & Scott Thunder failed to notify the Board ahead of time, of both the Presidency & their abrupt absence, the Board had named Superbman & Zygoplath as the interim CEO & President.

If Paramecium & Scott Thunder wanted their corporate titles returned to them, they would have to place their championship titles on the line. That is why tonight Paramecium & Scott Thunder will face Superbman & Zygoplath it a titles vs. titles match tonight at Dangerzone 78.
Skavenger  vs.  Lamirda
Hoping to earn a Lightheavyweight Title shot, Lamirda took on fellow Lightheavyweight competitor Skavenger. Fans were on their feet as both individuals performed a fast-paced, exciting match.

Winner:  Lamirda
Acronym members P.A.B. and D.M.S. approached Superbman & Zygoplath in the back and asked for a favor, and it was granted. D.M.S. would receive a rematch against Allen Vector from our last PPV, only this match would be for the HaRdCoRe Championship and it would take place tonight.
Battle of the Sexes Tag Match
Assassination  vs.  Missy & Nikki
Our next match saw The AssassiNation take on Women's Champion Missy Maniac and her friend 'Naughty' Nikki in a unique tag team attraction. This entertaining match saw The AssassiNation lose their "man-hood."

Winners:  Missy Maniac & 'Naughty' Nikki
Billy HaRdCoRe decided to ask Superbman & Zygoplath for a favor as well. Though he had only had 3 official matches with the T.W.O., he had won all three. Since he was undefeated he felt this qualified him for a World Heavyweight Title shot tonight against Stryknieghn. Superbman & Zygoplath agreed and granted the request.

HaRdCoRe Championship
Dellico (D.M.S.)  vs.  Allen Vector
Our next match was rematch from Master of the Mat '03 except this time it was for the T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Championship. The match was entertaining, however, it ended the same tonight as it did then. With D.M.S. on his back.

Winner:  Allen Vector
NOTE:  This incredibly popular Trash Talkin' segment is brought to you by one of the best tag teams to ever hit backyard wrestling, Jim Bob & Billy Bob, The Trash Wrassla's.
- This notice required by The Trash Wrassla's

Today's episode featured the mysterious guest Skarekro, accompanied to the interview by his tag team partner Skavenger. Skarekro stated that the primary reason he wanted to be on the show was to enlighten fans as to the atrocities taking place backstage.

Skarekro stated that he has been repeatedly ignored when it came time to sign Championship Matches and he refused to be overlooked any more. As with what happened last week, a message was sent by the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. This message stated that Skarekro's demands had been heard and that he would receive his title shot.

Next week at Dangerzone 79, Skarekro will face HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector. As a bonus, Skavenger would also receive a title match next week, as he would face Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris.
No. 1 Contension Match
Spaz  vs.  Lestat
With both Spaz & Lestat hoping to receive a World Heavyweight Title shot, this match was signed to decide which of these 2 men would become the number 1 contender. It was a hard-fought match which showcased both men's desire to be the best.

Winner:  Lestat
Lamirda was happy following his victory over Skavenger earlier this evening, but Lamirda was not happy with the fact that he had been with the T.W.O. for several months now and had not yet received a Lightheavyweight Title shot. Superbman said they could not give him another match tonight, but if they retain control of the company in the main event, they will grant a title match in the near future.

World Heavyweight Championship
Billy HaRdCoRe  vs.  Stryknieghn
In only his 4th official T.W.O. match, Billy HaRdCoRe was deemed worthy of a World Title shot against the Champion, Stryknieghn. A very competent performer, Billy HaRdCoRe gave Stryknieghn a worthy title defense.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
Missy Maniac and her new friend 'Naughty' Nikki were celebrating their win from earlier tonight when Nikki suddenly cracked Missy over the head with a bottle of champagne!

Nikki said she didn't care about beating the AssassiNation, she wanted one thing and one thing only. A shot at Missy Maniac's Women's Championship next week!
Tag Team Championships
Out of This World vs.
Paramecium & Scott Thunder
Our next match saw Tag Team Champions "The Main Event" Paramecium & Scott Thunder defend their belts against Superbman & Zygoplath of "Out of This World." Superbman & Zygoplath put up a good fight but not good enough, as the Champions retained their gold once again.

Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder

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