T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 93
The show began backstage as Billy HaRdCoRe arrived at the arena. Suddenly, he was attacked by Paramecium & Scott Thunder. After beating Billy senseless, Paramecium & Scott Thunder went to the ring.

Scott Thunder grabbed the microphone and began complaining about the unfair treatment he and Paramecium have received ever since Mr. Malicious seemingly took charge of booking on Dangerzone. He then demanded that Mr. Malicious come out to the ring and face the ICON like a man.

Malicious did and he had a few words for Paramecium & Thunder. Because they had decided to begin tonight's Dangerzone by doubleteaming Billy HaRdCoRe in a sneak attack, there would be repercussions.

First off, Paramecium will see what it's like being outnumbered when he takes on Skarekro & Skavenger in a handicapped match, tonight! Also, Mr. Malicious announced that he will be taking away all booking rights at Payback 3 (our next PPV).

Scott Thunder:  But that's my PPV.

Mr. Malicious:  Not this year Thunder. In fact, if you continue to defy my authority I will take away your World Heavyweight Title shot as well.

Scott Thunder:  You can't do that!

Mr. Malicious:  I can do whatever the Board allows me to do, and since I am the chair of the Board, they will allow me to do whatever I see fit. Especially when it comes to disciplining you and Paramecium!

Scott Thunder:  This is Paramecium's company! He started it and he is still the CEO! And I am still the President! So unless you want a war on your hands, you will back off and leave me my PPV, Payback 3!!!

Mr. Malicious:  You'd better watch your threats Thunder because the Board of Commissioners has a lot of influence in the locker room. Just think of us as a union for the T.W.O. Superstars. We are watching out for their best interests and if you or Paramecium threaten those interests and make this company an unfriendly working environment for it's employees, then we will strike and you won't have a T.W.O. to command!

Paramecium:  This bickering is getting us nowhere. I am still the CEO and I still have the power to sign matches. I think even you Mr. Malicious would agree that I have to power to sign at least 1 match on my own Dangerzone broadcast.

Mr. Malicious:  I guess one match wouldn't hurt.

Paramecium:  Then we're agreed. We will solve this dispute between you and Scott Thunder and we will solve it TONIGHT!!! At Dangerzone 93! When Mr. Malicious and Scott Thunder step in this ring 1-on-1. The winner will receive exclusive rights to sign whatever matches he sees fit at Payback 3!!! Will the 2 of you agree to these terms?

Scott Thunder:  I still don't think my authority at Payback should be disputed. Even so, I will agree to the match just to shut him (Malicious) up!

Mr. Malicious:  I also agree.

Paramecium:  Then it's settled. After tonight, the winner will be allowed to sign whatever matches he sees fit at Payback 3.

Mr. Malicious:  Now that that's settled, I believe it's time for our first match of the evening.

Paramecium:  And what is that?

Mr. Malicious:  Your match with Skarekro & Skavenger.
Handicapped Match
Skavenger & Skarekro
vs.  Paramecium
And so Malicious & Thunder left the ring, while Skarekro & Skavenger entered it. Paramecium valiantly took on and defeated both men. After the match, Paramecium returned backstage where he told Thunder the victory was only a sign of what would come later tonight as Thunder is destined to defeat Malicious and take back his authority.

Winner:  Paramecium
HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector entered the office of Mr. Malicious (Board of Commissioners Chairman). Allen Vector has defended the HaRdCoRe Championship for several months now and has defeated all challengers.

Tonight he had a special request of Mr. Malicious. Instead of giving Vector another challenger for the HaRdCoRe Title, another challenger whom Vector would surly defeat, he wanted instead a shot at World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn.

"But you know we try to avoid giving title holders shots at other titles," Malicious said, "ever since I merged the belts back in 1999, the powers that be have been afraid that someone would do it again." Vector understood the situation but asked again.

"We all know the T.W.O. is coming to an end soon," Vector said, "after Payback we only have one more PPV (Extravaganza 5). I do not foresee myself losing the HaRdCoRe Championship in the next couple months. Therefore, the chances of me receiving a shot at the World Title are slim to none. Are you telling me that you would deny me this one opportunity to see if I can do it? Look at my career lately. I'm on a roll. I'm doing the best I've ever done, better than most. If there was ever a time I could win the belt, it's now. Don't deny me the chance. I don't want to have to lose the HaRdCoRe Title in order to receive a shot at the World. Just give me the chance. Make this exception for me and I will do anything for the Board of Commissioners."

"Fine," Malicious said, "I will give you a shot. Just this once. And if you win, you will have to do something for the Board of Commissioners. You will have to relinquish the HaRdCoRe Championship. You can have one title or the other, but not both."

"Thank you Mr. Malicious," Vector replied, "I owe you one."
Women's Championship
Sugar Kooky  vs.  Missy Maniac
After pinning Missy Maniac in tag team action last week, Sugar Kooky was given a shot at the Women's Champion in singles action tonight. Once again the Champion proved her worth defeating Sugar Kooky 1-2-3.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
T.W.O. World Tag Team Champions - The Acronyms (P.A.B. & D.M.S.) - drank and talked about their tag title defense later tonight.

P.A.B.:  You know what Dellico Mexican Sensation?

D.M.S.:  Viva dell rasa? Punk Ass B*tch!

P.A.B.:  That's right Dellico, we're livin' the life. It doesn't get any better than women, friends, liquir and championship gold. Know what I'm sayin' amigo?

D.M.S.:  Do you think we should be drinking before a title defence senior?

P.A.B.:  We can do whatever we want. Besides, the Trash Wrassla's are probably drinking right now too.

[enter the Trash Wrassla's]

Jim Bob:  Well ah'll be a monkey's uncle!

Billy Bob:  Whatzin' ya sayin' thot fer Jim Bob?

Jim Bob:  Becauwz Billy Bob, the great Aykroneems is drinkin' that thar likahr wezin sent to this room not too long ago.

Billy Bob:  Is that bein' the liquir with the special ingreediarnt's init?

Jim Bob:  It sure beez, and thars drinkin' it lahk it's water.

P.A.B.:  What are you (hickup) talking about?

Jim Bob:  You'z fell fer the old "drinkin' the likahr that thar thought was frum a fan but wuz really frum yers opponents" trick.

D.M.S.:  Areba Mehico!

Billy Bob:  Garl durn it, that thar Mexihecan is drinkin more likahr than I's usually do!

Jim Bob:  And fer once, we'z as sober as a prahst ahn sundee!

P.A.B.:  You bastards (hickup), I auta kick yer (hickup).

Billy Bob:  You'z ternin intee won-uh us! It's gonna be a piece-a cow pie bringin' thosin' tag tahtles back home.
Out of This World vs. Law & Order
For the first time ever, Zygoplath, Superbman and The Druid competed as the new "Out of This World" trio. Their first 6-man-tag was a success as they defeated the 3-man-team of Wrestling Enforcer, Wrestling Re-Enforcer & Narc.

Winners:  Zygoplath, Superbman, The Druid
The Exclusive is a new weekly talk segment, initiated by Mr. Malicious and hosted by the T.W.O. Interviewer. This week's guests:  John Cynic & Arachnid

For the last several weeks Arachnid has been John Cynic's mentor. He even helped Cynic secure a HaRdCoRe Title shot at our last PPV. A match Cynic lost. Then at Dangerzone 91, Cynic and Arachnid faced Paramecium & Scott Thunder in tag team action, a match they lost when Cynic was pinned. Last week, Malicious generously gave Cynic a World Title shot, which he lost as well.

Tonight Arachnid had an announcement for Cynic. After several weeks of trying to mold Cynic into the next big name in the T.W.O. Arachnid feels as though he has failed. He called Cynic a disgrace and said he regrets all the time he devoted to Cynic when he should have been home recuperating from injuries he sustained at Rage Party (more than 2 months back). From this point forward, Arachnid wished to sever all ties with Cynic and leave the sport for a few weeks to finish his recovery.

But Cynic would not agree to Arachnid's terms. He blamed all his shortcomings on Arachnid's bad advice and said had Arachnid been a better mentor, Cynic would be a Champion by now. Cynic said Arachnid had not lived up to his promise of making him a top name talent and he would not allow Arachnid to leave until he lived up to his mentoring responsibilities.

Because this is the T.W.O. it was decided there was only one way to work out their problems. It wouldn't be through a civil agreement or legal action, but through in-ring competition. It was decided that John Cynic & Arachnid will compete (despite Arachnid's weakened condition) next week at Dangerzone 94. If Arachnid wins, Cynic must severe all ties and allow Arachnid to recuperate. If Cynic wins, Arachnid must remain his mentor until the time Cynic holds Championship gold.

Tune in next week, to find out the next chapter in this exciting story.
Tag Team Championships
Trash Wrassla's vs. The Acronyms
At Dangerzone 90, The Acronyms defeated The Trash Wrassla's for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships. Tonight they defended the belts against the former champs. Do to a little pre-match drinking fun, the Acronyms were not in prime condition and were exploited by the Wrassla's.

Winners:  Trash Wrassla's
World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn entered the office of Mr. Malicious (Chair of the Board of Commissioners).

Stryknieghn:  What is the big idea giving the HaRdCoRe Champion a shot at my World Title?

Malicious:  Listen Champ. I know your good. The fans know you're good. The entire lockeroom knows you're good. But as long as you hold that belt you are the best. And you can only be the best by successfully defending that belt whenever the time comes. The time has come again tonight. So you have another challenger. So what? As long as you hold that belt you will always have challengers. Instead of questioning my methods, and questioning your challengers, why don't you go out to that ring and prove that your challengers are not worthy of your belt. World Titles aren't won in the office, or by sleeping with the owners daughter, they're won through perseverance. So if you deserve that belt, than tonight you will persevere no matter who your challenger is!
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Scott Thunder
Much was on the line in our next match. The referee let a lot of stuff go and the fans (who were equally divided) ate up every minute of it. In the end, Scott Thunder came out victorious, receiving complete control in signing the matches he wants at his PPV.

Winner:  Scott Thunder
The T.W.O. Interviewer came on the air and announced that he had a familiar voice on the phone. It was none other than the wrestler formerly known as Army Dude. Dude was patched through so that those in attendance and those watching at home could hear him.

It was at Dangerzone 91 that The Dude announced he was leaving wrestling and would never be the same again. Tonight he had a special announcement for his fans. He said that even though he was not the same as fans remember him (just a couple weeks ago) he would be making his return to the T.W.O. next week. There he will announce what lies ahead in his career.
World Heavyweight Championship
Allen Vector  vs.  Stryknieghn
The night's main event saw HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector challenge World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn. This would be Vector's 1-and-only shot at merging the titles. Fortunately for Stryknieghn, this was not the case as he handed Vector his first defeat in several months.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
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