T.W.O. Show Results - T.W.O. Presents - Redemption 2003 - Pictures
A double powerbomb was thwarted when Missy and Chris countered into double frankenstainers
followed by two running body splashes.

The Druid jumped off a chair at Missy, but she moved and the Druid crashed through the table instead.
The fun was over for Missy as Zygoplath powerbombed her through a table.

Chris leaps at The Druid and both go through a makeshift table.

Druid attempted to crush the champion but Chris moved and Druid went through the table.

Our HaRdCoRe competitors wasted no time starting the match.

Vector suplexes Arachnid onto a ladder!

Arachnid leaps over the fence, landing right on his brother's chest.

Vector performs the firemen's carry, slamming his brother through a table.

Vector jumps off a chair onto his brother, landing right on Arachnid's face and chest to retain.

Tag Team challengers Jim Bob & Billy Bob entered with pyrotechnics.

Tag Team Champion Scott Thunder suplex slams Jim Bob at ringside.

Paramecium frog splashes both Trash Wrassla's simultaneously.

A winded Scott Thunder slowly makes his way up the tree,
while Jim Bob chokes out Paramecium with Thunder's Singapore Cain.

Jim Bob climbs the tree after Thunder and pushes the Champion to the ground.   
Jim Bob grabs the belts winning the match and dethroning the Tag Champions.