T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 86
Army Dude  vs.  N. Fornicate
After Fornicate said something derogatory, Dude grabbed for his plunger saying that he had to clean out Fornicates dirty mouth. Fellow AssassiNation member Bad Boy Barrett, prevented The Dude from grabbing the plunger by kicking him in the face, allowing Fornicate to gain the pinfall.
Winner:  Nymphous Fornicate
In an interview, 'Cunning' Chris bragged about his 4-way dance last week at Redemption '03. He said, that because he defeated 2 heavyweight contenders in that match that he felt it was time to step up his game from being Lightheavyweight Champion to something more. That is why he is challenging World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn tonight!
Debut Match
Tsunami  vs.  'Naughty' Nikki
Dangerzone 86 saw the debut of new female competitor, and martial arts specialist Tsunami, as she gained an impressive victory over 'Naughty' Nikki. Backstage, fellow female competitor Ginger was seen watching a monitor in disgust.

Winner:  Tsunami
The T.W.O. Interviewer announced that Paramecium & Scott Thunder have not been seen yet tonight and in-fact, haven't been seen since they lost the Tag Team Championships at Redemption '03. However we will keep you posted as things develop.
Three Way Dance
Zombie vs. Zygoplath vs. Druid
Our next three competitors where all losers at last week's Redemption PPV. The match was brutal as all three competitors were looking for retribution, but things turned sour as Zygoplath's tag team partner Superbman made his presence known, helping his partner to victory.

Winner:  Zygoplath
Women's Champion Missy Manic was asked what she thought of the debut earlier tonight of new female competitor Tsunami. Missy said that she is proud of the Women's Division and likes seeing new faces, however, if Tsunami is looking for a Women's Title shot she is going to have to do a lot more than win one match.
Billy HaRdCoRe vs. John Cynic
After defeating Zombie at last week's Redemption PPV, Cynic seemed to be on a role, so he jumped at the opportunity to prove himself against a former adversary. The match quickly deteriorated as both men refused to follow the rules.

Winner by DQ:  Billy HaRdCoRe
Zombie and The Druid were seen striking a deal. Though they aren't an official tag team, they agreed to tag together next week to take on Superbman & Zygoplath of Out of This World, in order to get them back for cheating earlier tonight.
Supply & Demand  vs.
Skarekro & Skavenger
At last week's Redemption PPV, Crack-Edd interfered in Narc's Jobber Championship match. Tonight, Narc and his Law & Order tag team partners returned the favor as they cost Crack-Edd & Arabian Pimpman their match against Skarekro & Skavenger.

Winners:  Skarekro & Skavenger
John Cynic and Billy HaRdCoRe were seen arguing backstage when T.W.O. officials intervened. They told both men that if they wanted to settle the score they would have to do so in the ring and they would both have to agree to keep it clean and treat the referee with respect. They agreed. The rematch will take place next week.
World Heavyweight Championship
'Cunning' Chris  vs.  Stryknieghn
After defeating 2 heavyweights at last week's PPV, 'Cunning' Chris felt primed to challenge for the Heavyweight strap at Dangerzone 86. Though he put up a good fight, Chris lost the match and was carried back to the dressing room by officials.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
Spaz announced that even though he lost the World Heavyweight Championship title shot at Redemption '03, he has not given up on the idea of one day being the Heavyweight Champion of backyard wrestling. Furthermore, he thought it was pathetic that Stryknieghn would even except a challenge from the much younger and lighter 'Cunning' Chris.

In this special edition of Trash Talkin' our Trash Talkin' hosts Jim Bob & Billy Bob interviewed themselves. This was in celebration of their Tag Team Championship win at Redemption last week.

After several minutes of tooting their own horn, their interview segment was interrupted when former Tag Team Champions Paramecium and Scott Thunder stormed the ring.

The CEO Paramecium and T.W.O. President Scott Thunder apologized to their fans for letting them down last week and losing the belts. They accepted full responsibility for the loss, stating that they had broken one of the most important rules of competition, they underestimated their opponents.

The Trash Wrassla's then jumped in, telling Paramecium & Thunder that they have been instructed by the Board of Commissioners not to grant a rematch.

Paramecium & Thunder said that was fine, they didn't even want a rematch. However, since Jim & Billy Bob took something of theirs, Paramecium & Thunder would take something of the Trash Wrassla's.

Paramecium:  We hope you've enjoyed hosting your own segment every week and it's fitting that tonight your guests were yourselves because this was THE LAST edition of Trash Talkin' on T.W.O.'s Dangerzone.

Scott Thunder:  That's right. Now that you are the Tag Team Champions, you are going to have to start defending those belts on a weekly basis, beginning next week with your opponents Law & Order.

Paramecium:  But there will be a segment similar to Trash Talkin', starting on Dangerzone next week. Except it won't be called Trash Talkin', it will be called The Main Event and it will be hosted by the Icons of backyard wrestling, Paramecium & Scott Thunder!

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