T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 99
T.W.O. Dangerzone brand chairman and CEO Paramecium came out to the ring.

Paramecium welcomed all to Dangerzone 99 as tonight would surely be an historic night. Supply & Demand will challenge for the Tag Team Championships in what could be their last match. Arachnid will return from the injured list to challenge his brother Allen Vector for the HaRdCoRe Title. Former Dominion leader Lazaroth will face former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde. 16 lightheavyweights will compete for a shot at 'Cunning' Chris' Lightheavyweight Championship. And Paramecium & Scott Thunder will sign the contract for the main event of Extravaganza 5. All this and much more...
Tag Team Championships
Supply & Demand
vs.  Trash Wrassla's
When it was all said and done, the current champs (The Trash Wrassla's) had retained the belts. As Supply & Demand said goodbye to the fans, law enforcement officials entered the ring and arrested the beloved duo. Apparently Law & Order had tipped off the FBI and Arabian Pimpman & Crack-Edd will be will going away for a long time.

Winners:  Trash Wrassla's
The FBI led Supply & Demand through the backstage area as all the superstars stood bye taking one last look at the popular duo. Arabian Pimpman & Crack-Edd were then loaded into the back of a car and driven off. Never to be seen or heard from again.
Spaz  vs.  Druid
Two of Dangerzone's most prized singles stars competed in a fierce contest. It appeared as though Druid had the match won when another hooded figure interfered and cost him the match. This figure then revealed himself to be... Cadavor!!!

Winner:  Spaz
Lazaroth was visited in his dressing room by Raging Randy and Hades. They were happy to see their former Dominion leader again, but he was not happy to see them.

Lazaroth told them he was disappointed in their match last week (ICON TV 4) and that he didn't want to see them again until they got their act together.

With their feelings hurt they turned around and left the room, but not before telling Lazaroth to break a leg in his match tonight against Sinsyde.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Arachnid  vs.  Allen Vector
Nobody knows HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector better than his own flesh-and-blood, that is why the returning Arachnid made a great challenger for Vector's belt. However, just as others have challenged and lost, so too did Arachnid. Vector once again proved his worth as Champion.

Winner:  Allen Vector
This week's guest on The Exclusive was the big man Stratus. He talked about his debut (1998), his stint w/ the Dominion (1999), his HaRdCoRe Title run (2000) and his World Title run (2002) and why he has returned to ICON TV.

Then Stratus began boasting about how much better the superstars were on ICON TV. He poked fun at Arachnid a man who returned to action moments ago and lost the match. "Who's ever heard of someone making a big return and losing the match? I returned a couple weeks back and destroyed my opponent!"

Stratus then went on to talk about how Arachnid has always been a loser, even when he (Stratus) kicked his ass at Extravaganza 3. "Many people talked about how close the match was, but I didn't think it was that close. He barely lifted a finger to me as I kicked his ass all over Extravaganza 3."

Suddenly, Arachnid came out to the ring, following by some security personnel. Arachnid and Stratus tried to fight but were held back. "Look at this pansy, can't even come to the ring alone. He has to bring backup," Stratus said.

"Put your fat-ass where your big mouth is. You think you're so tough? Challenge me to a match." Arachnid replied.

"Fine, I challenge. When do we fight?"

"How about tonight?"

"But I'm not part of the Dangerzone roster."

"Sounds to me like you're making excuses."

"Stratus doesn't make excuses. I'll see you in the ring later tonight."
Sinsyde  vs.  Lazaroth
It was a match we thought we'd never see. Former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde vs. former Dominion leader Lazaroth. Surprisingly nobody interfered and both men where able to fight until a decisive victory was reached. And the victor was Lazaroth.

Winner:  Lazaroth
The Druid stormed through the backstage, throwing things around and assaulting anyone who got in his way. "Where is he? Where is Cadavor?!"

Then Druid came across Scott Thunder. "Touch me and I'll kill you," Thunder said.

"Where is he? Where is Cadavor?"

"I'm not sure but I heard he took off. He's probably out of town by now."

As a man was starting his car The Druid opened the door, threw the man out, got in and sped off.
Stratus  vs.  Arachnid
Competing for the second time tonight, Arachnid defended his honor against a former enemy in Stratus. Both men brought a truckload of intensity to the match but the larger and less fatigued man won out in the end.

Winner:  Stratus
'Cunning' Chris remarked in an interview that he didn't care who won the Lightheavyweight Battle Royal tonight, he would defeat them just as easily as he's defeated everyone else who's challenged for his belt.
Lightheavyweight Battle Royal
Barrett, Blaze, Chiko, Dellico, Enforcer, Lamirda, Narc, Natas, Nympho, P.A.B., Rain, Randy, Re-Enforcer, Skavenger, Superbman, & Zombie
Fans wanted the heads of Law & Order who had caused the arrest of Supply & Demand earlier tonight. Instead they had to settle for an elimination. The elimination came when their former partner Narc aided The Acronyms (P.A.B. & D.M.S.) in throwing them over. Then The Acronyms threw Narc over and only P.A.B. & D.M.S. were left in the ring. They stared each other down for a moment before P.A.B. willingly stepped over the ropes allowing his friend to receive the shot at Dangerzone 100.

Winner:  Dellico "D.M.S."
Scott Thunder congratulated ICON TV Superstars, The Acronyms on an impressive showing as he walked to the ring. Thunder announced that not only would Dellico receive a Lightheavyweight shot in an interpromotional match at Dangerzone 100 but that he had secured an interpromotional Tag Team Championship title defense for ICON TV 5 so that the "uncrowned tag champs" of ICON TV could face the Tag Team Champions of Dangerzone. Only then will we know which brand has the best team.

The ring area was cleared as Paramecium entered and met Scott Thunder for the Extravaganza 5 contract signing. Before they signed the contract it was announced that Extravaganza 5 would be an entirely interpromotional event and members of ICON TV and Dangerzone would battle each other to find out which brand had the better roster.

Then in the main event, we will see Scott Thunder defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Paramecium in a best 2 of 3 falls match!

Paramecium signed the contract first then handed it to Thunder. But Thunder hesitated. "What are you waiting for?" Paramecium asked. "Sign the damn thing!"

"Hold your horses. I have something I want to discuss first."


"Our rosters. You think your roster is better right?"

"You're damn right the Dangerzone roster is better. Why?"

"Didn't anyone tell you? I have a secret weapon on ICON TV. A new guy."


"Let me introduce you."

Suddenly Cadavor jumped out from the crowd and attacked Paramecium from behind.

As Paramecium lay bloody in the ring. Scott Thunder signed the contract boasting, "Cadavor is just what I need to tip the scales in my favor at Extravaganza 5! And he's joining me next week on ICON TV. I hope you get the chance to stop by."

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