T.W.O. Show Results - T.W.O. Presents - Redemption 2003 - Results

Our opening contest saw Army Dude challenge Narc for the T.W.O. Jobber Championship. When Dude brought a plunger to the ring, and Narc brought a toilet seat, we knew we were going to see something entertaining. Both men deserved to lose this match, but it was the outside interference from Crack-Edd that caused Narc to retain the title. But why did Crack-Edd interfere?

Winner:  Army Dude (Narc is still Jobber Champ.)

Zombie made his official debut when he took on John Cynic. According to prematch stipulations, if Zombie won, Cynic would be forced to give Zombie his soul. Fortunately for Cynic that was not the case. This match was close, with several nearfall's on both sides. But in the end it was the use of a foreign weapon (an ax) that won the match for Cynic and preserved his soul.

Winner:  John Cynic
In a memorable 4-way dance, 'Cunning' Chris successfully defended the Lightheavyweight Championship against Zygoplath, The Druid and Women's Champion Missy Maniac. This elimination/tables match saw all three challengers put through makeshift tables with Chris gaining the final pinfall on the mysterious Druid.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
In his greatest title defense to-date, Allen Vector successfully defended the HaRdCoRe Belt against his brother Arachnid. The match was brutal, with weapons and makeshift tables galore. Though Vector came away relatively unscathed, his brother did not. According to initial doctors reports, Arachnid could be out of action for the remainder of our final season.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Paramecium & Scott Thunder entered our semi-annual Belt-in-the-Tree Match with no question that they would retain their Tag Team Championships. But as the match wore on, it appeared as though they had underestimated their challengers. In probably the biggest upset in the history of backyard wrestling, the Champions lost their coveted gold in the match they made famous.

Winners:  Jim Bob & Billy Bob (Trash Wrassla's)
Our unsanctioned main event turned out to be even more explosive than the HaRdCoRe Championship match earlier on. Spaz & Stryknieghn tore into each other like never before as they competed for the biggest prize in the sport. In the end, it was the champion who powerbombed the challenger through the hellatious supertable at ringside, gaining the pinfall victory.

Winner:  Stryknieghn