T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 85
Army Dude & Lamirda
vs.  Law & Order
Wrestling Enforcer 2 made a surprise appearance, interfering and pinning Lamirda, winning the match for Law & Order. After a lot of arguing it was decided that Army Dude would face Narc for the Jobber Championship at Redemption '03. If Dude lost, he would be crowned the worst wrestler in the T.W.O.

Winners:  Law & Order
Paramecium & Scott Thunder received a phone call from the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. Through the glory of television, we were able to listen in on both sides of the conversation even though we could only see Paramecium & Scott Thunder.

The Board of Commissioners told Paramecium & Scott Thunder that they would have to defend their Tag Team Championships against The Trash Wrassla's at Redemption '03.

When Scott Thunder asked why they were being degraded to defending their belts against jobbers the Board told him that it was because Thunder had promised them a match during their Trash Talkin' segment at Dangerzone 83.

"But I was being sarcastic!" Thunder proclaimed, but the Board didn't care. They said a promise is a promise, and to add more intrigue to the match, it was going to be contested as a Belt in the Tree Match, a match that Paramecium & Scott Thunder had made a tradition at Redemption.

"One final note," said the Commissioner, "we thought it would be entertaining to sign a Tag Title Match tonight as well. The challengers will be World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn and number 1 contender Spaz."
Lightheavyweight Championship
Superbman  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
Superbman was not superb enough to defeat the Lightheavyweight Champion. Afterward, Superbman's tag partner Zygoplath promised to avenge Superbman's loss by challenging for the belt himself. However, he was reminded that he is too heavy to compete in the Lightheavyweight Division.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
Zombie told the T.W.O. Interviewer that he was looking forward to making his debut at Redemption 2003, but was very interested in watching our next match from ringside.
Arachnid  vs.  John Cynic
John Cynic arrived focused for the match tonight, even though he had been threatened by Zombie last week. As the match with Arachnid took it's course, Zombie made his way to the ring and distracted Cynic, costing him the match.

Winner:  Arachnid

NOTE:  This incredibly popular Trash Talkin' segment is brought to you by one of the best tag teams to ever hit backyard wrestling, Jim Bob & Billy Bob, The Trash Wrassla's.
- This notice required by The Trash Wrassla's

This week's guest, The Druid, joined the Trash Wrassla's to discuss his being declared too heavy to compete for the T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Championship. The Druid said that not be allowed to compete was a form of weight discrimination and he wanted justice.

The Druid threatened to sue Paramecium, Scott Thunder and/or The Board of Commissioners if that's what it took to receive a Lightheavyweight Title shot.

The Trash Wrassla's asked The Druid if he thought maybe he wasn't allowed to wrestle because it would be unfair to other Lightheavyweight competitors and he said no.

"This country is full of people who are considered too big, too small, too stupid, too ugly, etc. Tonight I make a stand for everyone who is told they don't fit the mold. If a wrestler is good at what he/she does, then he/she deserves a title shot, regardless of the size of the Champion."

Surprisingly, the Board of Commissioners responded by sending a lawyer out to the ring to sign a contract with The Druid. It stated that on one night only, The Druid would be allowed to compete for the Lightheavyweight Championship. That night will be Redemption 2003. And if The Druid should fail to win the belt, he will be forced to return to heavyweight competition.

"Waz next?" Jim Bob asked, "free cohlage skolaships ta' Dru-eyeds? Waz dis wuld comin' tee?"

Then Jim Bob and Billy Bob reminded all their fans that they would received the Tag Team Championship title shot at next week's Redemption 2003, in what would surely be a memorable Tag Team Belt-in-the-Tree Match.
Intergender Match
Zygoplath  vs.  Missy Maniac
Zygoplath stated that even though he was too heavy, he felt he deserved a Lightheavyweight Title shot as well. Like a blaze of hellfire, Missy Maniac charged the ring and made quick work of Zygoplath. Afterward, Missy Maniac stated that if The Druid deserved a shot at 'Cunning' Chris, she did too.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
John Cynic tore through the backstage area looking for the new mysterious man by the name of Zombie. A voice heard in the distance called out for Cynic. He answered, "what do you want with me you freak?"

"Have you forgotten already?" the voice replied, "I want your soul. And if you're not going to give it to me then I'm going to take it." Suddenly, Zombie sprang out from the shadows and attacked Cynic.

As Cynic lay motionless on the floor, Zombie disappeared into the shadows whence he came. It was announced that next week at Redemption 2003, Zombie would make his in-ring debut against John Cynic in a battle for Cynic's soul.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Billy HaRdCoRe  vs.  Allen Vector
Ever since Billy HaRdCoRe's debut several weeks ago, he and his fans have been looking forward to a HaRdCoRe Title shot. He finally got that match at Dangerzone 85, and what a hellacious match it was. In the end, it was our Champion Allen Vector who retained the gold.

Winner:  Allen Vector
It was announced that not only would the Druid receive a Lightheavyweight Title shot at Redemption '03, but Zygoplath and Missy Maniac would as well.

[Also Backstage]
As Allen Vector walked behind the curtains, he was greeted by brother Arachnid. "Did you come here to attack me?" Allen Vector asked.

"No, I came to congratulate you," Arachnid said, "I was watching the match from right here, with my fingers crossed hoping you would win."

"Why is that?" asked Vector.

"Because I wanted to make sure that my title shot against you was still on next week at Redemption 2003. Some people said you would chicken out and lose to Billy so you wouldn't have to fight me. I'm glad they were wrong."

"I'm not afraid of anyone," Vector replied, "not even my big brother."
Tag Team Championship
Stryknieghn & Spaz  vs.
Paramecium & Scott Thunder
Our unorthodox main event was entertaining to say the least. Though Stryknieghn and Spaz have no love lost for the Tag Team Champions, they were still unable to remain focused with the task at hand. Spaz hit Stryknieghn with the World Title, allowing Paramecium to perform the Swanton-Off-The-Fence for the pin.

Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder

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