T.W.O. Show Results - ICON TV 2
Scott Thunder came out to the ring and welcomed all to the second installment of ICON TV. He reminded fans that he'd gained an upper hand on the competing brand of T.W.O. Entertainment (Dangerzone) last week when he signed the entire female roster to his brand, ICON TV. Thunder announced tonight would be their first night in competition.

Thunder also announced that Blaze as well as Zygoplath & Superbman (of Out of This World) had signed with ICON TV. But what was really shocking was that Thunder had just recently signed a former T.W.O. Superstar who'd been on the inactive list. A man who has had a long and storied history with Scott Thunder. That man is Kamikaze.

Tonight, Thunder said, Kamikaze will make his return to the T.W.O. as the newest addition to the ICON TV brand! And just for old times sake, Thunder will force Kamikaze to compete in a humiliating Jobber Championship match against Jobber Champion Narc.

Thunder was interrupted by the sound of music playing over the loudspeakers and Stryknieghn came out to the ring. "I am the former World Heavyweight Champion and I only signed with ICON TV so that I could receive a rematch for the World Title. Now I want to know, will I get that rematch tonight?"

Thunder thought for a moment, then replied, "No! Tonight the Title shot goes to Skarekro. He impressed me last week by dropping his pathetic tag team partner and tonight he is going to be rewarded."

Stryknieghn replied, "I've already been contacted by Paramecium (T.W.O. CEO and leader of the Dangerzone brand) and he's told me that you can't be trusted and if you don't give me a Title Shot then our contract is void and I can sign with Dangerzone. Paramecium has also told me that if I sign with him he guarantees me a shot at the HaRdCoRe Title. Now I'm thinking, maybe I'll just cut my losses here and go after the HaRdCoRe Title again."

"Why settle for the HaRdCoRe Title when we both know what you really want is my World Title? I'll tell you what. Tonight I'm giving you a match with John Cynic. If you can defeat him tonight, I'll consider giving you a World Title shot next week. How's that?"

"Fine. I'll kick John Cynic's ass tonight. But next week that World Title is mine!" Stryknieghn left the ring and suddenly, music blared again. "God Damn It! Who is it now?" Thunder griped.

Father Athos, a man we haven't seen since Dangerzone 50 came out to the ring. "Why Father, what an honor it is to have you on ICON TV," Thunder said, "have you joined us tonight to announce your return to the ring?"

Father Athos:  Actually no. I do not wish to return to competition. I came here tonight because I wanted to see everyone one more time before the T.W.O. closes it's doors at Extravaganza 5.

Scott Thunder:  You will always be welcome on my brand of T.W.O. Entertainment.

Father Athos:  Also I came to announce that I've updated by website. So if anyone is interested they can view my new site by clicking here.

Scott Thunder:  I hope they do visit your site, but only after they are done reading the results to my program.
Blaze  vs.  Billy HaRdCoRe
Last week Billy defeated Natas former tag partner of Blaze. Tonight, Blaze returned to action at ICON TV to avenge Natas and reform their tag team. Unfortunately for Blaze, he was unsuccessful in the first portion of his plan, as he was pinned by Billy.

Winner:  Billy HaRdCoRe
As Scott Thunder entered his office, the lights suddenly went out. When they came back on a Skarekro doll was sitting in Thunder's chair. Not a good sign for the man who would be defending the World Title against Skarekro later tonight.
Out of This World vs. Acronyms
The "uncrowned Tag Team Champions" The Acronyms took on and defeated Zygoplath & Superbman of Out of This World. The Acronyms then vowed to end their days in the T.W.O. as the best tag team in backyard wrestling today.

Winners:  The Acronyms
Kamikaze arrived to the arena only to be greeted by Jobber Champion Narc. Narc spilled the beans about Kamikaze's Jobber Title shot tonight, which was obviously a slap in the face for Kamikaze. "Some return that'll be," Kamikaze remarked. An obviously irritated Kamikaze then pushed Narc out of his way as he continued through the backstage area.
John Cynic  vs.  Stryknieghn
In a brutal match-up, John Cynic and Stryknieghn went toe-to-toe with Stryknieghn coming out the victor. By winning this match, Stryknieghn hoped to gain a re-match for the World Title next week. We'll just have to wait and see if he gets that match.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
It was at our last PPV that the T.W.O. Interviewer stepped in the ring under the name 'Novice' and competed w/ Spaz to challenge for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships. Tonight, Novice's guest on The Exclusive was none-other than Spaz.

Novice began by apologizing for losing the Tag Title shot at Payback. Spaz said that he didn't hold it against him, since Novice wasn't a real wrestler anyway. Then Novice asked why Spaz asked for a chance to appear on his show.

Spaz said that he was ticked that Paramecium would allow Sinsyde to return to Dangerzone last week. As we know, Spaz and Sinsyde used to be partners in the Hell's Faction. Last week they fought in Dangerzone's main event and Spaz lost.

Spaz said that Paramecium should never have allowed Sinsyde to return and that Sinsyde has nothing worth while to offer the T.W.O. Then Novice pointed out that Sinsyde is still a good wrestler because he defeated Spaz last week.

That's all Spaz needed to hear. He attacked Novice screaming out, "You think he's better than me? Do you think you're better than me?" Spaz continued to pummel Novice until security personnel restrained him and took him away from the ring.

As Spaz was being pulled into the backstage area Spaz yelled into the camera, "Paramecium, I hope you're watching this, because this week on Dangerzone I'm going to prove that I can still go and it's going to be your ass I kick next!!!"
Jobber Championship
Kamikaze  vs.  Narc
Kamikaze made his return to the T.W.O. at ICON TV 2 as he took on Jobber Champion Narc. After defeating Narc (making sure that Narc remained Jobber Champion) Kamikaze expressed his hope that by returning to ICON TV he could one day face Thunder in the ring, one more time.

Winner:  Kamikaze
Korpral walked up to and knocked on a door marked "unisex."

Korpral:  Are you decent?

Muffled Voice:  Yes. Come in.

Korpral:  (enters) Can you believe what that Jackass said about us last week.

Army Dudette:  Yeah, I know. There are obviously not any feelings between us. right?

Korpral:  Oh of course not.

Dudette:  Good, because I know I don't have feelings for you.

Korpral:  And I don't have feelings for you either, I mean you're a... well, you used to be a... and I'm not... you know--

Dudette:  Of course not. You're a man's man.

Korpral:  What does that mean?

Dudette:  You know what, I'm not sure. That's just what they say. You know, Joe Six-Pack, eats red meet, scratches himself in public. That kinda guy.

Korpral:  I guess that's me. Anyway, I wanted to apologize again for, you know, discharging you from the Army... and kicking your ass a few weeks back... and causing you to change into a woman... and all that stuff.

Dudette:  Don't worry about it. Actually I'm better off. I get free drinks at the bar. I get to wear multi-colored underwear. And I don't have to worry about aiming for the toilet any more. Was there another reason you came here tonight?

Korpral:  I was wondering if you'd like to be my tag team partner again?

Dudette:  I was going to go shopping for bras later.

Korpral:  Not tonight. Next week. I was going to sign us up for tag action at ICON TV 3.

Dudette:  Why do you want to be my tag partner again?

Korpral:  Well, the T.W.O. is coming to a close soon and I'd just like to patch things up between us before it does.

Dudette:  Sure, I can do one more tag match with you.

Korpral:  OK, I'll see you here next week.

Dudette:  Great, it's a date.

Korpral:  Uh... what?

Dudette:  I'm joking.

Korpral:  Oh. Funny.
Women's Tag Match
Tsunami/Ginger  vs.
Jade/Missy Maniac
The Women's tag match was a highlight of the evening as 4 of the T.W.O.'s top female competitors competed in one ring. In the end, Missy Maniac (the Women's Champion) and her partner Jade came out victorious. I bet Paramecium is regretting allowing Scott Thunder to sign the female roster to ICON TV.

Winners:  Jade & Missy Maniac
Paramecium bumped into Scott Thunder as Thunder was making his way to the ring. "What the hell are you doing here?" Thunder asked.

"I just came to let you know that I'm bringing another person back from retirement at Dangerzone next week."

"Oh yeah? Who is it? Rain?" Thunder asked sarcastically, "Oh no, you brought him back last week."

"No. I'm bringing back... Lestat."

Thunder looked shocked, "how did you find him?"

"I'm the CEO, it's what I do."
World Heavyweight Championship
Skarekro  vs.  Scott Thunder
Our main event saw the ICON Scott Thunder defend his coveted World Title against Skarekro. Last week Skarekro defeated his former partner Skavenger and this title shot was his reward. Though he put up a great fight, Skarekro was unable to best the ICON.

Winner:  Scott "the ICON" Thunder

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