T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 79
Lestat came out to the ring to gloat over his win last week and being crowned number 1 contender at the World Heavyweight Championship. But Lestat had a very legitimate question. When would he receive that World Title shot?

A T.W.O. official came out to the ring and handed Lestat a note from the T.W.O. Board of Commissioner  which stated the match would not take place until our next PPV No-Remorse '03. "But that's 3 weeks away!" Lestat proclaimed, "I want my match tonight!"

Spaz came out to the ring and announced that he too had received a letter from the
Board except that his note told him to compete tonight! Spaz thought maybe the Board had realized his true potential and given him the Title shot tonight, and Lestat the title shot in 3 weeks.

Billy HaRdCoRe came out to the ring and said that he too received a letter from the Board. His letter also stated he would be fighting tonight, but it didn't say against whom. Maybe the Board had noticed his loss last week was a fluke and they were giving him a rematch.

Finally Superbman came out from backstage with an announcement. Though Superbman lost his match last week and was no longer interim CEO, he stated that the Board of Commissioners still needed his services as a letter carrier.

Superbman stated that the reason everyone had been notified was not for a World Title Shot tonight, but instead, because the Board had signed a special tag team match. Tonight, Spaz & Billy HaRdCoRe will have to work together and face Lestat and T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion Stryknieghn in tag team action.

All three wrestlers were appalled, not only to hear that they were not receiving title shots, but also because they were being forced to tag with individuals which they despised.
Lightheavyweight Championship
Skavenger  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
Dangerzone 79 began w/ a Title defense as Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris defended against Skavenger. Once again, 'Cunning' Chris proved his ability to adapt to various adversaries by retaining his gold against the unique Skavenger.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Allen Vector was getting his belt ready when his brother Arachnid entered the dressing room. Arachnid asked Vector if he would be interested in joining him in tag team competition tonight against Paramecium & Scott Thunder for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

Allen Vector declined saying that he had to defend the HaRdCoRe Title tonight against Skarekro and that he wouldn't be able to fight 2 championship matches in one night and still be at his best.

Arachnid took it personally and said, "fine, have it your way!" and stormed out.
The Druid  vs.  John Cynic
Our next match saw a determined John Cynic take on the mysterious Druid. Though the Druid seemed impervious to pain, John Cynic was able to wear him down for the victory.

Winner:  John Cynic
Paramecium & Scott Thunder laughed when they received word that their tag title defense tonight was now a handicapped match. Apparently, Arachnid still wanted a Tag Title shot even though he was without a partner.
Women's Championship
'Naughty' Nikki  vs.  Missy Maniac
Exactly 10 Dangerzone's since her last official Title Defense, Missy Maniac defended the Women's Championship against 'Naughty' Nikki at Dangerzone 79. These former friends put on an entertaining cat-fight with Missy coming away victorious.

Winner:  Missy Maniac
NOTE:  This incredibly popular Trash Talkin' segment is brought to you by one of the best tag teams to ever hit backyard wrestling, Jim Bob & Billy Bob, The Trash Wrassla's.
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This weeks guest was lucha libre sensation Lamirda. Lamirda stated that he had been hoping for a Lightheavyweight Title shot for quite some time and still it hadn't come. Just last week Lamirda defeated Skavenger in singles competition and today Skavenger received a Lightheavyweight Title shot. If Skavenger could receive a shot, then surely Lamirda could to.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Skarekro  vs.  Allen Vector
In what would probably be Skarekro's biggest match to date, he pulled out all the stops including having his tag team partner Skavenger interfere in his behalf. In the end, Allen Vector overcame the odds, defending the HaRdCoRe Title against 2 men.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Sugar Kooky applauded Missy Maniac on her Women's Championship defense earlier in the evening but stated that retention of the Women's Championship is easy when there is little or no competition. What did 'Naughty' Nikki ever do to earn a title shot? Meanwhile, Sugar Kooky has been with the T.W.O. for several years and has much more ring experience. Sugar Kooky said she would prove her in ring skills next week in singles competition.
Spaz & Billy vs. Stryk-9 & Lestat
In a vary odd pairing Spaz & Billy HaRdCoRe were forced to tag against World Champion Stryknieghn & No. 1 Contender Lestat. The match quickly deteriorated as both teams proved their dysfunctionality.

Winners:  Inconclusive
Skarekro & Skavenger were pissed over their singles losses earlier in the evening and looking to take out their frustrations on the first person they saw. That person happened to be 'Cunning' Chris. As Skarekro & Skavenger doubleteamed the Lightheavyweight Champion, Lamirda came to the rescue, followed by several officials.

After the assailants left, 'Cunning' Chris asked Lamirda if he would join him in tag team competition next week. If so, Chris guaranteed a title shot at No-Remorse.
Handicapped Tag Championship
Arachnid  vs.  The Main Event
Paramecium & Scott Thunder successfully defended their Tag Team Belts in a handicapped match against Arachnid. After the bell they continued to double-team Arachnid until Allen Vector entered the fray and saved his brother from further humiliation.
Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder

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