T.W.O. Show Results - ICON TV 1
As a result of winning his match against Stryknieghn last week, Scott Thunder not only won the World Heavyweight Championship for a record 4th time but he also gained the rights to his own show ICON TV, featuring his brand of T.W.O. Entertainment.

The nights festivities began as Scott Thunder came out to the ring and welcomed everyone to his show. A program which he promised would be 10 times better than Dangerzone.

Thunder announced that not only would ICON TV be the exclusive home of his World Heavyweight Championship, but it would also be the home of his Acronym friends PAB & DMS, 2 men who he referred to as the uncrowned tag team champions of ICON TV.

Music blared and Stryknieghn came out to the ring. Stryknieghn stated that even though he and Thunder have never been friends, he has signed with ICON TV under the understanding that sometime in the near future he will receive a return match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Scott Thunder also announced that his World Title will be on the line tonight, not against Stryknieghn, but against a man who made Thunder proud at our most recent PPV, John Cynic. Thunder said that Cynic had earned a World Title shot for defeating Mr. Malicious at Payback 3 in an impressive Dance of Death.

Stay tuned throughout the evening as more talents will be signed to the ICON TV brand.
Natas  vs.  Billy HaRdCoRe
Our opening contest saw 2 familiar faces from Dangerzone who hadn't been very active in recent weeks. It was announced that they'd signed with ICON TV so that they'd be given their fair share of air time. By the way, Billy won the match.

Winner:  Billy HaRdCoRe
The 3 members of Law & Order (Wrestling Enforcer, Wrestling Re-Enforcer and Narc) gathered in the lockeroom to discuss their contracts.

Narc:  Alright guys, I just signed a deal with Scott Thunder to bring my prestigious Jobber Championship to ICON TV!

Re-Enforcer:  That's great!

Narc:  So when do you guys sign?

Enforcer:  As soon as we win our tag team match tonight against The Acronyms.

Narc:  That match will be easy, there's three of us and two of them. I can't wait till we're all signed with the ICON TV brand!

Re-Enforcer:  (fighting back laughter) Me neither.
N. Fornicate  vs.  Stryknieghn
Probably the best Superstar taken from Dangerzone, Stryknieghn was insulted to have to fight Nymphous Fornicate. After winning the match, he wondered if he'd made the right move. What if Thunder never makes good on his promise for a return match?

Winner:  Stryknieghn
Skarekro & Skavenger discussed their contracts in their dressing room.

Skarekro:  I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, I just signed a deal with ICON TV.

Skavenger:  What's the bad news?

Skarekro:  You're not coming with me.

Skavenger:  What are you talking about? We're a team.

Skarekro:  Thunder thinks you're the weak link and don't deserve to be on his show.

Skavenger:  Couldn't you tell him you weren't going to sign without me?

Skarekro:  I've thought about it and I decided that Thunder's right and I don't want to be your partner anymore.

Skavenger:  I can't believe what I'm hearing! Is there anything I can do to change your mind?

Skarekro:  There is one thing, but it won't happen.

Skavenger:  What is it?

Skarekro:  You'd have to prove yourself by beating me in one-on-one competition tonight.

Skavenger:  Let's do it!

Skarekro:  But you don't stand a chance!

Skavenger:  Just tell Thunder to sign the match and tonight we'll find out just who is the weak link!
Law & Order  vs.  Acronyms
The "uncrowned champions" defeated the Law & Order trio. Afterward, Narc asked his partners if they were still going to sign with ICON TV even though they lost. The answer was "no." The original 2 members of Law & Order were going to Dangerzone.

Winners:  The Acronyms
Fans were shocked when this week's guest on The Exclusive was none other than former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde.

Sinsyde talked about various things, including his knee surgery and why he felt the Hell's Faction had disbanded.

Sinsyde said that even though he hasn't been in action for several months (almost a year) he saw that the T.W.O. was coming to an end and insisted on being a part of the action for the last few weeks of competition. He's received medical clearance and is ready to compete.

When asked what brand he would be a part of, Sinsyde announced that he'd already signed a deal... with Dangerzone!
Skavenger  vs.  Skarekro
After teaming together for more than a year, Skavenger and Skarekro squared off to find out which was better. In the end, Skarekro ensured his spot on the ICON TV roster and sent his former partner packing for Dangerzone.

Winner:  Skarekro
Scott Thunder stepped out of his dressing room door with a woman in each arm. He was also accompanied by Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd of the infamous Supply & Demand tag team.

Thunder:  I wish you'd consider signing with ICON TV. You 2 would make a nice addition to my already growing roster.

Crack-Edd:  I'm sorry Thunder, but at this stage we feel it better to remain free agents.

Pimpman:  Besides, our presence can better serve the superstars in a behind-the-scenes capacity and this way we can serve both brands equally.
Tag Team Championships
Out of This World
vs. Trash Wrassla's
In the first title defense of ICON TV, The Trash Wrassla's defended the Tag Team Championships against Zygoplath & Superbman of Out of This World. The third member of Out of This World (The Druid) was nowhere to be seen. Without The Druid's guidance, Zygoplath & Superbman where unable to defeat the Tag Team Champions.

Winners:  Trash Wrassla's
Paramecium arrived with a major announcement. He said that Trash Wrasslas had signed a deal and the championships were coming home... to Dangerzone!!!
World Heavyweight Championship
John Cynic  vs.  Scott Thunder
In our main event, Scott Thunder himself graced the ring to defend his coveted World Heavyweight Championship against one of his prized ICON TV Superstars, John Cynic. When the smoke cleared, the belt remained around the waist of the T.W.O.'s resident ICON.

Winner:  Scott "The ICON" Thunder

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