T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 94
Scott Thunder (T.W.O. President) came out to the ring to welcome all to Dangerzone 94.

Scott Thunder reminded everyone that it was he who defeated Mr. Malicious at last week's Dangerzone and per a prematch stipulation that meant Thunder could now sign any matches he sees fit at "his" PPV, Payback 3.

Scott Thunder said that the first match he will sign is between himself and the World Heavyweight Champion, Stryknieghn. Not only will this match be for the World Title, but it will also be a No-DQ Match. And just to make it official, Thunder & Stryknieghn will sign the contract with Mr. Malicious as a first-hand witness.
Crack-Edd  vs.  Zombie
Our opening contest was an impressive one as 2 young athletes, Crack-Edd & Zombie competed in singles competition. Though Crack-Edd appeared in top form, Zombie came away the better man this night.

Winner:  Zombie
Arachnid bumped into his brother, HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector.

After an awkward pause Arachnid wished Vector luck in his match later tonight against Paramecium. "As you know I've fought Paramecium before and he is a tough opponent," Arachnid said, "But if anyone can take him... you can."

Vector:  Thank you. And good luck tonight against John Cynic.

Arachnid:  Thanx. And Vector, congratulations on holding the HaRdCoRe Title this long.
Ginger  vs.  Army Dudette
In his/her first match back since his/her surgery Army Dude... excuse me... Army Dudette faced fellow female competitor Ginger. It what was an impressive, though odd display, Dudette won the match. Starting the next chapter in his/her career.

Winner:  Army Dudette
Missy Maniac (Women's Champion), Jade, and 'Naughty' Nikki watched Army Dudette on a monitor. They laughed at his/her new "look" and wondered if he/she was planning on asking for a Women's Championship title shot.
Lightheavyweight Championship
Lamirda  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
It was a few weeks back at Dangerzone 86 that 'Cunning' Chris challenged Stryknieghn for the World Title. In that match, the Lightheavyweight Champion was injured. Tonight, in his first match back, he successfully defended his crown against fellow Lightheavyweight, Lamirda.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
The Exclusive is a weekly talk segment, initiated by Mr. Malicious and hosted by the T.W.O. Interviewer. This week's guest:  Spaz

After losing his World Title match against Stryknieghn a couple weeks ago, Spaz was not feeling that his career was going as well as it should be. He reminded fans that the T.W.O. will be ending operations following our next PPV Extravaganza 5 (X-5 will take place a few weeks after Payback).

Spaz stated that before the T.W.O. ends operations, he hopes to hold another title. That is why he has (for the time being) given up on the World Title hunt and is interested in pursuing a run at the tag titles again.

When the T.W.O. Interviewer asked who Spaz had in mind as a partner, Spaz said he had not been able to firm anything up yet. A former Hell's Faction partner perhaps? Not according to Spaz. He was looking for a new acquaintance.

Spaz asked the T.W.O. Interviewer if he had ever considered a wrestling career. Interviewer said he did not think he was in prime physical condition for a serious run but that he had always wished to be a wrestler.

Spaz explained that he (Spaz) was a good enough wrestler to win the tag titles single-handedly, after all, his opponents would be Tag Champions The Trash Wrassla's. However, since T.W.O. statute requires him to have a partner, maybe the Interviewer could join him and fulfill his dream.

The Interviewer thanked Spaz, saying that it was a nice offer. But he would need some time to think about it. In the meantime, he suggested that Spaz continue his search for a better partner.
Tag Team Championships
Out of This World  vs.
The Trash Wrassla's
After forming a newfound union w/ the Druid, Out of This World was given a Tag Title shot tonight. Unfortunately, even w/ The Druid in their corner, Zygoplath & Superbman were unable to dethrone the Tag Team Champions (Trash Wrassla's).

Winners:  Trash Wrassla's
As Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris was picking up his bag and about to head out the door, he was bumped into by Zygoplath & Superbman.

Chris:  Excuse me fellah's.

Superbman:  You did that on purpose!

Chris:  I'm sorry, it was an accident.

Superbman:  Are you calling me a liar?

Chris:  I'm not calling you anything. I think maybe you're just frustrated because you just lost to the Tag Team Champions.

Superbman:  I'm not frustrated! We did a great job against the Champions.

Chris:  Yeah. I saw that.

Superbman:  That's it! Next week. You and me. Then we'll find out who is Championship material!

Chris:  Fine. See you next week.
Non-Title Match
Paramecium  vs.  Allen Vector
Never before have Paramecium & Allen Vector squared off in singles competition. After Paramecium pinned Vector, he went to grab the HaRdCoRe Championship but was stopped and reminded that this was a non-title match. Better luck next time.

Winner:  Paramecium
Stryknieghn and Scott Thunder met in the office of Mr. Malicious (Chairman of the Board of Commissioners). There they signed the official contract for the main event of Payback 3. A World Heavyweight Championship Match between Scott Thunder & Stryknieghn.
John Cynic  vs.  Arachnid
After several weeks of being John Cynic's mentor, Arachnid decided that it was time to severe their relationship. But Cynic would not allow Arachnid to leave, stating that he had not met his verbal obligations to Cynic. Therefore it was decided that they would compete in tonight's main event, if Arachnid won he could leave, if Cynic won Arachnid
must stay. In this classic match, Cynic and Arachnid practically tore the roof off the place (the T.W.O. Backyard Arena does not have a roof but if it did it would have been torn off) w/ veteran Arachnid coming away victorious. Therefore Arachnid has won his freedom and is now able to take some time away from the sport to recover from nagging injuries.

As fans cheered for Arachnid, John Cynic returned to his feet and proceeded to attack Arachnid, beating him into a state of unconsciousness. Officials ran out to the ring to pull the maniacal Cynic away, but it appeared as though the damage had already been done. If Arachnid was already leaving for injuries, in his current state he might never return.

Winner:  Arachnid
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