T.W.O. Show Results - Extravaganza 5 - Results
Kamikaze  vs.  Sinsyde
Kamikaze and Sinsyde rejoined the T.W.O. only a few weeks back for one last run. They broke all the rules in this match and the referee let it go. This match set the stage for what we would see later in the night. Kamikaze won the fall for Dangerzone.

Winner:  Kamikaze
Dangerzone - 1    ICON TV - 0

Lestat  vs.  Stratus
Lestat and Stratus also rejoined a couple weeks back for one last run. These 2 actually have a little history. Lestat temporarily injured Stratus in 2000. Tonight they rekindled their hatred for each other and put on one last match. Stratus won the match for ICON TV.

Winner:  Stratus
Dangerzone - 1    ICON TV - 1
Lazaroth  vs.  Hades
Former Dominion Leader (1999) Lazaroth and his former partner Hades stepped in the ring for this long awaited showdown. They fought at an undisclosed location and weren't afraid to take the action outside of the ring. Lazaroth silenced his former partner.

Winner:  Lazaroth
Dangerzone - 2    ICON TV - 1
Handicapped Match
Arachnid  vs.  Natas & Blaze
In a bold move, Arachnid fought 2 members of ICON TV (Natas & Blaze) in a handicapped match. Don't let his "friendly" demeanor fool you (jk) Arachnid is one sadistic motha and this match proved it. He defeated both men bringing Dangerzone to an impressive 3-to-1 lead.

Winner:  Arachnid
Dangerzone - 3    ICON TV - 1
Ceiling Tile / Restraint Match
Wrestling Enforcer  vs.  P.A.B.
Two of the longest running members of T.W.O. Entertainment, Enforcer pulled P.A.B. over for speeding at our last PPV. Tonight P.A.B. gained a measure of revenge against the law enforcement community for several years of tickets in this Ceiling Tile / Restraint Match.

Winner:  P.A.B.
Dangerzone - 3    ICON TV - 2
Jobber Championship
Mystery Opponent  vs.  Narc
For the past year, Narc has been defending the Jobber Championship against the worst the T.W.O. has to offer and has remained Champion. Tonight he fought his mystery opponent, the cameraman (who continued to operate the camera during the match) and still couldn't win.

Winner:  The Cameraman
Dangerzone - 4    ICON TV - 2
Rain's Den Match
Rain  vs.  Raging Randy
Raging Randy may look like a hippie-burnout but trust us... he is.
Still, he was able to defeat Rain on his own territory... The Rain's Den.
Like, woah.
Either Randy is better than we thought... or Rain is like...
worse than we thought.

Winner:  Raging Randy
Dangerzone - 4    ICON TV - 3
Zombie  vs.  Korpral
Our next match saw 2 promising young talents compete against each other for the first and last time. They have both been with us for under a year and have already proven themselves as T.W.O. Superstars. Korpral won the match, tying things up for ICON TV.

Winner:  Korpral
Dangerzone - 4    ICON TV - 4
Spaz  vs.  Novice
At our last PPV Novice cost Spaz his chance at the Tag Team Titles, even though Spaz claimed he could win the belts singlehandedly. Tonight, Spaz tortured Novice with a series of high impact maneuvers and put Dangerzone back in the lead w/ another victory.

Winner:  Spaz
Dangerzone - 5    ICON TV - 4
Lightheavyweight Championship
Chris  vs.  Missy Maniac
Having held the Lightheavyweight belt since Extravaganza 5, Chris has defended it against all challengers. Having held the Women's Belt for equally as long, Missy has had the same success in her division. Tonight, in their first and only clash, Missy defeated Chris and retired both belts.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
Dangerzone - 5    ICON TV - 5
Druid  vs.  Cadavor
Since Cadavor's injury last year, The Druid has taken his place as the dominant "dead man" in the T.W.O. Tonight, Cadavor stepped in the ring against doctors orders and defeated The Druid in a truly hellacious match. Bringing ICON TV to a 6-to-5 lead.

Winner:  Cadavor
Dangerzone - 5   ICON TV - 6
HaRdCoRe Championship War!!!
Mr. Malicious vs. Zombie vs. Spaz
vs. Allen Vector vs. Stryknieghn
vs. Korpral vs. John Cynic
In our next match HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector defended the belt against 6 challengers in an elimination style Match. Including 3 challengers from Dangerzone and 3 challengers from ICON TV. Here are the eliminations:

Vector def. Korpral
Cynic def. Zombie
Stryknieghn def. Mr. Malicious
Spaz def. John Cynic
Then it was down to three men.  Spaz & Allen Vector, both members of Dangerzone and Stryknieghn of ICON TV. Stryknieghn, a former HaRdCoRe & World Heavyweight Champion himself, was the favorite to win this match for ICON TV but Spaz & Vector began working together.

Spaz & Vector's joint efforts proved too much for Stryknieghn and they defeated him with a double-pin. With Stryknieghn gone we were guaranteed to have a Dangerzone victory, tying the brands at 6-6.

Allen Vector & Spaz have a long history of hatred since their respective debut's in 2000. Tonight as the last remaining members of this HaRdCoRe War we knew we'd see the culmination of their feud.

After an intense battle which lasted several minutes, Allen Vector defeated Spaz to retain and retire the HaRdCoRe Championship as the longest reining HaRdCoRe Champion in T.W.O. history.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Dangerzone - 6    ICON TV - 6
World Heavyweight Championship
Paramecium  vs.  Scott Thunder
With both brands tied it was up to the Chairmen of each brand to prove which brand was better. At the same time the winner of this match would retire the World Heavyweight Championship and end the 7 year feud between the T.W.O.'s 2 most successful Superstars. This 2/3 Falls Match was destined to be the main event of our final PPV and it didn't disappoint.

Fall 1 of 3 - No DQ / Falls Count Anywhere
The action could not be contained in the ring as both men pulled out all the stops to gain that pivotal first fall. After several near-falls on both sides, Paramecium caught Scott Thunder off-guard by playing possum. When Thunder got close enough, Paramecium superkicked a chair into Thunder's face and gained the pin.
Winner (Fall 1):  Paramecium
Dangerzone - 7    ICON TV - 6

Fall 2 of 3 - Submission Fall
After gaining the psychological and numbers advantage, Paramecium began showing a side of himself we rarely ever see. His technical side. Paramecium put on a great hold-for-hold contest but he was no match for the technical wizardry of the T.W.O.'s best submission wrestler. Trapped in the figure four and knowing there was no escape, Paramecium tapped out, with the hopes that he still had enough left in him to win the third fall.

Winner (Fall 2):  Scott Thunder
Dangerzone - 7    ICON TV - 7

Fall 3 of 3 - TKO Fall
After gaining a second wind, Paramecium came back with some impressive maneuvers and Scott Thunder showcased his truly dark side.

Both men fought the most intense and violent matchup of their careers.

After intense punishment including:  being busted open, powerbombed onto barbed-wire chairs, and hit with a Wrestlemania chair (yes, an actual chair from Wrestlemania) Paramecium was unable to answer the 10-count.

The CEO of T.W.O. Entertainment, the man who started it all in 1997, had been defeated by his arch rival Scott Thunder and ICON TV had been declared the premium brand in all of backyard wrestling.

It was an amazing turn of events which proved that over the past 7 years, anything can and has happened in the T.W.O.!!!

Winner (Fall 3):  Scott Thunder
Dangerzone - 7    ICON TV - 8

After the match, a bloody and unconscious Paramecium was rolled over about to be carried out of the backyard when Scott Thunder walked up to him. Picked him up and helped him walk his way out of the T.W.O. and into backyard wrestling history.

Even after all the punishment he'd dished out, Scott Thunder had given Paramecium an honorable defeat and (at the same time) proven himself as the rightful man to retire the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winning Brand: