T.W.O. Show Results - T.W.O. Presents - Rage Party 2003 - Results

It was at our last PPV that Zygoplath & The Druid challenged for the Lightheavyweight Championship. They both lost. Since then, they have been getting on each other's nerves every chance they get. Tonight they competed in a bizarre opening contest which culminated with them both attacking a female referee and giving her a double chokeslam.

Winner:  Double DQ
For weeks, Law & Order and Supply & Demand have been at each other's throats. It all began w/ Narc spreading rumors about Crack-Edd & Arabian Pimpman backstage. After several malays, (often 3-on-2) Law & Order member Wrestling Re-Enforcer suffered a broken ankle. This brought tonight's tag team attraction to an even 2-on-2. In the end, Supply & Demand gained a measure of revenge, besting Narc & Wrestling Enforcer.
Winners:  Supply & Demand
Army Dude & Korpral new each other in bootcamp. Korpral went on to serve 4 years in the military while Army Dude was discharged for homo suspicion. After being re-united a couple weeks back, it was discovered that Korpral is the one who caused Army Dude's discharge. Tonight they competed in a Bootcamp Match, w/ newcomer Korpral coming out victorious.

Winner:  Korpral
After Arachnid's loss at our last PPV, he decided to endorce HaRdCoRe contender John Cynic, and campained for Cynic to receive a title shot at Arachnid's brother Allen Vector. Vector unexpectedly walked out on the T.W.O. only to return last week. To find out who the true HaRdCoRe Champion was, Allen Vector fought and defeated John Cynic in a brutal match at Rage Party '03.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Ever since his World Title loss at last month's PPV, Spaz has desired a rematch. He got one at Dangerzone 87, but with Scott Thunder as guest referee. When Spaz began fighting with the guest referee, it became apparent that he would not win the title. Tonight, Spaz & Scott Thunder competed for Number 1 contendership at our next PPV, and Scott won.

Winner:  Scott Thunder
Paramecium & Stryknieghn put on one hell of a main event inside the steal structure and used chairs, florescent lightbulbs, makeshift tables, florescent lighbulbs, ladders, and florescent lightbulbs to beat the crap out of each other. The match was so brutal that police and paramedics were called. After 15 minutes of intence competition, Paramecium was incapacitated and Stryknieghn escaped the cage to retain the gold.
Winner:  Stryknieghn
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