T.W.O. Show Results - Scott Thunder Presents - Payback 3 - Results
Scott Thunder loves having fun at "his" PPV by signing those he doesn't like to compete in unlikely contests. In our opening match Thunder pitted Jobber Champion Narc against himself. After several minutes of kicking the crap out of himself, Narc was pinned... by... well, himself.

Winner:  Narc

Recently, Mr. Malicious announced himself as Chair of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. Since Malicious had to do Thunder's bidding this night, he was placed in a hellacious "Dance of Death" against John Cynic. After roasting each other with pyrotechnics, John Cynic defeated the veteran Malicious.

Winner:  John Cynic
Thunder has never been much for sticking to the rules, so when Zygoplath (a heavyweight) asked to challenge 'Cunning' Chris for the Lightheavyweight Championship, Thunder replied, "why not?" Unfortunately for Zygoplath, his 'otherworldly' wrestling skills were no match for the Lightheavyweight Champion.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
Spaz and his new partner Novice, challenged Tag Team Champions The Trash Wrasslas in a Tornado Tag Title Match. With bodies flying about and weapons galore, the Trash Wrasslas retained their coveted gold by pinning the less experienced Novice. Spaz was not happy with the outcome of the match.

Winners:  The Trash Wrassla's
In an unforgettable segment, Acronym member PAB was pulled over for speeding by the Wrestling Enforcer. As Enforcer searched his car, PAB tried to make a get away. Enforcer chased after him in 'COPS' fashion, only to be mauled by PAB's loyal K-9 companion "Dale." It was later decided that PAB and Wrestling Enforcer will compete at our next and final PPV EXTRAVAGANZA 5.
In one of the most bizarre Women's Title defenses in history, Missy Maniac successfully defended her belt against Army Dudette in our first ever TP Match. Not only was this Dudette's first PPV as a "woman" but in order to win the match, Missy had to rap her opponent in toilet paper before gaining the pin.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
For the first time ever, Allen Vector & Paramecium competed for the HaRdCoRe Championship. It was probably Vector's most grueling title defense to date, but after several minutes of intense competition, the HaRdCoRe Champion sealed the deal by dropping Paramecium on a barbed wire chair.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Scott Thunder has placed himself in the main event at each of his Payback PPV's. Though he was unable to regain the Championship at his previous 2 PPV's, Scott Thunder defeated Stryknieghn at Payback 3, proving that the 3rd time is a charm as he regained the belt for an unprecedented 4th title reign.

Winner:  Scott Thunder