T.W.O. Show Results - ICON TV 3
ICON TV 3 began as President Scott Thunder came out to the ring and welcomed all.

Thunder announced that tonight we would see the return of "The Big Nasty Bastard" Stratus. A man whom we haven't seen since he failed to regain the World Heavyweight Championship last year.

Thunder also announced that Missy Maniac would be defending her Women's Championship against 3 challengers tonight, and Natas & Blaze would return to tag action as they challenged uncrowned ICON TV Tag Champions The Acronyms.
All this and much more on tonight's--

Suddenly, Thunder was interrupted. Stryknieghn came out to the ring and demanded that he receive the World Title Shot that was promised him by Thunder. "Last week you said if I won you'd give me a shot this week. Where is my shot?"

Thunder explained that he had not promised Stryknieghn a shot tonight. "You can check the tape if you'd like. I said I'd think about giving you a shot tonight. Unfortunately that opportunity will have to wait because I've decided on another challenger tonight, Kamikaze."

Kamikaze (also a former World Heavyweight Champion) had a history with Thunder in the past and recently returned at ICON TV 2. His reason for signed to the ICON TV brand (like Stryknieghn) was because he had been promised a World Title Shot. Thunder said Kamikaze would get the shot promised to him, and he would get it tonight.

Stryknieghn threatened to walk out on ICON TV if he was not given the World Title Shot promised to him. Thunder finally agreed to give Stryknieghn a title shot, but not until next week and not unless Stryknieghn can defeat Billy HaRdCoRe later tonight.
Natas & Blaze  vs.  Acronyms
After re-uniting last week at ICON TV 3, Natas & Blaze reformed their partnership and challenged The Acronyms to their stake as the uncrowned Tag Champions of ICON TV. After a fast and fierce opening contest, the Acronyms again won.

Winners:  The Acronyms
Korpral & Army Dudette talked about their opportunity tonight to step in the ring as a team one more time against Zygoplath & Superbman of Out of This World.
B. HaRdCoRe vs. Stryknieghn
Not to underestimate the HaRdCoRe One, Stryknieghn went into the match full throttle and came out victorious earning his World Title Shot next week against whomever holds the World Title.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
A limo pulled up and out walked... Stratus. The fans went nuts.
Out of This World  vs.
Army Dudette/Korpral
In their first tag team match in several weeks, Army Dudette and Korpral stepped in the ring together "one more time" before the T.W.O. closes it's doors. This odd duo successfully defeated the team of Zygoplath & Superbman a.k.a. "Out of This World."

Winners:  Army Dudette & Korpral
This week's guest on "The Exclusive" was none-other-than Lestat. Lestat returned to the T.W.O. at last week's Dangerzone 97 and defeated veteran Mr. Malicious. Lestat talked about his 4 year history with the company and his plans for the T.W.O.'s final weeks.

Included in the talk about his past, Lestat covered such topics as holding the Tag Team Championships with his late brother Armand (Jason Rinard), holding them a second time with his cousin Santino, and holding the HaRdCoRe Championship as he competed in singles action before departing from the T.W.O. last year.

Lestat said that later this week at Dangerzone 98 he will once again hold the HaRdCoRe Championship as he faces and defeats the man who took the belt from him (Allen Vector). Vector defeated Lestat for the title several months ago and Lestat said that he is determined to finish his last T.W.O. run as HaRdCoRe Champion.
Return Match
Skarekro  vs.  Stratus
In his first match in over a year, Stratus stepped in the ring and defeated the mysterious Skarekro. Stratus then grabbed a mic and announced that he was back for one final run in the T.W.O. and he was determined to prove himself as THE MOST DOMINANT BIG MAN IN T.W.O. HISTORY!

Winner:  Stratus
Zygoplath & Superbman sulked over their loss earlier tonight. Enter Jobber Champion Narc. Narc was so happy (for what I have no idea) as he harassed the 2 about their loss. Narc said they were both so bad they couldn't even beat him.

Zygoplath & Superbman then challenged Narc to a match next week. Narc agreed but said that only one of them could have the shot. Zygoplath and Superbman played rock-paper-scissors and found out that Zygoplath would get the honors.

Next week, Zygoplath vs. Narc for the Jobber Championship at ICON TV 4.
4-Way Women's Championship
S. Kooky   vs.  Ginger  vs.
Nikki  vs.  Missy Maniac
In crazy 4 way action, Missy Maniac defended the Women's Belt against 3 challengers. All three challengers (Sugar Kooky, Nikki, & Ginger) have never held the Women's Title but have given the Champ a run for her money. Tonight they gave her the fight of her life, but Missy still came out victorious, proving once again that she is the best.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
As Scott Thunder was heading through the backstage area he bumped into Paramecium, the T.W.O. CEO and Dangerzone brand Chairman.

Paramecium congratulated Thunder on signing Stratus to ICON TV then made a shocking announcement. Not only had Paramecium successfully signed another former Superstar to his already strong Dangerzone roster, his newest addition was none-other-than former Dominion leader Lazaroth.
World Heavyweight Championship
Kamikaze  vs.  Scott Thunder
In our main event, the ICON Scott Thunder defended the biggest crown in backyard wrestling against an opponent who goes way back. Kamikaze was determined to prove that he could still go but despite all his best efforts he was no match for the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner:  Scott Thunder

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