T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 98
T.W.O. CEO and Dangerzone Brand Chairman Paramecium came out to the ring.

Paramecium announced that tonight we would see the return of one of the T.W.O.'s most controversial Superstars... the former leader of the Dominion... a man who hasn't been seen in the T.W.O. in over 4 years... Lazaroth.

Not only would Lazaroth be making his return later tonight, but it would be in a contest we thought we'd never see. A match that is undoubtedly worthy of the main attraction at a PPV event. The former Dominion leader will face none-other-than the CEO himself... it's Lazaroth vs. Paramecium... TONIGHT!!!
Triangle Match
Spaz vs. Zombie vs. Malicious
In our opening contest Spaz, Zombie & Mr. Malicious put on a crazy triangle match which was as hard to follow as a Las Vegas Card-Shark. Finally, Spaz gained the pinfall on Mr. Malicious. Malicious was disappointed as he suffered his 3rd loss in 3 weeks.

Winner:  Spaz
Chiko Bombardez and Lamirda were seen arguing backstage and throwing tacos at each other. Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris saw this and attempted to break up the fight. Suddenly, the argument turned into a three-way slug-fest.

A Spanish/American security guard (along with a couple other security guards) broke up the fight. The security guard then explained to 'Cunning' Chris that Los Compadres were arguing over who was better suited to challenge for the Lightheavyweight Belt.

Chris said he would accept all challenges and agreed to fight both men later tonight in a Lightheavyweight Championship Triangle Match.
Druid  vs.  Sinsyde
Two of the most mysterious men in T.W.O. history stepped in the ring at Dangerzone 98. The seemingly indestructible Druid vs. the suicidal Sinsyde. After several minutes, the Druid gained the 1-2-3.

Winner:  The Druid
Law & Order crashed the Trash Wrassla's dressing room where the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions were drinking a familiar liquid out of Styrofoam containers. Law & Order threatened to arrest the minors for drinking under age... unless... they were given a Tag Title shot. The Trash Wrassla's agreed to the match for later tonight.
Lightheavyweight Championship
Chiko  vs.  Lamirda  vs.  Chris
Though they didn't seem to be getting along at first, it didn't take long before Chiko & Lamirda began working together as a team. Chris had obviously been suckered into a handicapped match, but continued to fight and eventually defeated both men.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
The uncrowned Tag Champions of ICON TV were tonight's guests on The Exclusive.

The Acronyms talked about their long history as a team. How the first Acronyms formed at Extravaganza 2 (1999) and how PAB & DMS formed the newest incarnation at Extravaganza 3 (2001). They also talked about how proud they were to hold the Tag Team Championships a couple years back and how they longed to hold the belts again.

"It feels good being the best team on ICON TV, but it would be nice before the T.W.O. closes it's doors to prove that we are the best in both brands," PAB said. To which DMS replied, "Viva Dell Rasa!!!"

When asked which brand they felt was better, PAB answered, "ICON TV of course! It's the home of the Acronyms!"
Tag Team Championships
Law & Order vs. Trash Wrassla's
The Trash Wrassla's again stumbled their way to the ring where they defended their straps against the veteran team of Law & Order. After a less-than-worthy attempt at the belts Law & Order laid down for the double-pinfall.

Winners:  Trash Wrassla's
T.W.O. CEO Paramecium congratulated 'Cunning' Chris (they are real-life brothers) on his victory earlier tonight against two men. Chris bragged that he was the best Lightheavyweight Champion in T.W.O. history and Paramecium agreed, saying that it seems as though Chris has defeated everyone put in front of him.

So who was left worthy enough to challenge for the belt? Paramecium decided there was only one way to decide a true number one contender... with a Lightheavyweight Battle-Royal next week. The winner would be declared No. 1 Contender at Chris' belt.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Lestat  vs.  Allen Vector
Lestat challenged the man who defeated him 6 months ago for the HaRdCoRe Championship, Allen Vector. The match was hellacious and both men had several nearfalls. In the end, the Champion once again retained the gold.

Winner:  Allen Vector
[Via Satellite]
In our first (and probably only) Via Satellite broadcast, Arachnid made an unexpected announcement. He said that his recovery has been going well and even though he isn't 100% he is going to go against doctor's orders and compete next week at Dangerzone 99. His opponent will be none-other-than his brother (the person who injured him a couple months back) and current HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector.
Return Match
Paramecium  vs.  Lazaroth
There was a deafening silence as Lazaroth walked to the ring to face the CEO. Some fans were even seen pinching themselves at ringside. Both men wanted a clear cut winner for the record books, and they got one... in Paramecium.

Winner:  Paramecium
ICON TV Chairman Scott Thunder watched on a monitor and clapped for his Dangerzone counterpart. As the camera moved in closer, Thunder could be heard whispering under his breath, "Paramecium shocks the World by bringing back a member of the Dominion. Next week I'll do him one better... by bringing back two members of the Dominion..."

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