Dangerzone Special
Natalya the 'She-Devil' & brother 'Cunning' Chris def. Missy Maniac & Mistress of the Elements when Missy walked out on her partner.

Sinsyde introduced his two new tag team partners, Draco & Spaz.
Draco would debut later on tonight as Sinsyde's partner in the match against Arachnid and real-life brother Allen Vector. Spaz would debut later on against Gus the 'Annihilator'.

Boogie Man def. Barrett w/ the help of Lestat.

Arachnid threatened his brother Allen Vector that if he losses the match tonight, Arachnid would beat his ass.

Spaz vs. Gus "the Annihilator" ended with a no contest when Arachnid, who wanted to send a message to the other members of Sinsyde's group, came out and choked out Spaz.

This prompted Sinsyde and Draco to come out of the back. Then Allen Vector entered. The six competitors in the ring began brawling, and a bunch of T.W.O. officials came running out to the ring to break it up.

Missy Maniac is jumped by Mistress of the Elements.

Crack-Edd def. Midnight Lightning for his first singles victory in his career.

Scott Thunder is getting ready for his match later on for the Tag Team Title's when Dellico enters.

Dellico: What up, Scotty? DMS is in da' house!!!!

Thunder: Dellico, I don't want to be your partner tonight, I don't need to be your partner tonight. But I was supposed to tag with PAB and now that he's not here, he requested that you take his place. And it's only out of respect for PAB that I'm letting you be my partner tonight.

Dellico: That's cool, 'G' or should I say... TGB. But what I want to know is, which one of us is starting off the match tonight, brutha'?

Thunder: Let's get this straight, Dellico. You are not good enough to win the Tag Team Belts. I am going to have to win the tag team belts tonight. So you just stay out of my way and let me do the work.

Dellico: OK, Thunder, whatever you say partner.

Thunder: Don't ever call me that?

Dellico: But your name is Thunder.

Thunder: No, don't ever call me 'Partner'.

Dellico: OK, it will never happen again... partner. Oh, I'm just messin bra', just playin'... chill out homie, don't go bussen' a cap ova' nuthin' dawg.

Army Dude came out to the ring to thank his fan's for supporting him during his 'Rape' trial. He said that he appreciated all the fan mail, and that he loves all his fans.

Just then the Wrestling Enforcer made his return to the T.W.O. and walked out to the ring and grabbed the microphone. "I just want everyone to know," said the Enforcer, "that I have not gone. I'm still here in the TWO and I have had to take care of some business. First of all, I deported the Arabian Pimpman. As everyone knows Pimping, and prostitution is illegal in the state of Michigan, so I had to do something about the Pimpman. I know it hasn't been popular among the Pimp's fan's but it had to be done... for the children. Then I dug deep into the file's of you Army Dude. I read all about your discharge from the army because of homosexual behavior. And I dug a little deeper to find the scoop on your 'Rape Accusation's'. I found the victim and I brought the case to court. Unfortunately, I must not have found enough evidence for the judge to put you away. And now you're back on the streets."

"And now, Army Dude I'm going to have to do something drastic to keep the streets safe for our children. That's right. (Enforcer handcuffs Army Dude) Army Dude, I now sentence you to death for raping another male officer in the army. (Make's Army Dude kneel)
Now I know this is a comfortable position for you, so I think if you could choose a way to go, this would be it."

With that said Wrestling Enforcer put his gun up to the back of Army Dude's head and pulled the trigger.
After Army Dude was left laying with half his brains on the canvas, Wrestling Enforcer was about to walk away. Just then some strange music blared and we saw the debut of Cornelious Cranium, as he walked out to the ring draped in his Copper Colored Cape. "I will not allow this carnage to continue, Wrestling Enforcer, your days as judge jury and executioner end today." With that said Cornelious charged the ring, and in super hero-like fashion began pummeling the evil Wrestling Enforcer.

With his quick thinking Cornelious scaled the telephone with ease at his soonest opportunity. When Cornelious reached the top he yelled out, "AND NOW I DO THIS FOR THE KIDS." And right as he was about to perform a super hero-like leap from the top of the pole, Wrestling Enforcer grabbed his gun and with one shot, put a bullet between the eye's of Cornelious Cranium. Cornelious Craniums Corpse then fell from the pole.

And as Cornelious Cranium's Copper Colored Cape flapped through the air molecules as he descended to the earth below. Cornelious slammed onto the fence. With the speed at which Cornelious was falling, when his body and neck hit the top of the fence, it ripped his head clear off his shoulders. And as his body crashed limply onto the ground bellow, his head could be seen soaring through the air and bouncing off my neighbors shed.

[After Paramedics Arrived]
It was determined that there was no way to reattach Cornelious' Cranium, and therefore was pronounced dead at the scene.

In Army Dude's case however, Army Dude was rushed to the hospital and revived. He now awaits major reconstructive surgery to his head and face and could be out for a while.

As for Wrestling Enforcer, the Police were unable to arrest him, as he is an officer of the law and when asked about why he shot both wrestlers, his answer was that he did it in self-defense

Sinsyde & Draco def. Arachnid & Allen Vector with the help of Spaz.

The Innovators, Kamikaze and the PICK cut a mean promo on how they are going to defeat Thunder and Dellico.

Stratus vs. Lestat ended inconclusively when Stratus injured his back and paramedics were called. Early reports said he would not require drastic surgery but would be out of action for several months.

Hidden camera's show Paramecium and Rictor both in their locker rooms getting ready.

Scott Thunder & Dellico def. The Innovators to become New Tag Team Championships.

[The main event]
Paramecium def. Rictor to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Dangerzone 23