T.W.O. Show Results - Big Bad Battle '03:  Results
Battle Royal:
Stryknieghn outlasted 19 other competitors to win the Battle and was
crowned No. 1 Contender at Cadavor's World Heavyweight Championship.

Tag Team Championship/Ladder Match
Acronyms  vs.  Paramecium & Thunder

The Acronyms were hoping to defeat former Acronym Scott Thunder for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships in a brutal Tag Ladder Match. However, Paramecium & Scott Thunder came out victorious proving once again why they are T.W.O. Tag Team Champions.

Winners:  Paramecium & Scott Thunder
HaRdCoRe Championship
Spaz  vs.  Lestat
Spaz put forth a noteworthy effort in the hopes of gaining the HaRdCoRe Championship, but it was Lestat who won with a crescent kick and retained the belt.

Winner:  Lestat
Return Match
Mr. Malicious  vs.  Stratus
When Stratus put Malicious out of commission a few months back, Malicious couldn't wait for revenge. Mr. Malicious took Stratus to the edge, but it was Stratus who came out victorious.

Winner:  Stratus
Feud Match
Sinsyde  vs.  Allen Vector

For months now, Sinsyde and Allen Vector have been a thorn in each others side. Vector cost Sinsyde the HaRdCoRe Title, Sinsyde cost Vector the Lightheavyweight Title and both have put each other in the hospital. In the end, it was Allen Vector who came out victorious in this Feud Match.

Winner:  Allen Vector
Lightheavyweight Championship
Arabian Pimpman  vs.  'Cunning' Chris

Bad Boy Barrett came out to the ring to manage Chris. After the ref was knocked out, Barrett held Pimpman while Chris grabbed the Belt. Chris missed Pimpman but clobbered Barrett. Chris then frankensteined Pimpman for the win.

Winner:  'Cunning' Chris
The Druid  vs.  Skarekro
The Druid and Skarekro put on an impressive match, but it was Skarekro's partner Skavenger who helped tip the scales in Skarekro's favor.

Winner:  Skarekro
World Heavyweight Championship
Stryknieghn  vs.  Cadavor
Stryknieghn's reward for winning the 20 man Battle Royal earlier in the evening, was a shot at World Champion Cadavor. This match was hard fought on both sides, but ended inconclusively after Cadavor suffered a shocking injury.

Winner:  (Inconclusive)
In the final moments of the Battle, it looked as though Thunder & Paramecium had Stryknieghn beat.
But Stryknieghn dodged a high risk maneuver and sent Paramecium flying over the fence.

Stryknieghn then threw Thunder over the fence, to win the Battle Royal.

In his World Title shot Stryknieghn crotched Cadavor on the fence then dropped him face first on the chair.

Cadavor was out cold with a possible kneck injury and rather than allow Stryknieghn to gain a pinfall
the referee stopped the match and called for help carrying Cadavor away.

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