T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 82
Lamirda  vs.  Wrestling Enforcer
After being attacked by Law & Order last week, Lamirda challenged Wrestling Enforcer 1 to a one-on-one match this week. When Narc and Wrestling Enforcer 2 interfered this time, Army Dude came to Lamirda's rescue and helped clear the ring.

Winner:  Double DQ
The AssassiNation (Bad Boy Barrett & Nymphous Fornicate) barged into Stryknieghn's dressing room. "We heard they are calling you 'The Poison' because of your reputation for ending careers," Barrett said, "well the AssassiNation has been ending careers since before you were born and we challenge your claim."

"As far as I can remember, the only careers you've ended have been your own," Stryknieghn responded, "but if you want a Title shot, you got it. I'll take both of you on tonight and you both will feel "The Poison" firsthand."
Lightheavyweight Championship
Natas  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
Since his debut in 2000, Natas has been attempting to make a name for himself in the T.W.O. and tonight was no different. Natas challenged Chris for the Lightheavyweight Championship and the match was entertaining, but in the end, Chris walked away with his title reign in tact.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman & Crack-Edd) presented a business opportunity for Paramecium & Scott Thunder. "As we all know, you two are our biggest supporters," Pimpman said, "and tonight I will offer both of you, the women of your choice, free-of-charge, if you will give us shot at your gold."

"You're saying, win-or-lose, we get the ho's?" Paramecium inquired.

"Win. Or. Lose." Crack-Edd responded.

"You've got yourselves a deal," said Thunder.
Spaz  vs.  John Cynic
Still looking for recognition in the World Title hunt, Spaz took on the popular John Cynic. After defeating Cynic, Spaz continued to pummel on him, proclaiming, "If I have to end careers to get attention around here too, then so be it!"

Winner:  Spaz
NOTE:  This incredibly popular Trash Talkin' segment is brought to you by one of the best tag teams to ever hit backyard wrestling, Jim Bob & Billy Bob, The Trash Wrassla's.
- This notice required by The Trash Wrassla's

This week Trash Talkin' was joined by 2 guests, the brother duo of Arachnid & HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector. Arachnid congratulated his brother on a successful Title defense last week, and Allen Vector congratulated Arachnid on not having his career ended.

Though Arachnid & Allen Vector have attained much success in the T.W.O. they were not satisfied with their tag team work at No-Remorse '03. On that night Arachnid & Vector received the opportunity to challenge Paramecium & Scott Thunder for the Tag Team Championships. Unfortunately they did not win.

Arachnid & Vector would not let their loss at No-Remorse detour them from their goal of becoming Tag Team Champions. They told the Trash Wrassla's they were hoping to receive a rematch in the near future and they vowed the rematch would end differently.

The Trash Wrassla's wished the brothers luck but requested that if they do win the belts, that Jim Bob & Billy Bob receive the first title shot.

It was then announced that next week's guests on Trash Talkin' would be none-other then the Tag Team Champions themselves. Jim Bob & Billy Bob encouraged all to tune in next week as Paramecium & Scott Thunder will be in studio and forced to answer these and other pressing questions.
Women's Championship
Jade  vs.  Missy Maniac
Making her return to active competition, Jade challenged Missy Maniac for the Women's Championship. Jade hadn't been seen in over a year and a half but wanted to be a part of the T.W.O.'s final year. Though she fought well, Missy fought better, retaining the gold.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
Ginger (the newest member of the T.W.O. Women's division) used Jade's loss as further "proof" that the matchmakers had signed the wrong challenger to Missy's belt. After an impressive debut last week, Ginger felt she deserved the shot tonight, not Jade.
Tag Team Championship
Supply & Demand  vs.
Paramecium & Scott Thunder
Paramecium & Scott Thunder successfully defended the Tag Team Championships against Supply & Demand in exchange for Pimpman's services later in the evening. By winning the match, Paramecium & Thunder were not only able to retain the gold but after the show they enjoyed a night they will never forget.

Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder
Once again, Spaz complained that he had not been considered for the World Heavyweight Title shot and demanded to know when he would get his opportunity. Paramecium & Scott Thunder (w/ hos in hand) interrupted the interview and told Spaz that if he was willing to put his career on the line against "The Poison" Stryknieghn he would have to sign a release/contract next week at Dangerzone 83. Spaz agreed.
World Heavyweight Championship
AssassiNation  vs.  Stryknieghn
After ending the career of 3 Superstars, Stryknieghn's claim to fame was challenged by the AssassiNation who felt that a handicapped match would be the perfect setting to assassinate the assassin. The Poison turned out to be more than both men could handle.

Winner:  Stryknieghn

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