T.W.O. Show Results - Extravaganza 5 - Pictures
Raging Randy dances his way into the Rain's Den.

After handcuffing Enforcer to the fence and winning the match
P.A.B. tells Enforcer to stop whining w/ a swift kick to the back .

The announcer introduces the cameraman as Narc's mystery opponent.
The cameraman throws Narc into the ladder.

The cameraman puts the boots and the camera to Narc.

Zombie gives Korpral a stunner. Korpral comes back with a viscous powerbomb to win the match.

Spaz delivers suplex. Spaz rock-bottoms Novice through the same makeshift table.

Missy Maniac comes back with an impressive bulldog off the fence.

By winning the match, Missy became the first, last & only  female to hold the Lightheavyweight Belt.

She is also the longest running T.W.O. Women's Champion.

And the only female to hold both the Lightheavyweight & Women's Championships simultaneously.

And because this is our final event, she will retire both belts.

The Druid delivers a brutal legdrop.

The Druid launches the trash can into Cadavor's face!

HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector makes a HaRdCoRe.

John Cynic w/ a vicious DDT on the HaRdCoRe Champ!
Spaz leaps off the chair to deliver a boot to the chest of John Cynic.

Vector and Spaz work together to eliminate Stryknieghn.

Vector dropped Spaz w/ yet another fireman's carry to win the match.

Paramecium & Thunder ready for the fight of their lives.

Thunder sends Paramecium face-first into the belt.

Paramecium with an even bigger legdrop off the fence
almost decapitates Thunder!!!

Thunder slams Paramecium onto a barbed wire chair!

Paramecium playing possum jumped off the seat and superkicked Thunder's steel chair back into his face!
With that Paramecium was able to gain the first fall.

Thunder decalers "you're going to need this after I'm done with you!" Then smashed Paramecium's face into the sign!

Paramecium taps to the figure four. Scott Thunder wins the second fall.

After a brief rest period, Paramecium was able to get the feeling
back in his legs. And he mustered enough strength to jump off
a chair and deliver a vicious kick to Scott Thunder.

Scott Thunder came back with the biggest barbed wire bat
we have ever seen and turned Paramecium into swish cheese.

Thunder seats Paramecium on a barbed wire throne!

And drives a barbed wire crown into Paramecium's skull!

Thunder drives the barbed wire crown even further into Paramecium's skull with a steel trash can!!!
At this point, Paramecium began bleeding profusely.

Paramecium comes back to perform a death-defying swanton
off the ladder, driving Thunder through a table.
The move backfires however,
as Paramecium lands on a barbed wire chair!

Paramecium then set up a barbed wire makeshift table from hell
and attempted to powerbomb Thunder onto it...
But Thunder reversed and back-body-dropped Paramecium onto it !!!

Everyone in attendance cringed as Paramecium screamed in pain!

After a 9-and-a-half count, Paramecium got back on his feet
before Thunder cracked him in the head with a Wrestlemania chair.

Scott Thunder declares himself the four (4) time world champion.

Thunder then picked Paramecium up and walked him out of the backyard.

Fade to black.

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