T.W.O. Show Results - ICON TV 5
ICON TV Chairman and World Heavyweight Champion Scott Thunder came out to the ring and welcomed all to ICON TV 5, the final installment of the brand extension.

Thunder announced that last week he had signed a last minute addition to the ICON TV roster and his name was Cadavor. Tonight Cadavor will return to active competition against doctors orders to challenge Thunder for the World Title, in what will surely be the biggest main event in the history of both T.W.O. brands.

Also tonight, the HaRdCoRe Championship and Tag Team Championships (usually reserved for the Dangerzone brand) will be contested at ICON TV 5!
Billy  vs.  Stryknieghn  vs.
John Cynic  vs.  Skarekro
Tonight, Billy HaRdCoRe, Stryknieghn, John Cynic & Skarekro competed in a hellacious 4-Way-Match to see which ICON TV Superstar was the most dominant. Once and for all, Stryknieghn proved himself as the superior athlete and demanded respect from Scott Thunder and Paramecium.

Winner:  Stryknieghn
As Stratus was talking to a fan backstage, he was approached by a familiar face.

HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector asked the big man why he seemingly felt so good about beating up on Arachnid last week, a man who had just returned from the injured list. Stratus said that he not only enjoyed it... he lived for moments like that.

"How would you feel if I told you that Arachnid was my brother?" Vector asked.

"I would feel exactly the same." Stratus replied.

"And what would you say if I told you that I was determined to make you pay tonight?"

"I would say 'bring it on,' I'd like a shot at regaining the HaRdCoRe belt."

"I'll see you later tonight. Oh, by the way. I hear your brother Rain isn't doing to well. Someone said something about him falling down the stairs. But I wouldn't know any details... I was nowhere around at the time."

Hearing these words Stratus was in shock and took off to visit the resident physical therapist. The camera looked back at Vector, who couldn't help but smile.
Korpral  vs.  Army Dudette
For months, Korpral has been trying to come to terms with the lifestyle decisions of Army Dudette. Tonight, Korpral decided he'd had enough and wanted to show the World just what he thought of Dudette. This match was hard to watch as the beloved Dudette was taken to the woodshed.

Winner:  Korpral
A car pulled into the parking lot and Arachnid walked out. His brother Allen Vector joined him as they began laughing about something.

Suddenly, Stratus appeared. "My brother didn't fall down any stairs."

"That's right," Vector said, "but just think how pissed you'd be if he had. Especially if you thought someone pushed him. Well, that's how I felt last week when you attacked by brother. We haven't always been on the same side of the ring but we've always looked out for each other, and tonight I'm going to win my match. Not for me, but for him."
Women's Free-For-All
Sugar Kooky  vs.  Ginger  vs.
Jade  vs.  Tsunami  vs.  Nikki
Our next contest saw 5 of the greatest female competitors in the history of the T.W.O. compete in an elimination style match. First to be eliminated were Tsunami, Nikki, then Ginger. Finally it was down to Sugar Kooky & Jade. The winner would be deemed No. 1 contender for the Women's Title. In the end, former Women's Champ Jade made the cut.

Winner:  Jade
This week's guests on the Exclusive were Raging Randy & Hades. They talked of their days in the Dominion (1999), Randy's attempt at forming a second Dominion (2001) and their return at ICON TV 4 (2004).

Suddenly, Lazaroth (former Dominion leader) made his presence known. Lazaroth told his former partners that they were a disgrace to the Dominion and that without his guidance they were nothing.

It was then that Raging Randy & Hades announced they had already begun work on forming a "Team ICON TV" which they would lead into battle next week at Dangerzone 100! against "Team Dangerzone."

It has already been decided that the Dangerzone brand team will be headed up by Lazaroth. So only then (at Dangerzone 100!) will we learn which former Dominion members will have the last laugh, as they lead their respective armys into battle.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Stratus  vs.  Allen Vector
For the better part of a year, Allen Vector has dominated the HaRdCoRe Division. Tonight, a former HaRdCoRe Champion (Stratus) stepped in the ring with Vector for the first, last, and only time. It was a classic encounter which saw Vector retain the gold, giving Stratus his first defeat since his return.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Mr. Malicious and Paramecium talked about how successful the brand split had been for the T.W.O. even though Malicious was no longer part of the Board of Commissioners.

"Come with me," Malicious said, "I have something I want to show you."

Malicious led Paramecium into an unmarked room where they saw Scott Thunder sitting at a desk. "What the hell are you 2 doing here?" Thunder yelled.

"I have something for the 2 of you," Malicious answered as he signaled his assistant. The assistant brought in 2 lottery baskets with several pieces of paper inside.

Malicious explained that even thought the Board had no official authority, they suggested it would be a good idea for Paramecium & Thunder to each pick a piece of paper, at random, from the lottery baskets. Each piece of paper contained the name of a Superstar from the opposing brand.

With one pick for each brand, Paramecium & Thunder would then make an even swap. Even though they didn't have to agree, the chairmen did anyway, just because they thought it might be interesting.

Scott Thunder picked Sinsyde as the newest addition to the ICON TV brand and Paramecium picked Kamikaze as the newest addition to the Dangerzone brand.
Tag Team Championships
Acronyms  vs.  Trash Wrassla's
The Acronyms have been called the "Uncrowned Tag Champions of ICON TV." Tonight, they had the opportunity to challenge the real Champions for the belts. Though they put forth a valiant effort, The Acronyms were unable to regain the belts.

Winners:  The Trash Wrassla's
Stryknieghn approached Paramecium backstage and demanded that he be given a worthy opponent at Dangerzone 100! Paramecium agreed saying that he'd already had an opponent picked out.

"Do you remember who you defeated a year ago in the World Title Tournament? In case you've forgotten, I'll give you a hint. He's the current HaRdCoRe Champion."

"You don't mean?"

"That's right. He hasn't lost a match since that night he lost to you. In my eyes, you are the only person left in the T.W.O. who is deserving of a shot. That is why at Dangerzone 100! You (Stryknieghn) will face Allen Vector for the HaRdCoRe Championship!!!"
World Heavyweight Championship
Cadavor  vs.  Scott Thunder
In our main event, Cadavor returned from the injured list, against doctors orders, to challenge World Heavyweight Champion Scott Thunder. What started off as a classic encounter turned sour when The Druid attacked Cadavor behind the referee's back. Helping Thunder retain the gold.

Winner:  Scott Thunder
Afterward, Cadavor blamed Thunder for the bogus ending saying that he (Thunder) had doublecrossed him. But Thunder denied the allegations saying that he would never betray the trust of a fellow Superstar.

Suddenly, a ringside monitor showed The Druid walking up to someone backstage. The camera panned around to show that the other person was indeed Paramecium (the chairman of the Dangerzone brand).

Then Paramecium spoke, "Last week Thunder, you and I signed a contract for Extravaganza 5. Tonight I made sure that you retained the World Heavyweight Championship because when I face you at Extravaganza 5, I want the belt on the line!"

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