T.W.O. Show Results - T.W.O. Presents - Rage Party 2003 - Pictures
Zygoplath & The Druid battle with foreign objects before dropping the ref through a table.

After a double DQ they gave each other a celebratory smooch!

Army Dude was ready for the Bootcamp Match. The Dude brought with him some
foliage for natural camouflage. He can be seen here dancing before the match began
and then attacking Korpral with branch.

Korpral caught Army Dude in the air with a diamond cutter for the win.

HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector starts off strong by cracking challenger John
Cynic in the head with metal sheets. Cynic returns the favor.

Fireworks are set off atop a makeshift table. "All the better for me to slam you onto."
Cynic drops the HaRdCoRe Champion on a "flaming" table.

Face meets metal, when Vector slams Cynic's face into a propped up ladder.

Allen Vector finishes off John Cynic with a fireman's carry,
dropping the challenger head-first on a steal chair.

Spaz sent Thunder crashing into a ringside structure.
Scott Thunder returned the favor, launching Spaz into a makeshift wall.

When the figure four doesn't work, Thunder finishes Spaz off with a piledriver for the win.

Following the pinfall, Spaz attacked Scott Thunder and threw him over the fence.

Paramecium performs a death-defying body splash from atop the cage.

Stryknieghn then cracked Paramecium with a Singapore Cain
and proceeded to choke out the challenger.

Paramecium smashes a florescent lightbulb over Stryknieghn's back.

Then 2 police cars and an ambulance arrived on the scene!
Stryknieghn powerbombs Paramecium through a makeshift table.

Stryknieghn then grabbed Paramecium's own chain and used it to tie him to the fence.

With the challenger in restrains, the Champion was able to escape the cage.

There he is met by number 1 contender Scott Thunder, who tells the Champion
to enjoy his reign as World Champion while he can, because next month at
Payback's a B*tch, he will be defending that belt against
the ICON of backyard wrestling, Scott Thunder.

Then when Stryknieghn turned his back to get in his car--
Scott Thunder attacked him with the Singapore Cain.