T.W.O. Show Results - ICON TV 4
ICON TV brand chairman and World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Thunder came out to the ring. Thunder promised this would be a pay-per-view worthy night.

He announced that as promised, he would bring 2 former Dominion members back to active competition tonight. Raging Randy and Hades would return to face the uncrowned tag champions of ICON TV, The Acronyms (P.A.B. & D.M.S.).

Thunder also announced that Missy Maniac would again defend her Women's Championship against 3 challengers. Stratus would face Kamikaze in the "Battle-of-the-Big-Men." And yes, Thunder would finally defend the World Title against Stryknieghn.

All this and more on tonight's ICON TV 4!
Jobber Championship
Zygoplath  vs.  Narc
Our opening contest saw Zygoplath challenge for the Jobber Championship w/ his partner Superbman at ringside. At one point, Narc almost had Zygoplath beat. If it weren't for Superbman's help, Zygoplath might have lost... er, I mean... "won" the Jobber Championship.

Winner:  Zygoplath
Korpral talked to Army Dudette backstage and told him/her that he (Korpral) would support him/her in any match that he/she wished to be in. But added that he (Korpral) would like to see Dudette return to his/her old ways and became a male again.

Dudette looked Korpral in the eyes and said "with the surgery I had, there is no returning to my former self." He/she then added, "but I did enjoy being your partner again last week and I hope you will root for me as I attempt to win the Women's Championship."

"I'll be watching on the monitor," said Korpral as Dudette walked out of the dressing room. After he/she left, Korpral kicked the monitor and it went crashing to the floor.
4-Way Women's Championship
Dudette  vs.  Tsunami  vs.
Jade  vs.  Missy Maniac
Missy Maniac once again defended the belt against 3 challengers and all hell broke loose. There was hair pulling, scratching, screaming, and that was just from Army Dudette. The only other female in this match to ever hold the belt was Jade and had it not been for the other participants she might have won it again. In the end, Missy again proved her worth.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
Lazaroth, the former Dominion leader who returned last week at Dangerzone 98, was seen talking to reporters. From a distance he heard the question, "if you ever stepped in the ring with former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde who would win?"

Lazaroth answered, "I really don't think that's a fair question, I've never met the guy before, but all I can say about the Hell's Faction is that they were just Dominion wannabes."

Suddenly a figure approached from the shadows and clobbered Lazaroth with a pipe.
"If you have the guts, let's see who is the wannabe next week at Dangerzone 99!"

The figure was Sinsyde and if he gets his way, the two former faction leaders will compete one-on-one next week at Dangerzone 99. Tune in to find out what happens!
Billy HaRdCoRe  vs.  Skarekro
Our next match was a sleeper match. Not that it was boring but in fact the complete opposite. Both men who haven't had the best of luck in recent weeks really brought out their competitiveness in what can only be described as a brawl.

Winner:  Billy HaRdCoRe
This week's guests on The Exclusive were none-other-than former Tag Team Champions and backstage legends Crack-Edd and Arabian Pimpman (Supply & Demand).

Both men boasted of how they were already established stars in the T.W.O. before becoming a duo and how their partnership was the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Not only because they make a lot of money together but also because of their success in the ring. Winning 2 tag team championships and holding other accolades.

Arabian Pimpman has had one of the longest careers of any T.W.O. Superstar starting all the way back at our very first show in 1997. Back then he was known as The Arabian Rainman but he changed to Arabian Pimpman in 1999 around the same time Crack-Edd made his debut.

Crack-Edd's greatest accomplishment as a singles star came in 2002 when he won his 100th consecutive singles victory.

Together they defeated Hell's Faction for the Tag Titles at Dangerzone 54. A victory Pimpman calls "the highlight of my career." The Faction was a hated group which dominated tag team wrestling for a while because they had 4 partners who were always helping each other win matches.

"It took a special team for 2 guys like us to defeat a foursome like that," added Crack-Edd. They would later lose the belts to Law & Order only to win them back by pinning Law & Order in a triangle tag match.

Even when they don't have a match on the card, Supply & Demand have made their presence known backstage. A place they are always welcome and very popular.

"For the right fee we provide the right service," said Arabian Pimpman.
"And quality is always guaranteed," added Crack-Edd.

Next week at Dangerzone 99, Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd will step in the ring once again to challenge for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

On their opponents, "The Trash Wrassla's will be worthy competitors, but we have the advantage in experience," said Pimpman.

If they win the belts, Supply & Demand will defend them proudly for the few remaining weeks left in the T.W.O. If they lose, they promise to never step foot in the ring again. "We still plan to stick around backstage but we have no interest in competing if it's not with the belts around our waist."

Tune in next week to Dangerzone 99 when Supply & Demand challenge for the belts in what could be their last match...
Kamikaze  vs.  Stratus
These two big men have never stepped in the ring before but if they had it probably would have headlined pay-per-views. Instead we saw it for free on Scott Thunder's ICON TV. Both men were incredible but only one could win and his name was Stratus.

Winner:  Stratus
Army Dudette returned to his/her dressing room and saw that the monitor had been smashed. Furthermore he/she looked around and saw that Korpral was gone. He/she then saw a note laying on the table.

It read, "you are a disgrace, not only to the uniform, but to men everywhere. And next week I will show you what it means to be a real man when I kick your ass all over ICON TV - Signed Korpral."
Double-Return Match
Acronyms  vs.  Randy & Hades
In a huge return match, 2 former Dominion members Raging Randy and Hades competed for the first time in years against The Acronyms in tag action. Many have wondered what would happen if The Acronyms ever stepped in the ring with the Dominion and we found out first hand at ICON TV 4.

Winners:  The Acronyms
Paramecium was seen backstage handing out invitations to the "lighter" members of ICON TV. Paramecium announced that next week at Dangerzone 99 he would be holding a Lightheavyweight Battle Royal and anybody who qualified as a lightheavyweight was invited to participate, regardless of their brand affiliation.
World Heavyweight Championship
Stryknieghn  vs.  Scott Thunder
Our main event was a rematch from Payback 3. Former World Champ Stryknieghn put on one hell of a match as he knew this would be his last shot at the World Title but it wasn't enough to dethrone an ICON in Scott Thunder.

Winner:  Scott Thunder

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