T.W.O. Show Results - Dangerzone 96
Paramecium came out to the ring and welcomed all to his Dangerzone brand, the original brand of T.W.O. Entertainment. Paramecium said that no off-shoot brand could ever compare to the original, and he was going to prove it tonight!

Paramecium announced that not only would Dangerzone be home to the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships, but Dangerzone had also retained the Lightheavyweight and HaRdCoRe Championships as well.

In fact, just before this show began Paramecium signed a former Lightheavyweight Champion to return to competition as part of the Dangerzone brand. His name:  Rain.

Paramecium also reminded fans that Sinsyde would be returning to the ring tonight as a signed member of the Dangerzone roster and his opponent would be none-other than his former Hell's Faction teammate Spaz.

Also tonight, Paramecium would be welcoming Skavenger, a wrestler whom Scott Thunder deemed unworthy to compete on ICON TV. Not only would Skavenger be welcome on Dangerzone, but Paramecium had such confidence in Skavenger's abilities that Paramecium signed him to a HaRdCoRe Title shot tonight.

And in a blockbuster announcement Paramecium declared that because ICON TV was allowed to operate outside of the Board of Commissioners control, he would not allow the Board of Commissioners to micro-manage Dangerzone either.

That is why in our opening contest tonight, Paramecium himself will face Mr. Malicious in a PPV worthy match to determine whether or not the Board will continue to influence Dangerzone booking.
Complete Booking Control
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Paramecium
In our opening contest, T.W.O. CEO Paramecium faced Chairman of the Board Mr. Malicious for complete booking control on Dangerzone. This main event match had everyone in attendance on their feet and opened Dangerzone with a BANG! Paramecium defeated the Chairman and gained control!

Winner:  Paramecium
Out of This World (Superbman, Zygoplath & The Druid) met in their dressing room.

The Druid was asked why he wasn't at ICON TV. He said it was because he was making a deal w/ Paramecium. What kind of deal? The Druid had signed with Dangerzone!

How could he make that kind of deal without consulting his partners?

Because the Druid was riding high in singles competition before joining Out of This World and being held back by his partners. Because the T.W.O. will soon be coming to a close, The Druid wanted to return to singles competition and prove that he is a main event Superstar.

But the other members of Out of This World would not let Druid go without a fight. Tonight they will compete in a handicapped match!
Lightheavyweight Championship
Rain  vs.  'Cunning' Chris
Making his return after a long absence, Rain's first match back was for the Lightheavyweight Championship. His opponent, 'Cunning' Chris had been a longtime rival in the past, and they wasted no time getting into action. Ultimately, Chris proved he was still better suited to be Champion.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
A limo pulled into the arena with Spanish music blaring. Fans watched on the television monitors uncertain of who was inside. Suddenly, Chiko Bombardez and Lamirda jumped out screaming, "Los Compadres have returned to Dangerzone!"
Handicapped Match
The Druid  vs. Superbman/Zygoplath
In handicapped action, Superbman & Zygoplath of Out of This World took on their former partner The Druid. Though the odds were against The Druid he seemed in prime shape and ready to take on the World. After pinning both men, The Druid proved that he was ready for a return to singles competition.

Winner:  The Druid
A few months back Korpral announced that it was he who caused Army Dude to get discharged from the military. After Korpral defeated Army Dude in a Bootcamp Match at Rage Party '03, The Dude left the T.W.O. to have a sex change operation.

Army Dude returned as Army Dudette and competed for but did not win the Women's Championship. Now Korpral asked Army Dudette to join him on The Exclusive to find out why Dudette took part in this surgical proceedure.

Army Dudette said that he/she was sick of competing unsuccessfully in male competition and felt that he/she would have better luck in female competition.

But Korpral wasn't buying it. Though he and Dudette were never the best of friends, Korpral blamed himself for what he called an affront to nature. "Maybe if I'd listened to you in the past instead of judged you, maybe if I'd been your friend instead of your enemy, you wouldn't have punished yourself this way."

But Dudette failed to see anything wrong with his/her operation, saying that he/she looked at it as an opportunity to experience new things, not as a punishment.

Finally, the T.W.O. Interviewer (aka Novice) put in his 2 cents, saying that he felt this conflict between Korpral and Army Dudette stemmed from some unresolved sexual tension. And perhaps the only solution would be for the both of them to hook up.

Both Korpral & Army Dudette were offended by this accusation and beat the living crap out of the T.W.O. Interviewer!
Tag Team Championship
Los Compadres vs.
The Trash Wrassla's
After several weeks, Los Compadres made their return to action taking on The Trash Wrassla's at Dangerzone 96. It was entertaining to say the least, as the Spanish team of Los Compadres took on the hilllbilly brothers Jim Bob and Billy Bob. On this day, the drunken hillbillies defeated the drunken Mexicans to retain their gold.

Winners:  The Trash Wrassla's
Spaz arrived, primed for his opportunity to face his former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde. Spaz opened the door to his dressing room to find Sinsyde sitting inside.

Sinsyde:  It's your fault the Faction split. And I've never forgiven you for that.

Spaz:  You just can't face the fact that I was always better you. Better than the Faction.

Sinsyde:  If I'd put you in your place then, things would be different now. You'd be the one taking 8 months off for knee surgery and I'd be the one fighting in the main event.

Spaz:  You can't change the past so we'll never know for sure, will we?

Sinsyde:  Deep down you know I'm right. And tonight I'm going to prove it... to everyone.
HaRdCoRe Championship
Skavenger  vs.  Allen Vector
After being deemed not good enough for ICON TV, Skavenger signed with Dangerzone and received a HaRdCoRe Title shot. Though he put up a good fight, Skavenger was no match for the man who is considered by some to be the greatest HaRdCoRe Champion of all time, Allen Vector.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Scott "the ICON" Thunder (Chairman of ICON TV) made a surprise appearance as he barged into Paramecium's dressing room.

"I want to congratulate you on keeping the Tag Team, Lightheavyweight and HaRdCoRe Titles on Dangerzone," Thunder said, "but no wrestling organization is complete without female wrestlers, and while you were gloating over your contract negotiations, I signed the entire female roster, including Women's Champion Missy Maniac, to ICON TV!!!"

Thunder then confidently marched out of the room as Paramecium was shocked speechless. How could he forget to sign the entire female roster?
Return Match
Spaz  vs.  Sinsyde
In our main event, the returning Sinsyde took on his former Hell's Faction partner Spaz. In what was probably the most hellacious confrontation in the history of backyard wrestling, Sinsyde defeated his former partner proving that even without a Faction at his side, Sinsyde can still kick ass.

Winner:  Sinsyde

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