T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 89
Crack-Edd vs. Wrestling Enforcer
After weeks of interfering in each other's matches, Crack-Edd and Wrestling Enforcer met in singles competition. We thought this would settle the score, but things quickly deteriorated into a brawl as officials had to separate the 3 members of Law & Order, and 2 members of Supply & Demand.
The Druid and Zombie were talking about the events that transpired last week. Both men agreed that they had a score to settle with not only Zygoplath & Superbman, but also Skarekro & Skavenger.

The plan was simple, it was the old divide and concur routine. Zombie would take Skarekro & Skavenger, and The Druid would take Zygoplath & Superbman.

"Tonight," The Druid said, "all will pay for their sins!"
Lamirda  vs.  John Cynic
Arachnid came out to the ring with John Cynic, carrying the HaRdCoRe Championship belt, proclaiming that Cynic was in-fact the new HaRdCoRe Champion. After Cynic won the match, Arachnid dared any to challenge for the belt.

Winner:  John Cynic
Korpral entered Army Dude's dressing room with a letter-in-hand and a shocking announcement. "Dude, the Board of Commissioners were so happy with your singles victory last week, that they have granted you a Championship Title shot tonight!" declared Korpral.

"Really babay? Against who Babay?" inquired Army Dude.

"Tonight's your night Dude, because it's a once-in-a-lifetime match for you!"

"Who is it babay? Whose behind will I be whoopin' tonight babay?"

"You will be... 'whoopin' the behind'... of World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn!"

"Oooh BABAY!!!"
Zombie  vs.  Skarekro
Skarekro defeated Zombie last week in tag team action. This week they fought in singles action. It was a gruesome match as the masochistic Zombie & Skarekro put themselves (and each other) through hell. In the end, history repeated itself.

Winner:  Skarekro

The Main Event is hosted by T.W.O. CEO Paramecium and President Scott Thunder. This week's guests were P.A.B. & D.M.S., The Acronyms. As you probably know, Scott Thunder was once an Acronym, then known as the T.G.B., before he left the group to form a Tag Team Title partnership with Paramecium.

Scott Thunder started the interview by clearing the air and declaring that there were no hard feelings about The Acronyms challenging Paramecium & Thunder for the Tag Titles a few months back. "There's no hard feelings," P.A.B. said, "only because you don't have the belts anymore."

Thunder asked P.A.B. where he disappeared to shortly after getting his ass kicked in that ceiling tile match at the Master of the Mat PPV 2003. P.A.B. said he and Dellico (D.M.S.) decided to take some time off to recoup and await a return to the tag team title hunt.

It was then announced that P.A.B. & D.M.S. would make their return to active competition by challenging for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships next week against The Trash Wrassla's. (That is, if the Trash Wrassla's can get past their opponents tonight!)

"Well, if we can't be Champions," Scott Thunder proclaimed, "then it may as well be The Acronyms!"

Suddenly, Spaz interrupted.

Spaz:  Speaking of who should be Champion... what's the deal costing me my shot at the World Title last week Thunder? You were supposed to be an impartial referee.

Thunder:  You attacked me! You can't attack a T.W.O. official!

P.A.B.:  You tell him Thunder!

Spaz:  You attacked me you son-of-a-b*tch! I would be the World Heavyweight Champion right now if it weren't for your biased officiating!

Thunder:  You didn't get the job done last week when I was referee and you didn't get the job done last month when I wasn't the referee! Just face it Spaz, you're not Championship material!

Spaz:  And you are? You haven't held the belt in years!

Thunder:  You're damn right I'm Championship material, and I will hold the belt again before the T.W.O.'s final year is through, but in 2 weeks at Rage Party, it's going to be Paramecium challenging for the gold. So you'd better just face the fact that you missed your chance.

Spaz:  You know what? Forget the World Title for now. I just want a piece of you! I'll worry about another World Title shot after I kick your ass!

Paramecium:  Guys! I've got an idea. At Rage Party I'm fighting Stryknieghn for the World Title. But as of right now, neither of you have a match. How about we sign Spaz vs. Thunder at Rage Party?

Spaz:  Sounds good to me.

Thunder:  Me too.

Paramecium:  Good. Then you'll love this next part. The winner receives a World Heavyweight Title shot at our next PPV. That means, after I defeat Stryknieghn at Rage Party, I will put my World Title up against either Spaz or my current tag team partner and long-time rival Scott Thunder.

Thunder:  Now that's what I call good booking!

Paramecium:  That's why I'm the CEO.

Spaz:  Fine. This PPV, I face Scott Thunder. Next PPV I face Paramecium.

D.M.S.:  And next week, we face the Tag Team Champions! Viva-Dell-Rasa!!!
Women's No. 1 Contendership
Tsunami  vs.  Ginger
After abducting Tsunami last week, Ginger got her ass handed to her. Tonight, these 2 women fought for a shot at Missy Maniac's Women's Championship next week. It was a hell of a match, with the martial artist coming out on top.

Winner:  Tsunami
Skarekro & Skavenger approached Arachnid & John Cynic backstage. Skarekro congratulated Cynic on becoming the new HaRdCoRe Champion (by forfeit) and asked that he be the first to formally challenge for the title.

Speaking for Cynic, Arachnid agreed and told Skarekro that Cynic would see him in the ring next week. Skarekro & Skavenger then left the lockeroom as a surprised Cynic looked at Arachnid like he had just seen a ghost.
Tag Team Championships
Out of This World
Trash Wrassla's
The Trash Wrassla's once again defending the Tag Team Championships. This time against Zygoplath & Superbman of Out of This World. After The Druid interfered, attacking Zygoplath & Superbman, The Trash Wrassla's came away with the gold, and returned to the local tavern for some celebratory drinks.

Winners:  The Trash Wrassla's
The T.W.O. Interviewer caught up with The Druid.

T.W.O.:  What just happened? Why did you interfere in the Tag Team Championship match?

The Druid:  Last week, Zygoplath & Superbman cost me a tag team match against Skarekro & Skavenger and tonight I repaid the favor. If these guys have any cabanas they'll face me like a man and since Zombie isn't felling to well right now, I'll fight either of them or both of them myself.
World Heavyweight Championship
Army Dude  vs.  Stryknieghn
With the help of friend Korpral, Army Dude was able to get his first World Title Match... ever! It didn't look like The Dude would stand much of a chance against the larger and fearsome Stryknieghn, but Army Dude was on a career high and actually faired pretty well... he still lost.

Winner:  Stryknieghn

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